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Q& A Random - 14

Q& A Random - 14

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Published by: Filipino Nurses Central on Jun 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PRACTICE TEST QUESTIONSDownloaded from FILIPINO NURSES CENTRAL{www.nursescentral.ning.com}Question Number 1 of 40
 The nurse is discussing negativism with the parents of a 30 month-oldchild. How should the nurse tell the parents to best respond to thisbehavior?The correct response is
.A) Reprimand the child and give a 15 minute "time out"B) Maintain a permissive attitude for this behaviorC) Use patience and a sense of humor to deal with this behaviorD) Assert authority over the child through limit settingYour response was
.The correct answer is C: Use patience and a sense of humor to dealwith this behaviorThe nurse should help the parents see the negativism as a normalgrowth of autonomy in the toddler. They can best handle the negativetoddler by using patience and humor.
Question Number 2 of 40
 A client has been admitted with complaints of lower abdominal pain,difficulty swallowing, nausea, dizziness, headache and fatigue. Theclient is agitated, fearful, tachycardic and complains of being "too sickto return to work." The client is diagnosed as having somatoformdisorder. In formulating a plan of care, the nurse must consider thatthe client's behaviorThe correct response is
.A) Is controlled by their subconscious mindB) Is manipulative to avoid work responsibilitiesC) Would respond to psychoeducational strategiesD) Could be modified through reality therapyYour response was
.The correct answer is A: Is controlled by their subconscious mindPersons with somatoform disorder do not intend to feign illness; theircomplaints are not under their conscious control. To intend so is called"malingering" or a factitious disorder.
Question Number 3 of 40
 In planning care for a 6 month-old infant, what must the nurse provideto assist in the development of trust?The correct response is
.A) Food
 B) WarmthC) SecurityD) ComfortYour response was
.The correct answer is C: SecurityWhile the infant has many physical needs, it must be touched, loved,and stimulated to develop security and trust.
Question Number 4 of 40
 The nurse is talking by telephone with a parent of a 4 year-old childwho has chickenpox. Which of the following demonstrates appropriateteaching by the nurse?The correct response is
.A) Chewable aspirin is the preferred analgesicB) Topical cortisone ointment relieves itchingC) Papules, vesicles, and crusts will be present at one timeD) The illness is only contagious prior to lesion eruptionYour response was
.The correct answer is C: Papules, vesicles, and crusts will be presentat one timeAll 3 stages of the chicken pox lesions will be present on the child''sbody at one time.
Question Number 5 of 40
 The nurse is caring for a client with a pressure ulcer on the heel that iscovered with black hard tissue. Which would be an appropriate goal inplanning care for this client?The correct response is
.A) Protection for the granulation tissueB) Heal infectionC) Debride escharD) Keep the tissue intactYour response was
.The correct answer is D: Keep the tissue intactIf the black tissue, (eschar) is dry and intact no treatment isnecessary. If the area changes (cellulitis, pain) this is a sign of infection, requiring debridement.
Question Number 6 of 40
 The parents of a 2 year-old child report that he has been holding hisbreath whenever he has temper tantrums. What is the best action bythe nurse?The correct response is
 A)Teach the parents how to perform cardiopulmonaryresuscitationB)Recommend that the parents give in when he holds his breathto prevent anoxiaC)Advise the parents to ignore breath holding because breathingwill begin as a reflexD)Instruct the parents on how to reason with the child aboutpossible harmful effectsYour response was
.The correct answer is C: Advise the parents to ignore breath holdingbecause breathing will begin as a reflexIf temper tantrums are accompanied by breath holding, the parentsneed to know that this behavior will not result in harm to the child.Ignoring the breath holding is best, knowing that breathing will beginagain by reflex
Question Number 7 of 40
 A client is admitted with low T3 and T4 levels and an elevated TSHlevel. On
assessment, the nurse would anticipate which of thefollowing assessment findings?The correct response is
.A) LethargyB) Heat intoleranceC) DiarrheaD) Skin eruptionsYour response was
.The correct answer is A: LethargyIn hypothyroidism the metabolic activity of all cells of the bodydecreases, reducing oxygen consumption, decreasing oxidation of nutrients for energy, and producing less body heat. Therefore, thenurse can expect the client to complain of constipation, lethargy andinability to get warm
Question Number 8 of 40
 A nurse is eating in the hospital cafeteria when a toddler at a nearbytable chokes on a piece of food and appears slightly blue. Theappropriate
action should be toThe correct response is
.A) Begin mouth to mouth resuscitationB) Give the child water to help in swallowingC) Perform 5 abdominal thrustsD) Call for the emergency response teamYour response was
.The correct answer is C: Perform 5 abdominal thrusts

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