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Iron Palm + Cosmos Palm

Iron Palm + Cosmos Palm

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Published by unknown2ume
Qigong, Martial Arts, Healing, Iron Palm
Qigong, Martial Arts, Healing, Iron Palm

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Published by: unknown2ume on Jun 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How To Develop an Iron PalmUsing The External Method
Before you begin any Iron Palm Training, you should consult both your medical physician(doctor) and a certified martial arts instructor before you begin. Your doctor can discuss some of the healthrisks involved according to your current level of health & fitness. The martial arts instructor can illustratethe proper striking techniques to prevent injury. If this training is done incorrectly, injuries to the tendonsand bones can occur. It is important that you have a solid body structure as a result of practicing traditionalmartial arts forms as well as Qigong Standing Meditations. If you do not have these prerequisites, then youare advised to stay away from Iron Palm training until you have done Qigong Standing Meditation for atleast 3-months and can stand still for a minimum of 30-minutes to assure your body structure is sound. Thistraining method is being presented as “educational material”. We accept no liability whatsoever if youchoose to follow this training method, i.e. train at your own risk and discretion. We must also warn you thatit is possible to unintentionally seriously harm someone after you have developed the Iron Palm. If youstrike, slap or spank someone in anger, after developing an Iron Palm, the result could be devastating!
Iron Palm History:
Iron palm training was primarily used for “Revenge” in the past. Historically forexample, if the student’s father was murdered, it was possible for Confucian Ethics to specifically requirethat his son avenge the death. If this was the case, then the student was trained for 3-consecutive months, 3-hours per day in the iron palm technique. Using standard graduated materials (rice, beans, sand, etc.) theycould produce a palm capable of discharging all of the accumulated energy that the exercises produced inthe palm itself. The palm was in effect like a two or three shot pistol that once discharged of theaccumulated Chi energy, would return back to a normal ordinary palm. However, if the student was trainedin Taoist Nei-Gung, “internal energy” work, such as a monk, then the Chi-energy could be called upon bythe student at will anytime since all of his energy channels would be open and accessible?In most martial arts styles, the iron palm is done with a simultaneous coordination of a physical hand strikecoupled with the use and
of the mind (Yi). The five traditional hand strikes used are:
1) The whole cupped hand (
imagine that you are holding a quarter with the center of your palm
)2) The finger tips (
tiger claw hand position
)3) The knife edge (
The Karate Chop, see last page for more detail
)4) The bottom edge of the palm (
Lower section of the Palm
5) The back of the hand
The Warm-Up:
Before you can begin to strike your target bag, you must first do this simple warm-upexercise. Stand up straight with you feet shoulder width apart facing forward. Let your arms hand freely,straight down at your sides. Now, begin to twist your waist left and right, causing your RELAXED arms tobe swung from side to side. You can control the hand position, so your palms are facing down, but do notuse any arm muscles to generate the swing. This must come from the hips. If the arm muscles are tight, youwill not get the blood to flow into the hands. Do this twisting for a couple of minutes until the hands are fullof blood. Sometimes, they will even tingle.
Here is the way to start. First, you need to purchase a canvas bag or make your own striking bag by cuttinga pair of men's jeans off at the upper thigh. Make a second cut at the knee of the leg of pants you just cut.Sew one end of those cut off jeans shut. Fill that space with six to eight bags of Mung Beans (or acomparable bean, but NEVER use Pinto Beans). Other substitutes that work well include split peas, riceand sand. Do not overstuff your bag. It absolutely must have some room to give a little. Sew the open endshut also, so that the enclosed peas/beans are completely self-contained. You should now have about atwelve inch long by six inch wide by three to five inch thick bag to work on. Place your bag on a strikingsurface that is very well supported about waist high level lengthwise facing you. Raise your hand to justabout the top of your head, palm down and horizontal to the striking bag. Now look at the bag with focusand let your hand free fall or gravity drop, your hand is leading the arm down to strike the bag. Rotate yourhand while dropping it so your hand strikes the bag perpendicular to your body when it lands. Your handalways gravity drops (no muscular force) to strike the bag, using the natural weight of your arm only foreach of the 5 different hand strikes. You strike the bag five times with each of the five traditional handstrikes mentioned above. First, complete all the strikes with your right hand in on session then perform thewater treatment on it before training your left hand. In one session you will do a total of twenty-five strikes,one right after the other. Each strike starts with your hand held above your head, with you looking directlyup at the hand. You continue to follow each strike with your eyes until your hand completely strikes thebag, simultaneously striking it with your mind also. Mentally saying something like “Ka-Boom!” andpicturing an explosion when your hand hits the bag is helpful in this regard. Now raise your hand aboveyour head and start again. After your twenty-five strikes are finished, go to a water basin filled about one-third of the way with warm water. The water temperature should feel comfortably warm, like very warmbath water and not scalding hot. Submerge only the hand you just used for your striking session. Now, withthe hand submerged, start adding a slow steady bead of 
very hot
water directly into the water your hand issoaking in. -
-Please be very Carefulthat the water is not scalding hot, the intent is not to burnyourself with this exercise. The purpose is not to test your pain tolerance or injure you in any way. Thepurpose is to accumulate and amass latent energy in the hand itself. Ok, while adding this hot water bead,slowly swirl your hand with the palm facing down going sometimes clockwise and sometimescounterclockwise in the water. Visualize and imagine that your hand is glowing and emitting beams of light. Close your eyes if needed. The energy is constantly flowing out of the fingers of your hand like rays
 3of brilliant sunlight. Continue to do this until the rest of the water feels as hot as the beginning stream of hot water you added. The energy swirls in your mind, travels into your hand, and then goes outward as it isreleased into the water. Now, take your hand out of the water and whip your arm back and forth rotatingand twisting your waist so that the arm just gets flung around like a club attached to your body. Do thisuntil the hand is completely air-dried. Now, repeat the entire procedure for your other hand. After bothhands have been trough a round of training, you absolutely need to
massage them completely
. You canuse the traditional Chinese “Dit Ja Dow” liniment or you apply “Tiger Balm” or “Icy Hot” heating linimentto each hand. When you start to feel the heat building up in the hands, close your eyes and mentally pictureyour hands glowing and radiating with tremendous amounts of energy. This should only be a shortmeditation, lasting only 3 to 5 minutes. Another good visualization trick is to purchase a Black Light, andwear all black clothing, except for white gloves. The rubber ones used by medically professionals work very well. They are inexpensive and very form fitting. Then, simply go into a very dark room with thelights off and turn on your black light, then stair at your glowing hands while the heating liniment isworking. Focus your mind on the idea that your hands are glowing and radiating with tremendous energy!This will help ingrain the correct mental image in your mind for future use, such as a breaking competitionor even personal defense. While you are staring at your hands, you can also mentally repeat an affirmationover and over to keep your mind focused on your hands without wandering off. An example would be: “Myhands are filled with tremendous strength and power, the energy of the entire universe flows through them,God has truly blessed me with an awesome responsibility; with it, I can hurt and I can heal, I will use thispower for the good of all. God has willed it and thus it is so.” (Feel free to create your own affirmation if this one does not suite you as it is only an English translation of a Taoist approach).Do this workout everyday, three times a day for 4-months and you will accumulate a tremendous amount of Chi-energy in your hands that can be used to heal or hurt another person. Please use your Iron Palm withthe same care and respect you would have for a loaded pistol. Once you charge them up, they are literallyloaded weapons that go wherever you go. You cannot leave your hands at home, so be mindful of youremotions or else you may do something you will regret for the rest of your life.

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