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Chemtrail Aerosol Spraying Pt.2

Chemtrail Aerosol Spraying Pt.2

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Published by skalpsolo

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Published by: skalpsolo on Jun 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Aerosol Spraying during Blackout: It was a Test
It Was A Test
Part 2 (Part 1 atRense)
Report from Michael Kane: October 23rd, 2003*Evidence mounts that August 14th East Coast blackout was a test*Massive Aerosol Spraying in New York and Toronto during blackout*HAARP turned on at 4pm EST on August 14th, 2003*Scheduled airborne attack simulation in Alaska didn’t happen. Why?*Energy Crisis looming - when it’s not a test, will it be worse?*Beyond U.S. - Unexplained blackouts across the globe*Special thanks to Barbara Honegger for her invaluable input on these reportsI have gone back and interviewed all of the eyewitnesses to the aerosol spraying that happened in NassauCounty, NY detailed in the first report confirming conclusively that spraying occurred by planes – low enough for the population to experience an incoming of what was sprayed to which I was an eyewitness, among manyeyewitnesses, on the evening of August 14th, 2003 during the East Coast blackout.I spoke to Lt. Col Kacey Blaney from NORAD in Rome, NY who said she had no knowledge of such an operation.I asked her about the DETERMINED PROMISE National Exercise scheduled for the week of August 18th, justfour days after witnesses in Nassau County, NY experienced the above mentioned aerosol operation. She saidthat “didn’t sound like” any operation they were involved in.
Thursday October 23, @06:34PM
 Newsfrom the
dept.Page 1of 7Global Free Press: Fair and Balanced - psst... pass the word4/6/2004http://www.globalfreepress.com/print.pl?sid=03/10/24/0630209
Photo: Lt. Col. Kacey Blaney (pins medals on ex-navigator during World War II)
 Lt. Col Blaney said there are no planes at NORAD in Rome, NY; she said their function in Rome is to “watch thesky”. I asked if there was any report, briefing, or information given to them in Rome about the above witnessedevents. She said there was not, and directed me to Air Force Public Affairs if I had any more questions. I wasplanning on sending a letter to the Air Force Public Affairs Resource Library in Washington D.C., but havedecided that is not the next step. Hopefully after you read this, there will be a massive writing campaign tomultiple public and military officials.John Rappoport, editor of www.nomorefakenews.comhas received reports that the effects of aerosol sprayingwere also experienced in Toronto the evening of the Aug. 14th blackout. Canada is also under the jurisdiction of Northern Command, the new U.S. military command created in response to the September 11th mass murders in2001. DETERMINED PROMISE was first publicly announced on August 15th, just one day after the aboveaerosol spray operation was witnessed in Nassau County, NY.The State of Alaska’s Homeland Security and Emergency Services website strangely left out the fact that their state was involved in DETERMINED PROMISE when the drills were announced in their Situation Report 03-320on August 18th, 2003.http://fc.ak-prepared.com/(link no longer works; Alaskan situation reports before October are no longer publiclyaccessible or have been removed) (ed GFP:Cache-linkadded)The report states part of the drills would begin in Colorado Springs, Colorado, which is true, but what it left out isthat the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) at Colorado Springs was conducting a one-dayair exercise in Alaska according to the Associated Press.I asked Jerry Koening, Alaska’s Homeland Security Official who wrote the situation report why Alaska’sinvolvement inDetermined Promise ’03was left out. He said there was “nothing to gain” by announcing that.When asked whom the situation report announcement was for, he said “his people” in Alaska, which included
Page 2of 7Global Free Press: Fair and Balanced - psst... pass the word4/6/2004http://www.globalfreepress.com/print.pl?sid=03/10/24/0630209
representatives and citizens. DETERMINED PROMISE was listed on the Alaskan Homeland Security calendar with the “location” section listed as “national” since it was happening across the country, but it did not mentionAlaskan involvement.I went on to ask Mr. Koening about the one-day air exercise scheduled in Alaska involving aerosol spraying. Heclaimed to his knowledge that exercise did not occur. Maj. Brenda Campbell, public relations official for theAlaskan NORAD division, confirmed this for me during a brief phone interview. She said that the one-day air exercise “didn’t happen the way it was planned”, and was not included in the Determined Promise ’03 drills.In following up on this, she went on to say that to her knowledge it was originally scheduled to be a simulation andnot an aerosol operation. When asked if they had ever planned to run drills involving aerosol spraying, Maj.Campbell said they run every-&-anything you can imagine. She went on to say, “every time we do an exercise,the scenario is a little different to make sure all of our procedures can be worked through with any type of scenario”. Alaska is the location of 
an acronym for High frequency Active Auroral Research Program.This program has the capacity to focus electromagnetic energy weapons over long distances into localized areas.
What’s the 411?
 There was definitely plenty of information acquired from the blackout, such as emergency response in a real worldsituation, hospital capabilities, public reaction, death toll, and testing of complex communication systems. All of this (with the exception of information of an actual likely death toll) was publicly included in the DeterminedPromise drills.The military has denied that the Aug. 14th blackout was part of any scheduled testing, but the official response asquoted by the AP did not rule out the possibility of August 14th being a “surprise” or “secret” start date for DETERMINED PROMISE, or perhaps, August 14th was a drill of some other name.Maj. Brenda Campbell from the Alaskan NORAD region had indicated they constantly run drills. It is possible thatAugust 14th, 2003 was an entirely separate drill, but the fact that DETERMINED PROMISE ’03 was announcedthe very next day strongly suggests August 14th was the kickoff.
Page 3of 7Global Free Press: Fair and Balanced - psst... pass the word4/6/2004http://www.globalfreepress.com/print.pl?sid=03/10/24/0630209

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