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Published by prabhatta

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: prabhatta on Jun 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AP_INVOICES_ALLAP_INVOICE_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALLAP_INVOICE_PAYMENTS_ALLAP_PAYMENT_HISTORY_ALLAP_PAYMENT_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALLAP_PAYMENT_SCHEDULES_ALLAP_HOLDS_ALLAP_SELECTED_INVOICES_ALLAP_SELECTED_INVOICE_CHECKS_ALLAP_CHECKS_ALLAP_ACCOUNTING_EVENTS_ALL (Invoice)AP_ACCOUNTING_EVENTS_ALL (Payment)AP_AE_HEADERS_ALL (Invoice)AP_AE_HEADERS_ALL (Payment)AP_AE_LINES_ALL (Invoice)AP_AE_LINES_ALL (Payment)AP_ENCUMBRANCE_LINES_ALLAP_INVOICES_ALLINVOICE_ID (PK)AP_HOLDS_ALL.INVOICE_IDAP_INVOICE_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL.INVOICE_IDAP_INVOICE_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL.PARENT_INVOICE_IDAP_INVOICE_PAYMENTS_ALL.INVOICE_IDAP_INVOICE_PREPAYS_ALL.PREPAY_IDAP_INVOICE_PREPAYS_ALL.INVOICE_IDAP_PAYMENT_SCHEDULES_ALL.INVOICE_ID-------------------------------------------------------------AP_INVOICE_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL - holds the distribution information that is manually entered or system-generated. There is one row for each invoice distribution.When you account for an invoice, the Payables Accounting Process creates accounting events, accounting entryheaders and accounting entry lines for those distributions that have accounting dates included in the selectedaccounting date range. The Transfer to General Ledger process can then transfer the accounting entries toGeneral Ledger as journal entries. Values for 
are Y for accounted distributions or N for unaccounted distributions INVOICE_IDINVOICE_DISTRIBUTION_ID (PK)DISTRIBUTION_LINE_NUMBER ACCOUNTING_EVENT_ID - Accounting event identifier. Refers to the accounting event that accounted for the distributionPARENT_REVERSAL_ID - Invoice distribution identifier for distribution being reversed by the currentdistribution-------------------------------------------------------------AP_ACCOUNTING_EVENTS_ALLACCOUNTING_EVENT_ID (PK)EVENT_TYPE_CODE - Indicates the state of the accounting entries for the accounting event
SOURCE_TABLE - Table where event originating document resides. Possible values are AP_INVOICES or AP_CHECKSSOURCE_ID - Primary key for document originating the current event. Depending on the value for source_tableit will contain either invoice_id or check_idEVENT_NUMBER - Accounting event number for a given document(e.g. Invoice #101 may have 3 accounting events associated with it, the event number acts as a sequence for Invoice #101)*What are the diff EVENT_TYPE_CODE ?--------------------------------------------------------------AP_AE_HEADERS_ALL - An accounting entry header is an entity grouping all accounting entry lines createdfor a given accounting event and a particular set of books. An accounting entry header can either be transferredover to GL or not at all.AE_HEADER_ID (PK) - Accounting entry header identifier ACCOUNTING_EVENT_ID - Accounting event identifier *What does this ('An accounting entry header is an entity grouping all accounting entry lines created for a givenaccounting event and a particular set of books') mean ?--------------------------------------------------------------AP_AE_LINES_ALL - An accounting entry line is an entity containing a proper accounting entry with debits or credits both in transaction currency as well as functional currency along with an account and other referenceinformation pointing to the transaction data that originated the accounting entry line. An accounting entry line isgrouped with other accounting entry lines for a specific accounting entry header. Any such group of accountingentry lines should result in balanced entries in the functional currency.AE_LINE_NUMBER - Sequential number for accounting entry line within accounting entry header. E.g. 1, 2, 3AE_LINE_TYPE_CODE - Accounting entry line type. E.g. Liability, Charge, etcSOURCE_TABLE - Table where transaction document associated with accounting entry line resides.Possible values are: AP_INVOICES, AP_INVOICE_DISTRIBUTIONS, AP_CHECKS,AP_INVOICE_PAYMENTSSOURCE_ID - Primary key for document originating the current accounting entry line. Depending on the valuefor source_table it will contain either invoice_id, invoice_distribution_id, check_id or invoice_payment_id--------------------------------------------------------------AP_INVOICE_PAYMENTS_ALL - contains records of invoice payments that you made to suppliers.There isone row for each payment you make=======================for each invoice. There is one payment and one invoice for each payment in this table. Your Oracle Payablesapplication updates thistable when you confirm an automatic payment batch, enter a manual payment, or process a Quick payment.When you void a payment,your Oracle Payables application inserts an additional payment line that is the negative of the original paymentline.Values for POSTED_FLAG may be 'Y' for accounted paymentsor 'N' for unaccounted payments. Values for ACCRUAL_POSTED_FLAG may be 'Y' for accounted payments or 'N' for unaccounted payments under accrual basis accounting; values for CASH_POSTED_FLAGmay be 'Y' for accounted payments or 'N' for unaccounted payments under cash basis accounting.
For manual payments and Quick payments, this tablecorresponds to the Select Invoices window in the Payment workbenchINVOICE_PAYMENT_ID (PK)CHECK_ID - Payment identifier INVOICE_ID - Invoice identifier ACCOUNTING_EVENT_ID - Accounting Event Identifier REVERSAL_FLAG --> Flag that indicates whether current invoice payment is a reversal of another invoice paymentGenerally it is null for payment creation records and for payment cancellation records it will have valuei.e payment cancellation records only have value.If the reveral_flag ='Y' means the payment is reversed and if reveral_flag ='N' means the payment is notreversed.To be precise reveral_flag indicates whether current invoice payment is a reversal of another invoice payment.--------------------------------------------------------------AP_PAYMENT_HISTORY_ALL - stores the clearing/unclearing history for payments. It also stores thematurity history for future dated payments. The table contains a row for each future dated payment, once thefuture dated payment matures, i.e. becomes negotiable. Any time a payment is cleared or uncleared, a row isinserted into this table for the payment. The values for TRANSACTION_TYPE can be PAYMENTMATURITY, PAYMENT CLEARING, or PAYMENT UNCLEARING. Each row in this table also has theaccounting status for the maturity, clearing or unclearing event.PAYMENT_HISTORY_ID (PK)CHECK_ID - Payment identifier TRANSACTION_TYPE VARCHAR2 - Transaction type - value can be PAYMENT MATURITY, PAYMENTCLEARING, or PAYMENT UNCLEARINGACCOUNTING_EVENT_ID - Accounting event identifier --------------------------------------------------------------AP_PAYMENT_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL -INVOICE_PAYMENT_ID (PK)PAYMENT_LINE_NUMBER (PK)--------------------------------------------------------------AP_PAYMENT_SCHEDULES_ALL -INVOICE_ID (PK)PAYMENT_NUM (PK)AMOUNT_REMAINING - Invoice amount remaining for paymentGROSS_AMOUNT - Gross amount due for a scheduled paymentHOLD_FLAG - Flag that indicates if scheduled payment is on hold (Y or N)PAYMENT_METHOD_LOOKUP_CODE - Payment method (for example, CHECK, WIRE, EFT)PAYMENT_STATUS_FLAG - Flag that indicates if payment has been made (Y, N, or P)--------------------------------------------------------------AP_HOLDS_ALL - AP_HOLDS_ALL contains information about holds that you or your Oracle Payablesapplication place on an invoice.For non-matching holds, there is one row for each hold placed on an invoice. For matching holds, there is onerow for each hold placed on an invoice-shipment match. An invoice may have one or more corresponding rows in this table. Your Oracle Payables applicationdoes not pay invoices that have one or more unreleased holds recorded in this table..

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