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Published by gudu2011

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Published by: gudu2011 on Jul 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A honest smile, smiled from a smiling heart, crossing miles, has just reached your inbox, wishing you a day full of happiness & relaxation.Always ask God to give u wht u deserve & not what u desire. UR desires may be few but u deserves a lot. Have a Great Day!
A Smile is a way of writing ur thoughts on ur face, telling others that they r accepted, liked & appreciated. So here's a big Smile 4 U
My frendship is like sugarcane. You crush it, twist it, squeez it, beat it to pulp, still all you'll get is Sweetness!
A true friend is not like the rain which pours & goes away. A true friend is like the air. Sometimes silent but always around u. Gud Morning
Think of difficult people as sandpaper, they may rub & scratch u painfully but u'll end up smooth and polished & the sandpaper ends
Be a candle, be a light, be a twinkle in the dark, be a hope, be an inspiration& make a big difference in others heart
Life is a book we all read it.Luv is a blessing we all need it.Always be happy,always have a smile coz in this world we are just for a while
I miss you when I laugh and cry, because I know that you're the only one who makes my laughter grow and my tears disappear
U kept me warm & safe, held my hand to show me the way, supported & inspired methrough night & day, Luv U in everyway. Missing u on Father's Day
Never change your originality for sake of others coz no one can play your role better than yourself. Have a Gud Day
God has given us two gifts; One is choice & another is chance. Choice is to select a gud friend & chance is to have a best one like U
Close ur eyes .... Relax ur body and stop breathing as long as U can. Now breath...I miss u as much as u missed the air.
If care is wave i give u sea. If respect is a leaf I give u tree. If Trust is aplanet I give u galaxy, If friendship is life I give u myself!
Friendship is the rainbow between two hearts, sharing seven colors of feelings,love, sadness, happiness, truth, faith & respect.
In life when you get troubles, don't get nervous... Just close ur eyes and follow ur heart coz heart may be in left but it is always right
The texts u send me night & day, like jewels in my heart they stay; And so 2 GodI always pray the best of blessings be urs each day.
As the sky breaks into a beautiful sunrise, may God open the heavens to shower Ulots of luv & happiness to make ur day a meaningful one. Good Morning!
Friendship is needless, like philosophy, like art.... It has no survival value;rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.
Life has no rewinds n forwards. It unfolds itself at its own pace. So never missa chance to live today to make a beautiful story for tomorrow. Gud Day.
Sometimes the world gives me so many reasons to hate it...but whenever it happen
s.... I just stop and think of u n say, "How can I hate this world when you area part of it..."
If you are stressed, you'll get pimples... if you cry, you'll get wrinkles... So, why don't you smile & get dimples? Keep smiling.
Happiness is not something you postpone for the future. It is something you design for the present. Make each moment a happy one. I have by remembering U!
Once upon a time, something happened to me. It was the sweetest thing that evercould be. It was a fantasy, a dream come true it was the day I met you.
Love is not how long u've been together; not how much u've given or receive; Nothow many times u've helped each other
s how u value each other
Love isn't a decision. It's a feeling. If we could decide who we loved, it wouldbe much simpler, but much less magical.
Tears can sometimes be more special than smiles..... For smiles can be given toany one but tears are only shed for people we love...
Never blame a day in ur life. Good Days Give u happiness. Bad days give u Experience. Both are essential in life! All are Gods blessings! Have a nice day.
In ur darkest hour, when u r fed up n blue, just remember: I'll always b there 4u, I'm no angel n I can't change ur fate but I'd do anything 4 u coz u r my mate
Mornin is God's way of sayin 1 more tym..Go, live life,make a difference,touch 1's heart,encourage 1's mind inspire 1's soul & enjoy da day
U luk sweet when u read my message. U luk sweeter when u read my message & smile. U luk sweetest when u read my message, smile & reply. So, try to look sweetest.
No shadows to depress u, only joys to surround u, friends to luv u, and God himself to bless u. These r my wishes for today, tomorrow & everyday. Gud Morning
s luv? Those who don't like it call it a responsibility. Those who play withit call it a game. Those who don't hv it call it a dream. And for me it
s U.
I luv my eyes when u look into them; I luv my name when u say it; I luv my heartwhen u luv it; I luv my life when you are in it.
If sum1 throws a stone 2wards u,throw luv 2wards him but if sum1 throw luv 2wards u,then sit 4 a while & think coz luv hurts more than stone.
Devote time to enjoy; it's the secret of youth. Devote time for friends; it
s thepath to happiness. Devote time to luv n b loved; it's the source of pleasure.
There are two eternities that can really break you down, Yesterday & Tomorrow. One is gone & other does not exist! So live today only. Gud Morning!
Plz open ur eyes,so da Sun can rise,flowers can blossom,birds can sing,as all rwaitin 2 c a beautiful SMILE in ur face & say Gud Mornin.
Knock! Knock! May I come into ur world? I bring no flowers, no gifts but wishesto keep u fresh, prayers to keep u healthy & luv to keep u smiling. Gud Morning!
Life ends when u stop Dreaming; Hope ends when u stop Believing; Luv ends when u
stop Caring; So Dream, Believe n Care, Life is really Beautiful
Have u ever watched sunlight passing thru raindrops? It's just like my sweet msgs passing thru ur cell making it colorful like a RAINBOW. Good Morning!
Smile a while & while u smile others smile & soon there
ll be miles & miles of smiles just bcoz u smiled. I wish ur day is full of SMILE
A Morning is a wonderful blessing, either Cloudy or Sunny. It stands for hope, giving us another start of what we call Life. Gud Morning & Have a nice day.
A late night greeting doesn't only mean good night It has a silent msg saying...U R my last thought at night.
An icing can make a cake so sweet,a string can make a balloon so high,a match can make a candle so bright.I hope dat a simple text can make u smile.
God sprinkles tiny but wonderful seeds of blessings on earth each day...and I just caught one that's so nice and true... It's you!
If you say my eyes are beautiful it's because they're looking at you, for my eyes are just the windows my feelings come through.
m a PAPER,u can write ur feelings,scribble ur anger,use me 2 absorb ur tears,don
tthrow me after use,but when u feel cold I
ll burn myself 2 warm u coz I Luv U.
Touch my heart & u
ll feel,Listen to my heart & u
ll hear,Look into my heart & u
ll see,That u
ll always be a special part of me.
GODISNOWHERE this can be read as GOD IS NO WHERE or as GOD IS NOW HERE everything depends on how do u see anything. so think positive
To hear what is unspoken, to see what is invisible, to feel without even touching... is the miracle called "friendship"
Every moment of ur life is a picture which u had never seen before and which u'll never see again. So enjoy n live life & make each moment beautiful.
What's the difference between your and my smile?U smile when you are happy and I smile when you are happy I
m a PAPER,u can writeur feelings,scribble ur anger,use me 2 absorb ur tears,don
t throw me after use,but when u feel cold I
ll burn myself 2 warm u coz I Luv U..
U may b out of my sight but not out of my heart. U may b out of my reach but notout of my mind. I don't know what I mean 2 u, but u'll always be special 2 me.
In life when you get troubles, don't get nervous... Just close your eyes and follow ur heart... b'coz heart may be in left.... but it is always right.
U want & u get,that's luck, U want & u wait, that's time.U want but u compromise, that's life.& U want & u wait & u don't compromise that's LuV
If you r in a dark room, you find blood everywhere, and the walls are shaking- don't worry, u r at the safest place, U R in my heart
Sharp is ur memory, sweet is ur name, deep in my heart u will aways remain. Earth wants water, flower wants dew, I want nothing but a smile from u

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