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Pandora Part Six

Pandora Part Six



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Published by Garreth Flynn
Here is the sixth part in the Pandora story new character are introduced so please tell me what you think. and please comment.
Here is the sixth part in the Pandora story new character are introduced so please tell me what you think. and please comment.

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Published by: Garreth Flynn on Jun 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pandora-Part Six
DeathI stared at the maps that covered my table. I had been lookingover them to try and find Pandora’s Box. It was hidden in NewYork somewhere but where? I hissed at the maps. I was reallystressed out. Madness had found out about Hope and me andwas blackmailing me about it.“You look stressed,” said my Mother. She had just appearedout of thin air.“Well I am, I have to find this box before they do or I will dieand I can’t die I’m death how can death die” I said. I startedhyperventilating.“Oh sit down and stop worrying, now I’ve gotten help from afriend of mine who beat Adam and Eve before” she said to me. Ilooked at her not knowing whom she was talking about.I shook my head slowly the pressure was killing me.“I need some air” I said and grabbed my car keys. I walkedoutside to my car and got in. The engine roared to life. I startedto drive really fast. I had no idea of where I was going but I hadto go somewhere.I kept thinking of all the places the box could be hidden andall the things that could happen to us if we’re put back into that box. I shuttered but drove on.I came to a stop at a familiar apartment. I got out and walkedup to the door. I didn’t bother walking up the stairs. I justappeared right inside her apartment.The light was on in the kitchen. I walked towards it. Haleywas sitting at the table in the kitchen. She looked really shocked.“Haley, what’s wrong?” I ask her. She looks up at me slowly.“You’re a monster” she said her voice trembling. I look at her shocked now myself.“What?” I ask her. I’m starting to get worried. Before she cananswer I’m attacked. A man pushes me to the ground and triesto slash at me with a knife.The man has shiny blond hair and perfect teeth. He wore onlya pair of shorts. I knew this man was Adam. I quickly changedinto my true form.

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