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Chemtrail Aerosol Spraying Pt.1

Chemtrail Aerosol Spraying Pt.1

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Published by skalpsolo

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Published by: skalpsolo on Jun 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chemtrail Aerosol SprayingDuring East Coast BlackoutPart 1 of 2
From Michael Kane©. 2003. All Rights Reserved, Unauthorized duplication for non-profit educational purposes strongly encouraged ONLY IF report is unaltered, opens withthis disclaimer, and attributes authorship accurately8-25-03August 14th, 2003
Part I
Report from Michael Kane: August 24th, 2003
***Why were planes spraying aerosol clouds in NY on the same day as the biggest blackout the East Coast has seen in 30 years, and what was being sprayed;AND WHY?On August 14th 2003 - the date of the East Coast Power Outage - atapproximately 8:10 pm in Nassau County, NY, three aerosol clouds were sprayeddirectly over my home. They were thousands of feet in the air, very distinct, andthey stretched the entire horizon. A neighbor of mine was with me at the time andneither of us could determine exactly what it was we were seeing. We were ableto determine two things definitively.1. They were NOT natural clouds.
2 They were left by planes (this was later confirmed by a third party who saw adifferent set of trails being formed, more on that later in this report).
Page 1of 6Chemtrail Aerosol Spraying During East Coast Blackout4/6/2004http://www.rense.com/general40/spraydur.htm
Before I go any further, for those who don't believe it is possible that planeswould spray unknown chemical or biological agents on Americans unannounced,here is the first paragraph of a story in the Chicago Tribune from October of 2001
He kept the secret for 30 years. The former Navy skipper told no one about theclassified tests of Project Shad, how the Marine jets came screaming out of thenight off a remote Pacific atoll, spraying a 100-mile-long aerosol cloud over hisfive tugboats.
http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/chi-0110230264oct23.storyThe above report goes on to say Pentagon officials have admitted using nerveagents such as sarin and VX gas in such aerosol sprays, but have never admittedto where and when the spraying occurred.In addition to top-secret chemical tests, spraying occurs in the continental UnitedStates by the US Government and related agencies during tests or drills oftenrelated to terrorism. Just such a test was scheduled only four days after the EastCoast Black Out.The US Government was set to run "drills" of this nature on August 18th, whichwould simulate an airborne terrorist threat in Alaska and an outbreak of  pneumonic plague in Nevada according to Robert Burns of the Associated Press. Did these drills "secretly" begin August 14th on the East Coast?According to the Pentagon this exercise was planned for months and had nothingto do with the blackout. This statement as sited by the A.P. does not rule out the possibility of August 14th being a "surprise" or "secret" start date. This wouldexplain the aerosol clouds sprayed over Nassau County, NY.However, under no circumstances could the Pentagon admit that a massive power outage was part of a "test" even if it were true; it would create too many problemswith the press and the public to even be considered as an option and would beregarded as top secret for "national security" reasons.But if the East Coast Power Outage and aerosol spraying was not part of theAugust 18th test, as the administration is stating, then there is a more significantquestion that needs to be answered.Why were planes spraying aerosol clouds in NY on the same day as the biggest blackout the East Coast has seen in 30 years, and what was being sprayed; ANDWHY?
Page 2of 6Chemtrail Aerosol Spraying During East Coast Blackout4/6/2004http://www.rense.com/general40/spraydur.htm
It was clear these weren't natural cloud formations. I asked another neighbor of mine who is 94 years old - and of sound mind and good health - if he had ever inhis many years seen clouds like that. He laughed, saying "of course not".You could see white mist that resembled clouds (but clearly weren't clouds) as far as the eye could see. At first we considered the possibility that these may beclouds, however, within 30 minutes the three aerosol clouds over my home, aswell as the mist down the horizon and over our heads had almost completelydissipated.You could still see remnants of the trails, but only faintly. Clouds move with thewind, they travel across the sky, but they don't thin out and dissipate in 30minutes across the entire sky. We were left with blue skies as dusk fell, and a pink hue on the horizon.Confirmation of Massive Spraying across NY:
The next day I noticed a rash had developed on my right arm that looked like prickly heat or the reaction from getting tested for TB, only bigger. I had a healthcare professional look at the rash who said it looked like prickly heat. Sherecommended I use aloe lotion on it. I did so; ten days later the rash has gotten better.
A few days later I was recounting this event to a friend who was approximately 1mile east and 3 miles south of where I was when I saw the aerosol sprays.He saw them too, at approximately the same time, and he saw a plane formingthem one at a time -- but he saw 4 of them to the east. There were only 3 over myhouse and the trails he saw were clearly further east than this. This is confirmationof 7 separate aerosol clouds sprayed in no more than a 10 mile areasimultaneously.He noted that he saw them form as well. They were parallel, appearing one after the other apparently from the same plane. He said he knows a plane may leave a"trail" path when performing reconnaissance drills, but once he saw 4 parallel"trails" form by the same plane in front of his own eyes, he was very suspicious asto the nature of what these trails were.Another close friend of mine confirmed similar "trails" over her home.She was 20 miles west and about 10 miles north of me but in the same county.She saw three over her home as well. That brings the confirmation up to 10chemical trails in Nassau County, NY on August 14th, 2003. She said she sawthem anytime between 6:30 and 8pm. This is very close to the 8:10 pm time they
Page 3of 6Chemtrail Aerosol Spraying During East Coast Blackout4/6/2004http://www.rense.com/general40/spraydur.htm

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