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Burma Ethnic Watch 1

Burma Ethnic Watch 1



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Published by Jutta Pflueg
I like this document,shows the truth,many thanks for the english translation
I like this document,shows the truth,many thanks for the english translation

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Published by: Jutta Pflueg on Jun 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Burma Ethnic Politics Watch Network (BEPWN)
Press Release No.1
22 May 2010In building a genuine democratic system in Burma, some politicians among thoserepresenting ethnic political parties or organizations are found to be self-sacrificing whilesome are seeking self-interests. In order to let pro-democracy activists and people both insideand abroad aware of their deeds and stands, we are now naming them and publishing their  political standpoint.The self-seeking politicians are as follows:
1. Harn Yawnghwe (Shan) member of Board of Directors of Euro-Burma
One of the executive directors of Brussels-based Euro-Burma in Belgium, Harn Yawnghwehas long been out of touch with Burma's politics. Since he is neither knowledgeable of Burma's domestic politics nor familiar with military dictators' nature and is in need of moneyfor his survival, he has been asking for funds from EU member states on various pretexts andis getting assistance from those states which have faith upon the Euro-Burma Board of Directors, one of his close associates informed us together with photo and documentevidences. Some political parties which have applied for registration disclosed that he hasembezzled funds donated for humanitarian assistance by providing party registration fees atthe Elections Commission office for those ethnic groups which favor running for 2010elections and is also going to help pay election candidate fees of Kyat 500,000.We are worried for Harn Yawnghwe's action leading to differences and misunderstanding between domestic pro-democracy forces and EU member states. Besides, rifts could alsocome up among internal ethnic groups. Hence on account of being an accomplice to perpetuation of SPDC military tyranny and helping with SPDC acquiring internationallegitimacy, the BEPWN strongly denounces Harn Yawnghwe and put him on the Black List.
2. Dr. Salai Lian Hmong (Chin) member of ENC in exile
Dr. Salai Lian Hmong was General Secretary of the Chin National League for Democracywhich had won seats in 1990 General Elections. He had also been a member of theSecretariat of the United Nationalities League for Democracy (UNLD) which was an allianceof 23 ethnic parties. When he realized after the 1990 election that the SLORC was not goingto hand over power to elected MPs, he fled abroad fabricating that the SLORC regime wasgoing to issue an arrest warrant for him. Once among exiled pro-democracy forces, he lied tothem that he has been to jail on account of his pro-democracy activities, and brazenlycollected the Martin Luther King Jr. Award. Dr. Salai Lian Hmong is Euro Burma OfficeDirector Harn Yawnghwe's collaborator, and both of them are striving to get rich and powerful by exploiting Burma's democracy issue. Lian Hmong is an ethnic renegade assistingin perpetuation of pro-democracy Burmese people's enemy SPDC military rule, a closeassociate of him informed the BEPWN together with concrete evidences.Since Dr. Salai Lian Hmong is found to be opposing emergence of genuine democracyfavored by Burmese people and assisting in continuation of SPDC military rule, the BEPWNstrongly repudiates him and puts him on the Black List.
3. Sai Aik Pawng (Shan) General Secretary, Shan Nationalities League for Democracy
Sai Aik Pawng was the General Secretary of the Shan Nationalities League for Democracy(SNLD) which had won 23 seats in 1990 General Elections. He had also attended the National Convention during 1993-1996.
When the National Convention resumed in 2004, Shan leader SNLD Chairman Khun HtunOo and Joint-General Secretary Sai Nyunt Lwin were arrested and given heavy sentences bythe SPDC for refusing to attend the convention, along with SSA-North's Patron Maj. Gen.Hso Ten and leaders of Shan New Generation Youth. Some of the imprisoned Shan leaders passed away in the jail. While Shan nationalist political leaders were sacrificing their lives or freedom thus, we BEPWN find Sai Aik Pawng planning to register his Shan NationalitiesDemocratic Party at the Elections Commission to run for elections in 2010 based on 2008Constitution unilaterally adopted by the SPDC. Sai Aik Pawng is paying no attention to thefuture of Shan nation's politics while assisting in continuation of military tyranny andacquirement of international legitimacy. These facts are presented to us by a Shan activistwith concrete evidence so that the BEPWN strongly repudiates Sai Aik Pawng and puts himon the Black List.
4. U San Tha Aung (Arkanese Chin) Chairman of Mro-Khami Solidarity Organization
U San Tha Aung's party was a member of 23-party alliance known as the UNLD set up before 1990 elections. He was also a Presidium member of the UNLD. He had been acandidate for Arakan State Kyauktaw Constituency in 1990 elections, but when the SLORCdetained Arakan League for Democracy (ALD) candidate U Oo Tha Tun seven days beforethe elections, all Arakanese people casted their votes for ALD's ally Mro-Khami SolidarityOrganization Chairman U San Tha Aung. In this way he became an MP for KyauktawTownship.He attended the National Convention from beginning to end, that is, from 1993 till 2007,serving as one of convention presidents in drafting a constitution to legalize evil dictatorship.He is now leading his party to register again at the Elections Commission so as to enter 2010elections. A Khami activist reported to us that U San Tha Aung is betraying his voters,Arakanese people of Kyauktaw Township, and actively assisting in perpetuation of SPDCmilitary dictatorship.Therefore, the BEPWN strongly denounces and put on the Black List U San Tha Aung for going against the wishes of Arakanese voters, undermining democracy and assisting inmilitary despots' legitimacy.
5. Saw Philip aka Philip Sam (Wa) Patron of Wa National Development Party
The party was a member of the UNLD alliance formed in 1989 and he had been a member of its Presidium. Like U San Tha Aung he also has attended the National Convention from startto finish.While striving for attainment of a Wa State by holding on to arms, the United Wa State Army(UWSA) is being pressured by the SPDC using various means, to become a Border GuardForce but the UWSA, the biggest armed ethnic group in Burma, is resolutely refusing toaccede. In such a time of grave importance for Wa people, Saw Philip is supporting the 2008Constitution and has registered his Wa National Unity Party at the Commission office to participate in 2010 elections. His stand and deeds are found to be contributing towardinternational legitimization of military dictatorship. A member of Wa national revolutionreported to us hard evidence of Saw Philip aka Philip Sam's disregard of democracy andfreedom desired by Wa people, and his political careerism oriented to self-interest.Therefore the BEPWN strongly repudiates Saw Philip aka Philip Sam and put him on theBlack List.
6. Dr. Saboi Jum (Kachin)

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