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Mim Cocktail Menu 2008

Mim Cocktail Menu 2008

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Published by Adam Elmegirab
Mim Cocktail Menu 2008
Mim Cocktail Menu 2008

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Categories:Types, Recipes/Menus
Published by: Adam Elmegirab on Jul 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 When I was first approached by Shabbi to act as a consultant for his new venture,
, it didn·t take me long to realise that this wasexactly the sort of person I started
to work with. From the off-set, I knew that
was exactly what Aberdeen needed, abar & restaurant with the sole intention of offering a point of difference, but still focusing on what really matters, great food, greatservice, great music and great drinks. Anyone who·s ever been to
 Jewel in the Crown 
will know exactly why I was excited at the prospectat working with
. With the restaurant taking influences from around the globe, I wanted to mimic that ethos with the drinks menu, taking influencesfrom around the world, but still creating a unique point of difference that falls in line with the restaurant offering. As Mim is the 24
letter in the Arabic alphabet, I·ve signified this number by compiling 24 cocktails that are split into three sections,
¶The Cities«· 
¶The Bartenders«· 
¶Mim Recommends«· 
each signifying all that
stands for. I·ve been lucky to have a few drinksgiven to me by some of the worlds foremost authorities on mixed drinks, and they·ve also given me a little note as to their inspirationbehind them, so many thanks to them for their contributions. Those that know me know that my love for cocktails is serious, so I·ve selected what I like and what I think you should be drinking, with a selection of the finest rum, gin, vodka, tequila, cognac, scotch, bourbon, cachaca and liqueurs around. I·ve selected thesebrands based on their quality, consistency and the unique subtleties that they lend to the drinks you·ll find listed. As I wouldn·t wantto ruin these spirits with second rate mixers and modifiers, all
juices will be squeezed fresh by hand, and syrups prepared in-house, ensuring that you·ll be drinking the freshest tasting cocktail possible. All my time and effort has gone into creating and compiling a cocktail list that I feel is right Mim. It·s been an absolute pleasure working with Shabbi and his family, and I hope you enjoy the drinks on this menu as much as I·ve enjoyed compiling and creating them.Sláinte! Adam ElmegirabEvo-lution Bar Consultancy 
e Cities
aris, New York, London, Havana, Rio De Janiero, Florence, Kentucky« Seven cities synonymous with some of the finest cocktailsever created. I·ve selected eight of the most recognisable libations originating from these cities for your delectation.
Mint Julep ² Kentucky
 The world famous drink of the
entucky Derby 
, the
 Mint Julep
is the quintessential Deep South cocktail. Its name derives from the Arabic word ¶
·, meaning rosewater, and is regarded by many as the pre-cursor to the Cuban
. The oldest known reference was printed in 1803, where it was said it could be made with rum, whiskey and brandy, the latter two being the preferred optionnowadays. Your choice of 
Bulleit bourbon 
Hennessy Fine de Cognac 
, stirred through crushed ice with gently pressed fresh mint, sugar syrup and,staying true to tradition, served in a tin to keep it as cold as possible.
loody Mary - Paris
 This is my version of the drink created in 1920 by Fernand
etoit at
Harry·s New York Bar 
aris. The drink was named by one of 
etoit·s customers, entertainer Roy Barton, after the
Bucket of Blood 
nightclub in Chicago where he once performed. The original
Bloody Mary 
contained only vodka and tomato juice, and it wasn·t until 1933, after
etoit had moved to the United States, that thedrink we know today was born.Our lighter variation on the original calls for
Belvedere Cytrus 
vodka, shaken with fresh cherry tomatoes, basil, lemon juice, red chilli anda pinch of sugar, salt and pepper.
n Collins ² London
Considered by many to be an English invention, this refreshing drink was created by 
 John Collins 
, a waiter at
Limmer·s Hotel 
in London.It even has its own rhyme:
"My name is John Collins, headwaiter at Limmer's,
Corner of Conduit Street, Hanover Square, My chief occupation is filling brimmers,
For all the young gentlemen frequenters there." Tanqueray gin 
shaken with fresh lemon juice and sugar syrup, served over cubed ice and topped with soda.
a ² Rio de Janiero
, which translates to
¶Little Peasant· 
, this is a traditional Brazilian cocktail that utilises the national spiritof Brazil,
, a derivative of rum distilled from sugar cane juice. This is the drink to be sipping if you ever make it to
 beach in
Rio De Janiero
with muddled fresh lime and sugar syrup, served short over crushed ice.
Mojito ² Havana
 Arguably the most famous drink in the world and undoubtedly one of the most refreshing, the
was likely invented sometime inthe 1800·s after Americans introduced the
 Mint Julep
to Cuban locals.
La Bodeguita Del Medio
is the bar usually credited withpopularising the Mojito, and was where
 Ernest Hemingway 
could be found drinking his,
´My Mojito in La Bodeguita Del Medio, my Daiquiri in El Floridita.µ ¶10 Cane· 
rum stirred through crushed ice with gently pressed mint, sugar syrup, fresh lime juice and a splash of soda, served long overcrushed ice.
aiquiri ² Havana
was created by 
 Mr Jennings Cox 
, an American mining engineer who was working in
, Cuba, in 1896. At the time,foreign visitors did not drink rum, seeing it as a drink of the lower classes. The story goes that
had unexpected visitors, and hadnothing to hand other than rum, fresh limes and sugar, so he scrawled down a recipe using these ingredients, and named it after
, the town that he lived in.
 El Floridita 
has since become the adopted home of the
, largely down to
 Ernest Hemingway 
. A light, crisp mix of 
¶10 Cane· 
rum, fresh lime juice and sugar syrup, shaken until ice cold and served ¶straight up· or ¶on the rocks·.
egroni ² Florence
  This adaptation of the
, sweet vermouth and soda) originated in the 1920·s, after Count Camillo Negroni asked thebartender in the
Casoni Bar 
, to remove the soda and add a good hit of gin. Thus the
was born. This aperitif cocktailserves three purposes, cleansing the palate, stimulating your appetite and getting you ready for food. Truly the marmite of cocktails,you·ll either love it or hate it, with a finish as long as this list.
and sweet vermouth stirred over ice and served ¶on the rocks·, before finishing with orange zest.
Mim Martini ² 
ew York 
 The origins of the
are debated the world over, although it is largely agreed that it was created at some time during the turn of the last century. The original
had a larger emphasis on the vermouth, and as we·re big on flavour, we make our
at aratio of 5 to 1, that·s 5 parts gin or vodka to 1 part dry vermouth. A dash of orange bitters is also thrown in to give the drink someadded depth. Your choice of 
Tanqueray 10
Belvedere Pure 
stirred with dry vermouth and orange bitters, served straight up in a chilled cocktail glass.

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