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Dealers Letter

Dealers Letter

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Published by paul

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Published by: paul on Jun 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Your CREDIT wont FIXitself...GET Started TODAY
IDebt Assist providing for people withbad credit
If you have credit problems, you can get the financingyou need for the vehicle you want....and help yourself re-establish your credit while driving your new car!Don't be taken advantage of because of your credithistory. Auto Net Financial can pre-arrange all of your financing at a dealership near your home and take thehassles out of your next car buying experience.
ow is idebtassist different than mostother online companies who offer freeservices?
IDebt Assist updating your credit history
Idebt assist specializes in bad credit auto loans and specialfinance options for automotive consumers with less thanperfect credit. Our nationwide network of car dealers offersbad credit car loan programs designed especially for auto, car and truck buyers with credit problems, no credit, or uniquesub prime auto loan requirements. Idebt assist helps you prequalify for bad credit auto loans, a bad credit car or truck loan,or a special finance auto loan regardless of your creditproblems or automotive financing loan payment historyUnlike other online car loan approval companies whosimply get your credit information and fax it to anydealer -- overlooking the assistance, information andfollow-through you really need---idebtassist builds acustomer profile prior to getting your information to thedealer. We work directly with the lender and dealershipto get you approved. We simply do more, and if for some reason you don't get approved, we help youunderstand what you can do to help your situation. Wedon't just leave you hanging like most other companiesthat just gather credit information and just "pass it on".idebtassist offers you professionally trained CreditManagers to do everything possible to help arrangeyour loan.
Edouardo¶s Story
 Edouardo¶s car, a hand-me-down from his father, is ready to give up the ghost. His girlfriend, Charisse,suggests he try to buy a newer car, though he is reluctant to spend the money. Although Edouardo makes agreat living, his credit is in terrible shape due to a large number of unpaid medical bills, the result of anaccident. Edouardo has seen advertisements in the local paper for credit repair services, and wonders howeasy and how expensive it would be to fix his credit. Charisse makes a few calls for Edouardo looking intocredit repair agencies and is suspicious of them. Besides, she once successfully disputed a late payment onher credit report. Edouardo and Charisse decide to see what they can do on their own to fix Edouardo¶scredit.
an I really fix my credit?
 Of course you can! Many of our readers (even yours truly) have cleared up a few blemishes on their reports.And by the way: everything a credit repair clinic can do for you, you can do for yourself at little or no cost.That being said, we know that sometimes people feel overwhelmed with the process and want to ask a liveperson a question if they get stumped. If you do, you canset up a paid consultation with one of ourcounselors for a small fee.Make sure you also read our article, "The 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make in Credit Repair".What the information provided in this page does is help you fix ERRORS on your credit report and clean upthose "questionable" items. While no one can legally remove accurate negative information from a creditreport, the law does allow you to request an investigation of information in your file that you dispute asinaccurate or incomplete. On the other hand, *nudge* *nudge*, *wink* *wink*, it is perfectly legal tochallenge ANYTHING on your credit report. There is no charge for requesting an investigation. The wholekey to thecredit repairprocedure is that if thecredit bureauscannot verify information on your credit report they must remove it. For instance, if a credit bureau cannot contact a collection agency which is reporting acollection on your report, they cannot verify the information, and the credit bureau must delete the entry.Let's meet Edouardo.
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The 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make in Repairing Their Credit
June 6th, 2008 · 12 Comments · Credit Repair 
 by Kristy Welsh
Credit Repair is not difficult, but you can shoot yourself in the foot if you don¶t pay attention to a few little things. Here are common mistakes people make which can be easily avoided:1.
Failing to disputing with the credit bureaus FIRST.
n credit repair, always dispute your negatives with the credit bureaus
before doing anything else
. 10-20% of all itemsdisputed in an initial round of disputes fall off. Why not pick off the low hanging fruit in the beginning so you can concentrate on the tough stuff?
n addition, you cannot take legal actionas an individual against companies who are acting illegally by reporting you if you don¶tdispute first.2.
Failing to document your efforts
. You should ideally be keeping notes and dates of all your efforts. Make a note of anyone you speak to, when you send letter, and when you receiveletters. You should all make sure you send your disputes certified mail, return receiptrequested. How to organize is up to you. Putting everything in a notebook is ideal, but a plainµole file folder will do if you just store bits of paper. You don¶t have to get too fancy.Documentation is especially important when you are disputing items with the credit bureaus.Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), credit bureaus have 30 days to get back to you with the results of an investigation on your dispute.
f you do not hear from them, within 30days,
they must remove the item
isputing items online.
Never do this! You will not have any written records of yourdispute (the return receipt), plus, you are making it easy for them by disputing online. Yourdispute will become a two letter code and will be sent (using eOscar) to an offshore computerfor analysis. You will also not be able to dispute specific information
the listing, forinstance, wrong high balance, wrong date account was opened, etc. You will not be able tosend documentation.
n addition, if your name, SSN or address is incorrect, you have to send your request in writing any way.4.
eing unrealistic.
f your credit report is in bad shape, there isn¶t a quick fix. The processtakes time, usually from 6 months to a year.
n addition, some items are extremely difficult, if 

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