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Google Code Tutorial via Chat

Google Code Tutorial via Chat

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Published by vinnipogo

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Published by: vinnipogo on Jun 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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GLUG MeerutFwd: "Quick Start Chat" to Google Code Hosting for newbies {#qsc#google}
narendra sisodiya <narendra.sisod...@gmail.com>
---------- Forwarded message ----------From: narendra sisodiya <narendra.sisod...@gmail.com>Date: Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 12:46 AMSubject: "Quick Start Chat" to Google Code Hosting for newbies {#qsc #google}To: IITDLUG <iitdlug@googlegroups.com>Cc: p...@lug-iitd.posterous.comHi, I normally avoid chatting on Linux topic. and I hate whensomeone ask his/her problem on chat. I hate because It is one to onecommunication. I redirect such newbies to mailing list so that othercan participate into it. Google index mailing list thread so thatother can read such thread after google search. But I found one usefulthing in one to one chat system. one of one chat system can be usefulfor guiding the procedure to newbies.Today when Abhishek Indoria (A 14 year old school boy, OLPCcontributor) asked me how he can put his source code to some hostingsite, I immediately got idea of "Quick Start Chat". In this system Ihave explained him each and every steps and he followed all steps. Ialways wanted to make a tutorial on how to get started with googlecode hosting but now I have spent 2-3 hour teaching on chat to produce"quick start chat". You can also blog such "quick start chat" astutorial.11:22 AM Abhishek: Dude, I know you may be busy...erm..do you knowabout GIT? or subversion?11:23 AM me: I have used only svnbut git is something which is better to learnAbhishek: erm...I need to set up my whole project source code online...how do I do that?11:24 AM me: you can do it using sourceforge or Google code hostinggoogle code hosting use SVGyou can use github toogithub use GIT11:25 AM Abhishek: Sourceforge.net seems good...But, I need to uploadthe Source in zip or rar or .tar format instead of erm...open editingversion like GIT or SVN?me: no no ,, do not upload tar or zip file11:26 AM first create a project on these siteand then make a checkoutAbhishek: I have created the project...Checkout?me: yes,,, checkout the empty projectAbhishek: You know, I feel like stupid as I am only 14 and have loads
GLUG Meerut | Google Groupshttp://groups.google.com/group/glug-meerut/msg/5...1 of 1306/29/2010 11:15 PM
to learn;)me: then put your files into it11:27 AM seee, I learn these things at the age of 24,,,after making a empty checkout ,, you need to paste files into itthen add files using11:28 AM svn add filename.cppafter that you need to comit the filesusing "svn ci" commandAbhishek: Ohh..Okay, I am logging into sourceforge...I'll see what Ican do, thanks;) Did you read The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown or Code toZero by Ken Follet?11:29 AM me: I suggest to use google code hosting,,I have used it ,, and it has cool featuresAbhishek: Erm.. The thing is...whenever I try Google Code, I can't upload a damn single file.. Dunno why:(11:30 AM me: Let me guide you,,Do you have svn installed ??Abhishek: yup.wait...11:31 AM I reinstalled Ubuntu yesterday,,, SVN Not installed...me: ok,, just install svn command,,it wont take much time11:32 AM mean while go to google code hostingand create a new projectAbhishek: okay...me:http://code.google.com/hosting/createProjectdo you have google wave account ?11:33 AM Abhishek: No..but I have already created a project..whats google wave?11:34 AM me: leave google wave,,, Give me link to google projectyour project linkAbhishek: wait please.11:35 AM code.google.com/p/boomingbang/me: click it,, and go to source tab11:36 AM Abhishek: okay..now?me: yupyou can see checkout commandAbhishek: yes...11:37 AM me: send me11:38 AM Abhishek: eh.. svn checkouthttps://boomingbang.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/boomingbang --usernamehackerboymayabhiwhen I do that...it sayssvn: URL 'https://boomingbang.googlecode.com/svn/trunk'doesn't existme: see,, you have deleted the trunk11:39 AM When you create the new project it make 4 directory1) trunk2) wiki3) branch4) tag
GLUG Meerut | Google Groupshttp://groups.google.com/group/glug-meerut/msg/5...2 of 1306/29/2010 11:15 PM
Abhishek: oh..me: you it will suggest you to make new project11:40 AM just delete it and create new projectAbhishek: okay..11:42 AMhttp://code.google.com/p/imperius/11:43 AM me: Now go to source code and give me the checkout command11:44 AM Abhishek: now. it says CHECKED OUT REVISION 1...wait... svncheckouthttps://imperius.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/imperius--username hackerboymayabhi ...DO you need the password?me: Nope,never share passwordAbhishek: okay.me: now open a terminalAbhishek: doneme: and create a directory where you want to create code11:45 AM exmkdir MyProjectcd MyProjectnow apply same command by remove trunk out of it11:46 AM svn checkouthttps://imperius.googlecode.com/svn/imperius--username hackerboymayabhi11:47 AM Abhishek: kayme: show me the outputIt will ask for password, it is there at google code website11:48 AM Abhishek: A imperius/trunkA imperius/branchesA imperius/tagsChecked out revision 1.me: finenow you can see 3 directorywhich you have checked outAbhishek: okay...11:49 AM me: see trunk will be needed for your codeso now cd trunkAbhishek: okay.11:50 AM me: send me output of these 3 command - pwd, ls -l. svn statusAbhishek: wait, please.pwd -- /media/Disk 3/BoomingBang/codenamei/imperius/trunk11:51 AM ls -l : total 0svn status ... Nothing.me: ok,now create a new fileor you can directly paste your code file here11:52 AM Abhishek: I have folders too...me: I will show you how to add commit using one file,,you can do that later11:53 AM just paste one fileAbhishek: okay.done11:54 AM me: give me "svn status"
GLUG Meerut | Google Groupshttp://groups.google.com/group/glug-meerut/msg/5...3 of 1306/29/2010 11:15 PM

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