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New Black Panther Party NBPP Spring Edition 2010

New Black Panther Party NBPP Spring Edition 2010

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Published by Kim Hedum
Or as I like to call it, one scary newsletter filled with threats.
Or as I like to call it, one scary newsletter filled with threats.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Kim Hedum on Jun 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Ryan J. ReynoldsNew Black PantherParty president Malik ZuluShabazz hasn’t said muchpublicly about the Obama Justice Department’s dismiss-al last May of voter intimida-tion charges against his blackpower group, a decision thatsparked conservative pro-tests. But last week in a pod-cast interview, Shabazz letloose – with a racially tingedrant against the Republicanshe said are trying to turn theissue into campaign ads forthis fall’s midterm elections.“These white right-wing, red-faced, red-neckRepublicans are attack-ing the hell out of the NewBlack Panther Party, andwe’re organizing now to
ght back,” Shabazz told
the podcast host, a man who
calls himself “Brother Gary,”
who hosts a show calledConscious Chats on BlogtalkRadio. Shabazz singled outGOP Reps. Frank Wolf (Va.)and Lamar Smith (Texas) -two critics on the House Ju-diciary Committee, alongwith “Old Uncle Tom Mi-chael Steele, the black Ne-gro who heads the Repub-
lican National Committee.”
“We are gearing upfor a showdown with this
cracker,” Shabazz said, al
-though it wasn’t clear towhom he was referring. “If he keeps talking, were go-ing to Capitol Hill; we’re just
gearing up right now.At
issue is an incident at a ma- jority-black polling place inPhiladelphia in November2008, where two membersof the anti-white and anti-Semitic fringe group stoodin military-style garb, one of them carrying a night stick.One of the membersof the party in Philadelphia,he added, “just happened tobe a little too black or too
strong,” and “made a mis
take” by bringing a weapon
to the polls. “They are beat-ing these war drums – it’sconstantly on the front pageof the Washington Times [...]and I’m expecting some adswith the New Black PantherParty for midterm elections
in 2010,” Shabazz said.
The House JudiciaryCommittee recently reject-ed a 15-14 vote for a Res-olution of Inquiry againstmembers of the New BlackPanther Party. Not becauseof political alliances, butbecause the matter was al-ready decided in court.In the Novemberelection of 2008, the atmo-sphere was heated. Whiteracist were threatening tokill black men and womenif then Senator Obama won,
“America’s golden prize.”
Mr. Obama received numer-ous threats against his lifefor being a black man whodared to aspire to the nation’s
highest ofce, President of the United States of Amer
-ica. It is no surprise thenthat he is the only president(and his family) to receivethe most death threats – hun-dreds daily. Senator JohnMcCain and members of theRepublican Party resortedto ploys of all types usingnotable names such as “Joe
the Plummer” in an effortto stie the rising popular
-ity of the virtually unknownSenator Barack H. Obama.The Philadelphia poll-ing place is not invincibleto white racism or attackson black life, therefore, thePhiladelphia chapter of theNew Black Panther Partyhad to respond. When thelives of our children, babies,mothers, fathers, grand-mothers, and grandfathersare at stake, it is our duty torespond. The Black PantherParty became the viable vehi-cle for voter protection orig-inally defending the rightsof black people’s right to
vote in Alabama’s, Lowndes
County district. StokleyCarmichael and black peo-ple in Lowndes County or-ganized movements armedand ready to die defend-ing the rights of blacks ex-ercising their right to vote.The party line votesought by Rep. Frank R.Wolf and Rep. Lamar Smith,ranking Republicans on theHouse Judiciary Commit-tee, is an insane course of action. Judiciary Commit-tee Chairman John Cony-ers Jr. of Michigan voted the
resolution “unfavorably” out
of committee, calling thePhiladelphia polling disrup-
tion an “isolated incident.”
The resolution was sent to
the House oor weighing
the facts against the ha-tred determined to providebalance to the onslaught.Rep. Wolf wroteseven letters over sevenmonths seeking informa-tion on the case. Each timehe wrote, the Departmentof Justice responded ac-cording to standard policy.
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White Right WingRepublicans AttackNew Black Panthers
Shabazz Blasts Back”
‘Red-Neck Republicans’ Out to Get Them,New Black Panther Leader Says
By Chawn KweliThe year 2009 for the New Black
Panther Party was very “eventful,” to
say the least. During 2009, the nameof the New Black Panther Party wasbrought up in major newspapers andmedia outlets more times than anyin recent memory. The Washington
Times specically launched a smear
campaign against the New BlackPanther Party and the Washington
based Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz.
The deeper question in all of this is
why? In a lawsuit led in federal court
in Philadelphia, the suit alleged thattwo men wearing NBPP uniforms:Samir Shabazz and Jerry Jackson, anelected member of the PhiladelphiaDemocratic Committee and a creden-tialed poll watcher, intimidated vot-ers on November 4, 2008 by staningoutside a polling place, with SamirShabazz holding a police style baton.New Black Panther NationalChairman Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazzwas also named but not present dur-ing the alleged incident. Dr. Shabazzis a well respected attorney who has
fought many high prole cases. Ac
-cording to informtion obtained by Dr.Shabazz, there were earlier reports of men in Nazi style uniforms seen at thepolling place. Dr. Shabazz explainedthe presence of the BPP men by re-minding the media of the racist threatsbeing spewed at then Presidential can-didate Barack Obama, as well as blackmen and women across the country.Philadelphia’s Mayor MichaelNutter also hushed the propaganda ina statement saying “No one has beendenied the vote… this is the Unit-
ed States of America and unless [the
men standing outside] break the lawor do anything, they have the right tostand out there. We don’t need any-one trying to trump up anything or
generate any kind of excitement,”
Mayor Nutter stated to reporters.Unfortunately for those involved,
that’s just what happened. Atty. Ma
-lik Zulu Shabazz, Mr. Samir Shabazzand Mr. Jerry Jackson’s names were
dragged through the mud. According
to Michelle Malkin, ultimately the vot-er intimidation suit as written by Pub-
lic Affairs Spokesman Alejandro Miyar
was dropped against Mr. Samir Shaba-
zz, Mr. Jerry Jackson and Atty. MalikZulu Shabazz “after careful review.”In a statement to the AssociatedPress, Atty. Malik Zulu Shabazz said,
“The U.S. Justice Department madethe right call in dismissing a voter in-timidation lawsuit against the NewBlack Panther Party and recent ques-tions about that ruling are a political
witch hunt to discredit Attorney Gen
eral Eric Holder.” Atty. Shabazz alsostated, “No insider inuence played
a role. The Panthers “were not activecampaigners (for Obama) and he owes
us no favors.” Behind this unceremo
-niously veteran Civil Rights Defense
Attorney Christopher Coates lost his
position as Chief of the Voting Sec-tion, and transferred to the U.S. attor-
ney’s ofce in South Carolina accord
-ing to the website www.mainjustice.
com, which reported no ofcial an
-nouncement of the personnel change.
In the nal days of the George
W. Bush administration, Coates signedoff on the controversial voter intimi-dation complaint against the NewBlack Panther Party and three of itsmembers. The dismissal resulted inoutrage by some of the Republicanmembers of Congress, and a formalinvestigation by the U.S. Commissionon Civil Rights, which subpoenaed
Mr. Coates and J. Christian Adams
(the lead attorney in the case), to tes-tify why the complaint was dismissed. Joseph H. Hunt, director of the Justice Department’s Federal ProgramsBranch, ordered the lawyers’ silencein a formal letter to the attorney for J.
Christian Adams, the lead attorney for
the department in the alleged voter in-timidation case. Justice Department
Civil Rights Division chief Thomas E.Perez, a Maryland lawyer who servedas Maryland’s labor secretary, was ac-cused by Rep. Steve King of Iowa a
Republican, of not being “truthful”
US Department of JusticePanthers, Republicans
in Major Fight
Timeline of Phony Voter Intimidation Charges

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