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_Everything Rock and Blues Guitar Book

_Everything Rock and Blues Guitar Book

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Published by bryansrv

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Published by: bryansrv on Jul 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Marc Schonbrun
We,lcome to the EV.E:BYTRING@Se,ries!
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an youneedto. tackle a,difficult project.
gaina newhobby, comprehend
a fasct-
natlng topic, prepare for an exam,or even
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in a lot o~mn stuff along theway; too.
We now havewen over 150EVERITHING®
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and so much moree When you're done
readingthem all, you can ~inaUysay
ofinformcrl1 ion
S oI'lItions10
common problems
~/N G
Rock{'< Blues Guitar Book
Dear Reader:
Agreat deal ofthought wentinto t.he best wayto present, the mate-
rial in this book.In guitareducation. emphasis hasbeen placed on
licks andlearning verbatim Jines.Whilethis may be important, I feel
that as a student', the best 'teachers are yourfavorite players.And while
thisbook could bea collect,ion of licksandphrases; I couldn'tposs.lbly
doi.tany betterthanthe guitar masters who havecome before. With
that in mind,th~s book isset up toshowyou whatyou need toknow
to playand be asuccessful student, norjust to play licks. This book is
about showing you the typical thi.ngs that come up in guitar playing:
chords, scales, andeverything elsie under thesun. Containedwithi.f!
thesepages.are many lifetimes of information.andif you study itcare-
fuliyand applyit torea'. muslcal situations, youwill have greatsuccess
asa player. The guitar is, acomplex and personal lnstrumentand
player wHI doit differently~t have left muchof the information up to
you the reader sothat you can make:your own conclusions about
music, Study;think" and enjoy.
,.,_ ,
II _.I
"(JlrfY,"2···9 2 00J

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