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paraIsrael 28062010

paraIsrael 28062010

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Published by vladowsky
Periodical newspaper - fight terrorism - support Israel
Periodical newspaper - fight terrorism - support Israel

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Published by: vladowsky on Jun 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FeedJournal Basicfeedjournal.com6/28/2010 at 12:32:15 AM - 6/28/2010 at 2:38:06 PM
Submitted at 6/28/2010 3:37:12 AM
Prosecuting Ilana Hammerman fortaking three Palestinian girls to TelAviv will foment discord and do littleto protect IsraelisDespite government claims to thecontrary, Israel’s borders are far fromimpenetrable to residents of theoccupied Palestinian territories. Theseparation wall isonly 60% complete,numerous ways tocircumnavigatecheckpointsexist throughout theWest Bank, and poorly patrolledperimeters provide any would-beterrorist with ample opportunity forsecurity breaches.It is an open secret that thousands of Palestinian labourers illegallycrossinto Israel every dayseeking casualwork, yet if Israel’s hawkish right isto believed, the only thing preventinga new wave of suicide attacks is aniron-fist policy towards Palestinians’freedom of movement. Such a wilfuldistortion of reality is behind thescandalous police investigation of Ilana Hammerman, an Israeli journalistfacing prosecutionforviolating the “law of entry intoIsrael”.Hammerman’s crime was to takethree Palestinian girls on a day-trip toTel Aviv, in an act of civildisobedience intended to highlight theinjustice of Israel’s militaryoccupation of the West Bank. Inamoving article for Haaretz, she wroteof their fraught experience avoidingdetection at the hands of borderguards and police as she ferried herquarry around the sights of Tel Avivand Jaffa. Even though they lived amere hour’s drive away from thecoast, the girls had never once seenthe sea nor walked the streets of Israel’s largest city, thanks to theheavy restrictions imposed by theIDF.Hammermanopenly acknowledgesher awareness of breaking the law,seemingly prepared for theconsequences of admitting to herdeeds in public: “I did not do this inrash defiance, but rather after muchthought. Out of a need, that hasbecome ever more pressing in the lastyears, to raise certain essential issuesfor in-depth public discussion inIsraeli society”. In her eyes, her ownliberty is worth sacrificing if it assistsin the struggle to bring freedom to themillions of Palestinians held captivein their West Bank cantons.Her bold actions have, inevitably,incurred the wrath of groups on theIsraeli right, including theLegalForum for the Land of Israel(LFLI) –an organisation founded to fight forsettler rights during the 2005disengagement. LFLI filed a formalcomplaint with Israel’s attorneygeneral, calling for Hammerman to beprosecuted for her violation of thelaw, beginning a process which couldresult in her spending up to two yearsin jail. Accordingto LFLI director generalNachi Eyal, a prominent figure in thesettler movement, “she wantedeveryone to know that you can takePalestinians in against the law and lieto police officers and the army. I wantto send a message that no citizen inIsrael can take the law into his handsand if he does they have to pay”.Hammerman is an easy andconvenient target for the likes of Nachi, despite her crimes paling bycomparison to the countless Israelibusinesses employing Palestiniansillegally on a daily basis, includingemployers within West Bank settlements.For others, Hammerman’s defiantgesture is a laudable stand against theIsraeli government’s inequitablepolicies. One Israeli activist workingwith Palestinian youth in the southHebron hills describes her as “one of the great Israelis of our time” for hertireless campaigning, with othersrallying support for her cause viaNGO networks across the country.Should the Israeli police take the baitand haul Hammerman over the coalsfor her actions, she will becomeanother martyr in the vein of EzraNawi, whose heavy-handed treatmentby the courts galvanised activists onthe Israeli left who were horrified atthe political bias displayed by thedomestic authorities. ProsecutingHammerman for her tame andharmless violations will onlyreinforce such a view, and will donothing to protect the security of Israeli citizens in the process.The likes of Hammerman and Nawiare vital in the fight to foster contactand communication between ordinarycivilians on either side of the Israel-Palestine divide, and their work prevents even more hatred andmistrust being fostered towardsIsraelis than currently exists.However, portraying them as traitorsand self-haters is the preferred tacticof the Israeli right, who believe thatdivisive, discriminatory policies arethe one and only way to safeguardJewish rights in Israel.That their tactics have failed foryears is of scant importance to thoseat the helm of the Israeli government.Fomenting tension and discord hasleft Israelis in constant danger fordecades, but to Netanyahu and hismerry men, robbing Palestinians of their rights to give succor to ultra-nationalist Israelis can never bebettered as a modus operandi. Flies inthe ointment like Hammerman are aminor inconvenience, but no matchfor the clout and conviction of thehardline elements backing Israeliirredentism at home and abroad.Whatever happens to Hammerman,there needs to be a serious re-evaluation of Palestinian rights inboth the West Bank and Gaza, asmuch for Israelis’ wellbeing as that of their Palestinian neighbours.Highlighting the unfairness of threegirls’ caged existences is a vital wayto raise Israeli awareness, but unlessit sparks a nationwide debate it willfail to come close to achieving itsgoals.The tragedy of the Israel-Palestineimbroglio is that so few Israelisrealise how counterproductive theirgovernment’s policies are, but withactivists like Hammerman refusing tostay silent, there is still hope that theblinkers will fall from the public’seyes before it is too late.• Comments on this article willremain open for 24 hours from thetime of publication but may be closedovernightIsraelPalestinian territoriesGazaHuman rightsCivil liberties – internationalMiddle East Seth Freedman guardian.co.uk © Guardian News &Media Limited 2010 | Use of thiscontent is subject to ourTerms &Conditions|More Feeds Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelShavuot at Kodak IsraelShavuot atKodak Israel...Netanyahu: ‘Construction inJerusalem will continue’Netanyahu:'Construction in Jerusalem willcontinue' In response toa question from MK Tzipi Hotovely,Prime Minister Netanyahu told theLikud fa...US “regrets” that Israel singled outin treaty textUNITED NATIONS(Reuters) - The United States said onFriday it "deeply regrets" that thefinal declaration agreed by the 189signatories of the nuclear Non-Prol...... Original post source
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Submitted at 6/28/2010 12:46:08 AM
Bibi dumps Dagan, top internationalspook (Nir Keidar) Newsweek has a fascinating articleabout the ongoing developments inthe case of the Al-Mabouhassassination. Poland recentlyarrested an accused Mossad fixerwhen he attempted to enter thecountry. His arrest was requested byGermany because of the agent’sparticipation in a scheme to secure apassport for one of the Mossad agentswho murdered Al-Mabouh.Israel has protested the arrest andasked Poland to return him to Israeland German to quash its extraditionrequest. It will be a test of international resolve to see whetherGermany and Poland have thecourage of their convictions and goforward with this process. If theywish to honor the concept of accountability and nationalsovereignty which was violated bythe Israeli “hit,” then they must notacceded to Israeli pressure. We’ll seeif they do.Frankly, I’m a bit surprised that theMossad would allow agentsimplicated in the Dubai assassinationto return to their normal huntinggrounds. Wouldn’t you think they’dkeep those individuals under wrapsfor a time until the dust settled? Tome, this is yet another mark of theIsraeli intelligence apparatus’disconnect from reality–at leastreality outside Israel.The world doesn’t appreciate whatthe Mossad did in Dubai. Englandexpelled the agency’s station chief.Ireland and Australia did as well. YetIsrael somehow thinks it got a wink and a nod and that the whole thingwill blow over. I don’t think that’sthe case.I wonder whether the arrest of theagent in Poland may have somethingto do with Bibi Netanyahu’s decision,announced yesterday, thatMeirDagan, the Mossad’s director, willnot be reappointed to his job. I wasamused by the fact that one of thecandidates being bruited about isnone other than Yuval Diskin, thecurrent Shin Bet director. It appearsthat beating up Israeli Palestiniancitizens and criminalizing the legalpolitical activity of Israeli Palestinianleaders stands one in good stead tobecome Israel’s top internationalspook.The passage from this article thatreally pricked my ears was this:Official and unofficial spyaficionados are still puzzled over whyIsrael would ruin its previouslyfriendly relationship with authoritiesin a key Gulf emirate, and blow theidentities of so many undercoveroperatives, just to eliminate anobscure Hamas operative. One theorygaining support among intelligenceexperts is that Mossad’s intent was todrug and kidnap Mabhouh, and thentry to use him in a trade for GiladShalit, an Israeli soldier held hostagein Gaza by Hamas. But the Israelis,according to this theory, may haveoverdosed their target on knockoutdrops.While a theory gaining supportamong anonymous intelligenceexperts doesn’t carry much journalistic weight, it is a suggestiveone. It does seem especially stupidfor Israel to expose half its covert opspersonnel and render them unusablein future in their former capacity.Not to mention the internationalopprobrium that has attached to Israelfor the murder, the loss of all thosestations chiefs, and harm done to itsrelations with all the countries whosepassports and citizens were abused.Not to mention the exposure of howthe agency handles financing of itsinternational ops.While Israel has a long and honoredtradition of knocking off Hamasoperatives, it also has a long traditionof kidnapping Palestinians andLebanese to use as poker chips innegotiations for the release of Israeliprisoners. So it’s hard to say whichmotivation was more likely at play inDubai. Related articles by ZemantaMossad boss heads for exit afterDubai murderfallout(independent.co.uk)Israel forced to defend ‘Mossadspy’ arrested inPoland(telegraph.co.uk)Related posts:Meir Dagan, Mossad Chief,Sensitive GuyH/t to Angry Arab fornoting this screamingly dissonantpassage…Interpol Warrants Against Dagan,Netanyahu LikelyThe Dubai policehave announced that they plan tointroduce…Dubai Names 26 Suspects inMossad Assassination, MysteriousIran Connection RevealedDubai hasupped the ante in the Mahmoud al-Mabouh assassination…Related posts brought to you byYetAnother Related Posts Plugin. Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelDenmark: Visit by Ghana’s chief imamDenmark: Visit by Ghana'schief imamGhana's chief nationalimam is on his way to Denmark,where he will try to improve dialogand mutual understanding betweenEuropean and African Muslims, andbetwe...10 Minute Topics: Original SinThenext in a weekly series of 10 minutetopics teaching about various topicswithin Judaism. This week's topic is:Original Sin. The term original sin isunknown in th...The Mystery Bear: A Purim StoryProduct DescriptionWhen Little Bearwakes up from hibernation and goesoff in search of something to eat, thesmells of a delicious feast draw himto a nearby house. The people insideare having a... Original post source
Submitted at 6/28/2010 3:09:00 AM
FromMa’an:A second UNRWA summer campfacility was burned Monday morning,with camp officials saying some 25masked men entered the An-Nusseriatcamp and assaulted the guards.A statement from UNRWA said thesummer camp’s guards were“physically assaulted andhandcuffed,” but not injuredEyewitnesses accounts confirmed theUNRWA report, with locals sayingvandals broke into the camp and tiedup security guards, then setting fire toequipment inside the facility. “Itlooks like serious damage,” oneresident said.The UNRWA statement did notcomment on the extent of thedamages caused by the fire, but theagency’s Director of Operations inGaza, John Ging noted that “theoverwhelming success of UNRWA’sSummer Games has once againobviously frustrated those that areintolerant of children’s happiness.”Hamas considers UNRWA summercamps to be way too liberal, as theydo not explicitly incite campers tohate nor are they paramilitary trainingfor a future terrorist career. That’swhy they set up their own alternativecamps based on the Quran andparamilitary training.UNRWA is never going to accuseHamas of being behind these acts of arson, though. Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelPart 1: The Book of Zohar –Selections, chapter “Shmot”, item 60,lesson 5Lecturer: Rav MichaelLaitmanDate: 2010-04-13Text: ENG0.15MB...Hamas, Israel, and the Gaza flotilla:seven facts you need to knowAmid abarrage of criticism of Israel, fair-minded observers should considerthese seven facts before judging theflotilla raid. By Nadav Tamir / June3, 2010 I... ...On Rosh Hashanah and YomKippurISBN13:9780689838927Condition:NEWNotes: Brand New fromPublisher. No Remainder Mark.Product Description "Every year,people we know send cards to wishme and my family a happy andhealthy New Ye... Original post source
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Submitted at 6/28/2010 3:33:00 AM
Hamas “celebrates” the caputre of Gilad Shalit with a new animation:A commenter below this videocorrectly says:“goody….supporting awar? crime”. He received thefollowing reply by the one whopublished the animation:“As a non-state actor, Hamas is notobligated under international law toallow representatives of theInternational Committee of the RedCross (ICRC) to visit captured Israelisoldier Gilad Shalit, a senior ICRCofficial was quoted as saying onFriday.” “Pierre Dorbes, the deputyhead of the ICRC’s mission in Israeland the occupied? territories madethis remark in the course of a lengthyinterview with Haaretz reporterAmira Hass.”"I do not know where he got thisquote from, but I found the originalarticle in Haaretz: Pierre Dorbes:“We remind Hamas of itshumanitarian obligation to dignifiedconditions. In order to evaluate this,we suggested a number of times thatwe visit Shalit. We also suggestedthat he be allowed to communicatewith his family via letters. Theyrefused. Hamas is a non-state party tothe conflict. As such, it is notobligated to allow family visits orvisits by the Red Cross, but it isobligated to make family tiespossible.”If Pierre Dorbes is right, then neitherIsrael has to treat non-Israeli Arabprisoners as POWs. But is PierreDorbes correct when stating thatShalit cannot be entitled to the statusof POW? BtSelem states:“Regardless of the question of thelegality of the seizure or status of theperson who is seized, internationalhumanitarian law states that everyperson is entitled to be treatedhumanely and in a dignified mannerby the opposing side, whatever thecircumstances. Prisoners of war areentitled to a variety of other rights,among them to right to receive visitsby the ICRC. Given that Shalit isentitled to the status of POW, denialof his right to these visits alsoconstitutes a flagrant breach of international law. Moreover, therefusal to allow visits and cuttingShalit off totally from the outsideworld raise the grave suspicion thathe is being treated improperly, inparticular regarding the medicaltreatment he has, or has not, receivedfor his injury.For these reasons, the Hamasleadership, as the persons holdingactual control of the securityapparatuses in the Gaza Strip, has theduty to act order to bring aboutShalit’s unconditional releaseimmediately. Until his release, thepersons holding him must treat himhumanely and enable representativesof the ICRC to visit him.”Although it is still unclear to me onwhich grounds Gilad Shalit is entitledto a POW-status (as Hamas is a non-state party), for sure the way he isbeing treated now isa war crime:“seizing a person (civilian orcombatant) and holding him forciblywith the objective of pressuring theother side to meet certain demands isabsolutely prohibited, and isconsidered hostage taking. This act ismuch more grievous when it isaccompanied by a threat to kill orinjure the hostage if the hostage-takers’ demands are not met.Furthermore, breach of theprohibition is deemed a war crime,for which everyone involved in theact bears criminal responsibility. Thecircumstances in which Shalit wasabducted and has been held clearlyindicate that he was taken hostage.” Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelSweden to boycott Israeli cargoesSweden to boycott Israeli cargoesA Swedish union says that it willprotest Israel's handling of the flotillaof fools by refusing to unload Isr...Israel’s Most Illicit AffairA newbook reveals that Israel's secretrelationship with apartheid SouthAfrica went far deeper thanpreviously understood. BY GLENNFRANKEL | MAY 24, 2010 His......Holocaust/Genocide Tributemontage to Never Again by Wu TangClanA photograph montage I madefor a Yom Hashoah event. Not just of the Holocaust but also of more recentgenocides.... Original post source
Submitted at 6/28/2010 6:00:39 AM
Hamas advertises for its summercamp by vandalizing competing UNcamp They did it last month, too.Details of the earlier attack here. “UNsummer camp in Gaza vandalized,”by Ibrahim Barzak for AP, June 28:GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Twodozen masked men vandalized a U.N.summer camp for children in Gazaearly Monday, burning and slashingtents, toys and a plastic swimmingpool. It was the second such attack in just over a month.There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack, butIslamic extremists have accused themain U.N. aid agency here of corrupting Gaza’s youth with itssummer program of games, sportsand human rights lessons for 250,000children.The U.N.’s main competitor inrunning summer camps is the rulingIslamic militant Hamas movement,which says it reaches some 100,000children. The Hamas camps teachIslam and military-style marching,along with swimming and horseback riding.“The Hamas camps teach Islam”?Did AP just say that? Did they forgetthat we’re supposed to believe thatHamas teaches a twisted, hijackedversion of the Religion of Peace™,which is absolutely benign in all itsWestern manifestations?In a statement on Monday’s attack,the U.N. said about two dozen armedand masked men targeted a seasidecamp in central Gaza, one of dozensof U.N. sites across the Palestinianterritory.The assailants tied up an unarmedguard, then tried to set fire to twotents and a perimeter fence madefrom tarp-like material. Wieldingknives, they slashed a plasticswimming pool, blow-up slide andtoys.Of course, the UN blames Israel:John Ging, the local U.N. chief,called it a “cowardly and despicable”attack and said the site would berebuilt quickly.Hamas police condemned the attack and said it was investigating.Ging said the attack was the latestsign of growing levels of extremismin Gaza. He said it provides furtherevidence “of the urgency to changethe circumstances on the ground thatare generating such extremism.”…U.N. camps have been targeted bysuspected Islamic extremists sincetheir launch in 2007….In recent months, Hamas has becomeincreasingly assertive in trying toimpose its strict version of Islam oneveryday life in Gaza.However, the Islamists have alsoavoided open confrontation with theU.N. Relief and Works Agency,which provides services for two-thirds of Gaza’s 1.5 million people.The U.N. avoids contact withHamas, which is internationallyshunned as a terror group.At least for now.Posted by Robert on June 28, 20106:00 AM| 1 CommentPrint this entry| Email this entry| Digg this| del.icio.us| Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelbeatbox shofar stylea beatbox beatwith shofar influence...International reaction: Turkeydemands that Israel be punishedWorld leaders issued a chorus of criticism of Israel yesterday for itsbungled and bloody raid on an aidflotilla sailing towards the Gaza Stripeven as the Uni......From Today’s Hate-mail BagFromToday’s Hate-mail Bagbysheikyermami on June 12, 2010FromAYMAN ALEISSA:GO FUCK URSELF U AND UR JIHAD JUSTWANTED 2 SEND AMESSEGENOT INTRESTED ON UR SHITYTRASH U PULISH BUT ,,,WATCHUR ... Original post source

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