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Warcraft III

Warcraft III

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Published by Daryl Albright

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Published by: Daryl Albright on Jul 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
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Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
(South Korea)
Version (March 13,2010)
Windows, Mac OSand Mac OS X(Intel and PPC)
 July 1, 2003
 July 1, 2003
July 4, 2003
February 27, 2004
OFLC: G8+PEGI: 12+
CD (1)
Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
, requiring
 Reign of Chaos
to play.Released in stores worldwide in multiple languages beginning on July 1, 2003, it includesnew units for each race, a new neutral race, four campaigns, five neutral heroes (anadditional neutral hero was added April 2004 and two more were added in August 2004),the ability to build a shop and various other improvements such as the ability to queueupgrades. Sea units were reintroduced; they had been present inWarcraft IIbut wereabsent in
 Reign of Chaos
. Blizzard Entertainment has released patchesfor the game to fix bugs, add new features, and balancemultiplayer . The setting, arguably one of the most acclaimed of the Warcraft mythology, plays a prominent role in the Warcraft MMORPG as the backdrop for 
, as well as
[edit] Story
[edit] Campaign
Illidan Stormrage has gained the allegiance of the Naga, former  Night Elves who were magically mutated during The Sundering, and became strange, reptilian creatures. TheWarden Maiev Shadowsong pursues her former prisoner, Illidan, across the sea, first tothe Tomb of Sargeras. However, Illidan gains an artifact known as the 'Eye Of Sargeras'
and wipes out some of Maiev's best soldiers. Forced to call for help, she sends amessenger back to the mainland of Kalimdor. She asks the assistance of MalfurionStormrage and Tyrande Whisperwind, but Maiev holds a grudge against Tyrande for her actions in releasing Illidan. Although they are able to chase Illidan to Lordaeron, whilehelping the Blood Elven prince Kael'Thas, Tyrande delays the advance on an Undeadarmy that causes her to be swept away downriver: upon their reunion, Maiev lied toMalfurion, claiming Tyrande was killed in order to prevent Illidan's escape. Malfurionand Maiev prevent Illidan from using the artifact called the Eye of Sargeras, defeat hisarmy and condemn him to death. Illidan tries to justify his actions by saying his plan wasto use the Eye to destroy the Icecrown Glacier and kill the Lich King, thereby destroyingtheir common enemy in the Undead, but Malfurion accuses Illidan of having indirectlycausing Tyrande's death. Kael'thas then informs him Tyrande may have survived; Maiev'streachery comes out, and the brothers Stormrage join forces to save Tyrande. At this point, Kael'Thas supposedly takes a few more days to meet up with the human forces inthe city of Dalaran, the exact same city in which they stopped Illidan. Malfurion then pardons Illidan after they save Tyrande, though he does not revoke his exile. Illidan thenstates that he could not join the Night Elves even if Malfurion did permit it, because hismaster will be enraged by his failure to use the Eye properly, and will hunt him down.Illidan departs for Outland, followed by Maiev. It seems as though Maiev would chaseIllidan to the depths of the world, as she would do so. Malfurion then remarks that shehas become 'vengeance itself'.In the next campaign, the Alliance Campaign, the Humans are not the main focus unlikein previous games. Instead of the full Alliance, only the Blood Elven units are available(after the first mission), with the addition of the Draenei and Naga (who join forces withthe Blood Elves throughout the game). Prince Kael'thas is the leader of the Blood Elves, agroup of High Elves that survived the invasion of Quel'Thalas by the Scourge. Originallyhelping the Alliance, the Blood Elves take the help of the Naga to defend Dalaran and areimprisoned by Garithos, a racist Human leader prejudiced against the Blood Elves. In thedungeons, however, they are eventually rescued by Lady Vashj and her Naga. Vashj thenhelps free the other Blood Elves and takes them all to Outland through the same portalKel'Thuzad opened to summmon Archimonde in Reign of Chaos. Outland is the remnants of the Orc realm Draenor, and Lady Vashj lead Kael'thas there to meet their master Illidan. After fending off Maiev and gaining the allegiance of the native Draenei,Illidan is able to conquer Outland, storming the stronghold of the ruling Pit Lord,Magtheridon, where he hopes he will be safe from his failure to destroy the FrozenThrone. His master, the demon warlock Kil'jaeden, catches them nonetheless, and Illidan begs for forgiveness, claiming that he was merely gathering more forces to defeat theUndead Scourge. Kil'jaeden gives Illidan one last chance to destroy the FrozenThrone...or suffer his wrath.In the lands of Lordaeron, now known as the Plaguelands, Arthas returns to take histhrone. After purging the capital city of humans once more, a civil war takes place. TheUndead forces splinter into three major factions: Arthas and Kel'Thuzad, loyal to the LichKing; theForsaken, led by the Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner; and the 3Dreadlords (Balnazzar, Detheroc, and Varimathras), loyal to the Burning Legion, seeking

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