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682 Reclaiming Community

682 Reclaiming Community

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Published by Leora Arnowitz

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Published by: Leora Arnowitz on Jun 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1”= 500’
the Village of Hempstead
Boutique hotel at eastern gateway o village, renovation o existing Quality Inn,retail inllResidential inll (rst foor parking)Mixed-use built above existing parkingstructureMixed-use community centered aroundpublic plaza at transit gatewayMixed-use oce/retail/residentialRetrotting o “box” retail into mixed-useUrban arm laboratory and “windspire”gridFarmers’ marketplace/bazaarSolar powered minor league baseballstadium and Islanders Coliseum withhotels overlooking and residential inllCommunity health and wellness center/gymOutdoor theater above parking garageEastern access to LIRRGreywater treatment acilityExisting Hempstead transit centerPedestrian access bridge across LIRRtracksPerorming arts/cultural center andenhanced Denton Green with ped. accessBike stationExisting schoolPlains Restoration Project siteLandscaped spaceProposed building inll
T           W           O           W            A          Y           
 T  W O W A  Y 
 F U L T O N  A V E. F R O N T  S T.
G  R  E  E  N  W  I  C  H   S  T   
 J A C K S O N  S  T.
  P  R O  P O S  E  D   L  I G  H  T   R A  I  L
 P  R  O P  O S  E  D L  I   G H T  R  A  I   L 
 P R O P O S E D  L I G H  T  R A I L
P           R          O          P           O          S           E           D          L          I           G           H           T           R           A          I           L          
 B I K E  L A N E
 B I K E  L A N E
    H   O    R   S    E     B    R   O   O    K
 C O L U M B I A  S  T. K E L L U M  P L.
N          F          R          A         N          K          L         I          N          S          T          .  T          E          R         R          A         C          E            A         V          E          .  
H        I        L       T        O       N          A       V        E        .  
M           A         I          N          S          T          .  
W           A         S          H          I          N          G         T          O         N          S          T          .  
C           L          I           N           T           O          N           S           T           .   
 O N E  W A  Y
Proposed BikeLane SystemBike rental, sales,and storage station:the existing buildingis a former autorepair shop locatedless than 300’ fromthe Hempstead LIRRstation.Roadways should welcome pedestrians andcyclists and offer multiple options for publictransportation. To generate more social space,traffic should operate in only one direction inbusy zones.All vital components of greater Hempstead(parks, preserves, learning institutions) will beaccessible by proposed light rail, and pedestrianand bike lane systems.LIRR
L                   I                    G                    H                    T                     R                    A                   I                    L                   
 L I R R
Principal roadways can infiltrate rainwater through the ground, clean it, anddirect it to a recycling facility in the village. To provide shade and seasonal color,native tree species will flank the sides of the roadway.1. Village of Hempstead boundary2. Nassau Community College3. Hofstra University4. Adelphi University5. Hempstead High School6. Hempstead Plains Preserve7. Hempstead Lake State Park8. Hempstead Golf Club
A New Way of Getting Around
GardenCityNassau Blvd.MineolaCarle PlaceStewartManorLynbrookRosedaleLaureltonBaldwinFreeportMerrickLocustManorWest HempsteadFloralParkTo HicksvilleTo Farmingdale
Neighbors chatting with each other atthe local cafe or rummaging for a greatfind at a used book store.An inter-neighborhood tramtransports local residents. Cyclistswhiz past the new plantings thatreplace the concrete gutter.The industrial zone offers expansivewarehouse space as blank canvasesto catalyze the imagination of artists,designers and musicians.
The Art of Industry
homes inthe Village of Hempstead arein abundance and are perfectlysuitable for a business. Throughrezoning and retrofitting, anunoccupied home can transforminto a business that can servethe community in which it’s partof. The type of business canvary; a locally owned restaurantthat serves seasonal dishesusing only the freshest producefrom a nearby urban farm, amarket, a clothing boutique.Steadily, the sprawlingsuburban landscape willbecome urban as more businessadapt.Many urban cities have an artdistrict/colony or visual andperforming arts institution thatsupports it’s creative dwellers.Most of these zones share acommonality with one another-- unoccupied warehousespace.In the southern region ofthe village’s downtown, justoutside the 1/2 mile radiusboundary, lies vast real estateideal for the future makingsof Hempstead’s very own artdistrict. And, conveniently,there is very little that needs tobe done to move forward sucha district -- as this environmentshouldn’t be hyped, franchisedand overdone. What makes anart district so appealing is theindustrial and unfinished “feel”of the place. With additionto bike lanes and depaving ofportions of the road to makeway for vegetation, the artdistrict can form holistically tothe needs of its artists.
A Better Burb

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