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DNA Monthly Vol 5 No 6 June July 09

DNA Monthly Vol 5 No 6 June July 09

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Published by pibo

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Published by: pibo on Jun 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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June-July 2009 (Vol. 5, No. 6)
Breaking News: 
Swine Flu + Mainstream Media = $$$
"Everyone familiar with the conspiracy media is automatically going to ask me if this is asynthetic, man-made virus.
"The bottom line is that it probably is.
"The simple fact that such an anomalous, unprecedented virus, combining material from three different hosts,appeared spontaneously in so many different places around the world--at such a marvelously well-timedmoment to divert attention from the imminent downfall of the New World Order--is a very strong sign ofwrongdoing [...]"I have personally spoken to one whistleblower who revealed that--much to the frustration of the negative elite--it has proven to be
'extremely difficult, if not impossible, to kill large numbers of people with biological agents.' 
"The reason for this is that viruses are very, very unstable. They mutate so quickly they can lose their lethalityvery rapidly. There is a fascinating energetic component to why they are not threatening that we will discuss aswell."Everyone in the alternative media is bringing up the Spanish Flu outbreak of 1918--but that was nearly 100years ago. Millions of people died at the time. That is true."Now think about how long it has been since anything of that scope has happened again, despite the obvious(for some) intent of those who would like to see it happen--up to and including the possible release ofmanmade viruses to get the job done."SARS may well have been one such synthetic, deliberately 'seeded' virus--and despite all thefearmongering ... only 774 people died from it worldwide."
David Wilcock, Blog,http://www.divinecosmos.com 
"Preface to the 2nd Edition of
Conscious Healing 
," by Sol Luckman
Page 1of 16DNA MONTHLY June-July 200926-6-2010http://www.potentiation.net/DNAmonthly/June09.html
"That Profound Sound: Sound as a Healing Vehicle," by Zacciah Blackburn
Nueva Columna en Español 
... 3.
"Responsabilidad celular: volviendo a empoderarte," porGabriella Kortsch
Also, Also ... DNA-related Definition of the Month
Did You Know?
1. Preface to the 2nd Edition of
Conscious Healing 
 Sol Luckman
henConscious Healing: Book One on the Regenetics Methodfirst appeared in 2005, myexpectations (to the extent I had any) for this unprecedented blending of new science and"new age" spirituality were modest at best. I knew of no book quite like
Conscious Healing 
then, and the same still applies today, so I literally had nothing to go on. And of course, self-publishing, while it can be rewarding, is a step into the unknown, with no support net tocatch you if you fall.So I was greatly surprised when
Conscious Healing 
began putting up very respectable salesnumbers indeed, consistently appearing on various bestseller lists at online venues such asAmazon.com, which it continues to do to this day.I also was tremendously gratified by the enthusiastic editorial reviews
Conscious Healing 
received, to say nothing of reader reviews that often spoke of a book that, by itself, was an"activation of consciousness," profoundly reminding readers of truths about human potentialand conscious evolution they already knew but had forgotten, in whole or in part.Nothing was so inspiring and humbling, however, as seeing so many readers go on toexperience personal transformation through theRegenetics Method. While I affirmed fromthe beginning that
Conscious Healing 
is a valuable book for its informational content alone, ithardly can be overemphasized that the life-changing effects of Regenetics cannot bedescribed fully in words or grasped on a purely intellectual level.Having been involved in an editorial capacity with the Spanish translation of
Conscious Healing 
, during which I noted some areas of the text I felt could use clarification and/orexpansion, I already was considering creating a second English edition--when I wascontacted by a European company wanting to release
Conscious Healing 
in German. Whenour negotiations ended in a publishing contract, I took this as a sign, and immediately setabout to update the entire book.
Page 2of 16DNA MONTHLY June-July 200926-6-2010http://www.potentiation.net/DNAmonthly/June09.html
 That is the text you have now. To those already familiar with the first edition of
Conscious Healing 
, I propose that if you liked that version, you will love this one. I wish both my loyaland first-time readers to know that a lot of renewed energy has gone into describing andsubstantiating the Regenetics Method, as well as the evolutionary context that has fosteredit, as clearly and accurately as possible.I have added nearly twenty percent more text to the second edition, much of whichincorporates leading-edge scientific and philosophical content. Realizing that readers mightbenefit from a more detailed explanation of the sequence of Regenetics activations, I alsohave included a description of the fourth and final phase of the Method, TranscensionBioenergy Crystallization, as well as a brand-new chart showing, at a glance, theprogression of the Regenetics Method Timeline.Readers interested in 2012, the Mayan calendar, ascension and related topics have notbeen overlooked. In particular, Chapter Nine, "The Shift in Human Consciousness," hasbeen positively packed with new evidence supporting this book's thesis that humanity--individually as well as collectively--is poised on the brink of a thoroughgoing metamorphosisinto a far more enlightened way of being.Needless to say, in my process of revision I have expanded the book's already considerablereferences, which show up both in the main text and the Bibliography. This has had ameasurable impact on the Index, which has grown proportionally. I also saw the need to addseveral new terms to the Glossary, and to refine the definitions of some preexisting terms toreflect my own evolving understanding of this uniquely empowering form of energy healing.Finally, all three of the book's Appendices have been updated. Because they are bothinformative and inspiring, in Appendix A I share nearly twice as many Testimonials fromclients. In Appendix B I have added a number of Frequently Asked Questions andclarifications. And as for Appendix C, it is my sincere intention that readers will find thesample Electromagnetic Schematic more comprehensible on all levels.In November of 2007, I wrote as editor in the introduction to a special issue of my popularfree ezine
DNA Monthly 
Page 3of 16DNA MONTHLY June-July 200926-6-2010http://www.potentiation.net/DNAmonthly/June09.html

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