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Character Development

Character Development

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Published by Nick Bantolo

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Published by: Nick Bantolo on Jun 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Character Development
“It is a solemn thing to die, but a far more solemn thing to live. Every thought and word and deed of our liveswill meet us again. What we make of ourselves in probationary time, that we must remain to all eternity. Death brings dissolution to the body, but makes no change in the character. The coming of Christ does not change our characters; it only fixes them forever beyond all change.” 5T 466
Medical Missionary Work & Character 
“With him (the medical missionary or physician),
is not to be merely one influence amongothers. It is to be
an influence dominating all others
.” MH 117If religion dominates the work of the medical missionary, all of his work will be governed by the Wordof God; the manner of doing the work, the methods and means employed, and the purpose for which it is done.The study of the human body should always be a search after the will of God, with loving obedience asthe purpose, which makes the restoration of character the goal. This is why teaching and healing should never beseparated. The highest form of practicing the healing art is teaching the people to obey both the spiritual and physical laws, as the laws of God. This is important for 2 reasons:
To prevent sin and sickness so that healing and forgiveness is not needed is better than to heal andforgive.
Recovery through teaching brings forth character through obedience to the law of God.
“It behooves every soul whose life is hid with Christ in God to come to the front nowand to contend for the faith once delivered to the saints. Truth must be defended and the kingdom of Godadvanced as it would be were Christ in person on this earth. If He were here He would be drawn out to rebukemany who, though professing to be medical missionaries, have not chosen to learn of the great MedicalMissionary His meekness and lowliness.
In the lives of some occupying high positions in the medicalmissionary work, self has been exalted. Until such ones rid themselves of every desire to uplift self, theycannot clearly discern the character of Christ, nor can they do the work that He did
.” 8T.211.001
“The Christian is encouraged toshow patient perseverance in carrying forward the work of the gospel ministry in connection with the medicalmissionary work 
. As he gains an experience in genuine religion, he obtains a spiritual knowledge thatmakes character
.” 9T.220.003
“Our people who have a deep interest in the children andyouth, and in the training of laborers to carry forward the work essential for this time, need not be left in perplexity and uncertainty about the steps to be taken for the training of their youth as medical missionaries.
God will open ways before all who humbly seek Him for wisdom in the perfecting of Christian character.He will have places ready for them in which to begin to do genuine missionary work 
. It is to preparelaborers for this work that our schools and sanitariums are established.” MM.1906-05-01.004
“Medical missionary workers must be set apart by God Himself for His work. If they consecrate themselves to God, and are by Him sanctified, body, soul, and spirit; if they walk and work as men called to exalt Christ, they will be recognized as God's appointed agencies.
But they need tostudy carefully the life and character of their divine Example
, that all their work may be done after thedivine similitude. They need to be humble. Then the language of their hearts will be, "Who is sufficient for these things?" Their success depends upon cooperation with Christ.” NBL.041.002
“As I see so many claiming to be medical missionaries, the representation of whatChrist was on this earth flashes before me. As I think how far short the workers today fall when compared with

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