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CSRA Gamers Association Newsletter February 2010

CSRA Gamers Association Newsletter February 2010

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Published by Michael C. Baker

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Published by: Michael C. Baker on Jun 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CSRA Gamers Association Newsletter February 2010, Volume 3 Issue 2
 Another Siege under our Belt! By Mike Baker,CSRA Gamers Association
So, another Siege of Augusta has come and gone.We did some things well; other things showed uswhere we have room for improvement next year.Attendance was off a bit as the economy forcedmany folks to cut back on their discretionaryspending.We had about 170 people from all over the country.The person who came from farthest away wasMichael Summer from Salem, Oregon. Specialthanks to Chris Jackson for stepping up and runningFOW late in the process. Kelly Timmerman hasagreed to be next year’s director as Chris is beingtransferred.Among the 50 events were many types of gamescovering all periods including a good range of fantasy and science fiction offerings. There wereseveral near-historical events which offered the bestin fantasy, sci fi, and history. As always there wasplenty of open gaming (both board and miniature!)all around the clock.We had 10 vendors and 3 flea market tablesoffering everything from terrain to fantasy figuresto historical figures in a variety of scales. Three of these vendors (Casting Fool and Sons, Little MetalMen, and Augusta Book Exchange, Comics Booksand Games) were local folks, so take a minute tocheck these guys out for your gaming needs.Casting Fool and Little Metal Men do custom work at reasonable prices.So there you have an overview of how Siege 2010went. We will have a more detailed update in aspecial edition of the CSRA Gamers newsletter laterin February 2010.Why do games get “Old” or “Obscure”?
 Mike Baker CSRA Gamers Association
How many of us have old or one-off games that wehave picked up along the line? I think almosteveryone who has been in the hobby for longer thanthe past couple of decades has a copy of one of the“Classics”: Avalon Hill’s Midway, War at Sea,Victory in the Pacific, Waterloo. Many of these areboard games, but I know that there are countlesseditions of D&D and other RPG rules sets which sitin closets, unused and forgotten, or only have a fewdedicated folks who stick with it. The editions of old miniatures rules sets that have fallen out ofavor are legion, but we still like to break them outand give them a whirl.Then there are the games we think have gone out of print, like my favorites, Star Fire or Star FleetBattles, but are in fact still in print. I know one of our gamers was recently pleasantly surprised to findout that Third Reich was still in print by AvalanchePress.Many games never get much past the obscurecategory with only a few hundred or thousand folkswho ever play and appreciate them. I have a fewlike this, such as Star Viking and Grav Armor byDwarfstar Games, and Star Fire by Task ForceGames and Starfire Design Studio. Traveller is anexample of a great sci-fi RPG that is under-noticedby the gaming public. Often these are great gamesmechanically, that never really had a lot of exposureor were about an obscure or arcane subject.So, that’s this month’s theme…Old and ObscureGames. So break out those old classics! Do youhave an old set of miniature or RPG rules you wantto give a go? Let us know about it and come see usat the Augusta Book Exchange on Bobby Jones onSaturday, February 20.
The CSRA Gaming Community continues to growand go!Be sure to check out our web presence on Facebook page, Yahoo group gamersofaugusta and theAugusta Book Exchange Boards athttp://comics-n-games.com/backlot/index.phpfor the latestinformation on events and locations.

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