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New Magicks for a New Age, Volume 4, Book 5

New Magicks for a New Age, Volume 4, Book 5

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Published by Polaris93
New Magicks for a New Age. Volume 4: Notebooks of a Magickian. Book 5. Keywords: Magick, alchemy, Qaballah, astrology, divination, science, history
New Magicks for a New Age. Volume 4: Notebooks of a Magickian. Book 5. Keywords: Magick, alchemy, Qaballah, astrology, divination, science, history

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Published by: Polaris93 on Jul 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Yael DragwylaFirst North American rightsemail: polaris93@aol.com37,100 wordshttp://polaris93.livejournal.com/
New Magicks for a New Age
Volume 4: The Notebooks of a Magickian
Book Five: 7/1/95
AolMailSubj: [My friend Gary, who recently had two heart-attacks]To: [Correspondent]My friend Gary’s much better, they told me this morning. Last night, a friend of mine who is a talented psychometrician and I went all over my apartment, and she unerringly located every single thing of anyimportance which my former “student,” George Br**** (the one I told you about, the serial killer &recreational arsonist), had given me that I still had. I’d kept them because, after all, they were dedicated tothe Gods, and I thought getting rid of them would be sacrilegious. And they were valuable. But my friendis worth more to me than all the money in the world, or all the power, for that matter, so my landlord and Iare taking them over to the Fremont Solstice Day Parade committee as a donation for use on the floats
what better way to get rid of evil than to throw it into the heart of the Sun? <VBG> The stuff was all out of this apartment, waiting to go, last night, and will go off today. This morning, I called the hospital and theysaid Gary is doing
better. He’d actually had two heart-attacks over the weekend, apparently, and hisheart is damaged, all right, but doctor is sure he’ll get most or all of the function back. Gary is a sextupleScorpio, and Scorpios’ ecological niche is to detox their spiritual environment by taking in all the spiritualdetritus and shit and processing it into something life can use again. Only if there’s too much, they back up. Then they start eating or screwing or both. If it goes on long enough, they die of heart-attacks, cancer,AIDS . . . Those things were
he was acting as the spiritual flack-jacket for all of us here,throwing himself on a live grenade continuously since 1989, as it were! He’s a true hero
and oh, howhorrible I feel, that my friend almost died because, like an idiot, I hung onto those things! But now he is
 beginning to recover. So with any luck, he’ll be home soon, and feeling much better.
From ongoing email correspondence with a friend
I’ll respond to your letters in full maybe tomorrow, but right now I’ll wrap up your questions about[subject]
you’ve had to wait long enough, and since he’s coming out here to see you soon, you need theinfo, I think. So here goes:I never gave much credence to “extraordinary” powers until I met him. He’s extremely powerful.I could tell you stories . . . let’s just say there wasabsolutely no room for doubt. Why? How?In his Fifth House, he has Pluto conjunct Uranus in Virgo, the perfect combination for a potential adeptof Tantra. This discipline requires enormous sexual-cum-Kundalini energy reserves on tap at all times(Uranus conjunct Pluto) and the ability to focus them with laser-like intensity and coherence (Virgo).Mars, in his 4th House, broadly conjoins Pluto, adding
to the combination, while Vesta, ruler of Spiritual Fire, is also in the 5th House. Pluto and Uranus oppose Saturn in Pisces in the 11th; They sextile Neptune in Scorpio in the 6th, while Saturn trines Neptune. Saturn rules his 8th-House cusp (the 8th Houserules occult science and its applications). Caput Draconis sextiles Saturn, trines Mars, Pluto, and Uranus,and opposes Neptune, as well. Uranus and Saturn rule the Sign on his 10th-House cusp, Aquarius (the 10thrules avocations, callings in life, destiny, etc.). Together these would not only give him the potential for such abilities, they’d
him into developing them (or dying trying). In other words, with that combo,he’d
to have such powers, or he’d never have made it out of the gate! <g> (Neptune rules the Power of the Mystic Vision as well as Powers of Deceit, Deception, and Confusion; Pluto rules raw power in allforms, especially Kundalini energy; Uranus rules the sort of breakthrough energy found in genius of allkinds, modern science, poltergeist activities, and so on; Saturn rules dominion in all its forms; Scorpiorules applications of occult power, e.g., telekinesis, telepathy, etc.; Pisces rules parapsychological abilities;Aquarius rules psychokinetic abilities; Capricorn rules manifestation; etc.)Is this man capable of love? I don’t mean hearts andflowers stuff Yes, he is. On his 8th House cusp is Capricorn; the 8th House is the Sign of love over the long-haul,the Baucis-et-Philemon sort of thing. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn; Saturn endures. So the sort of love heis capable of is the most enduring kind, the kind diamonds (associated with Saturn) truly symbolize: thelove of trees for the Earth, of birds for the sky, of mountains for the Aeons, of Life for Eternity. This is thesort of love that is most closely expressed for what it is (and even then, very poorly!) by the song “TheTwelfth of Never.” It is a love that is
hard to express, particularly in words, the love of algae for lichen and vice-versa, that is at its best when it
, unquestioned. The aspects discussed in the answer to the previous question add a great deal of power to the love he does have for others, and to the problems it brings him and the problems he has communicating it, since they all have to do with or strongly affect bothhis 5th and 8th House affairs. Moreover, the ruler of the cusp of his 3rd House of communication is Luna,and the only major aspects She makes to any of those Planets are squares to Neptune (silence due to blocked or toxic emotions) and the Lunar Nodes in 6th and 12th (problems due to his unconscious mind or to his health problems). But love he does
and what he wants more than anything in the world is to findsomeone whom he loves that is on his wavelength and knows without having to be told what he feels andwhy. This has made him incredibly lonely
it’s like shouting at the top of your lungs in a room packedwith stone-deaf people, or trying to show your paintings or writing to the blind.>>>. . . A mystic rectangle has two sets of Planets in sextile, with one Planet in each of the two sets triningone from the other. [Subject] has
his Planets included in an arc of 119 + degrees, a close trine bounded
 by Mercury in the 7th in Sagittarius in Jupiter in the 4th in Leo. To have a Mystic rectangle, he’d have tohave something in Gemini sextiling his Jupiter and something in Libra sextiling his Mercury or vice-versa,and there are no Planets at all in Gemini. (I’ll start doing his chart in earnest tomorrow or Friday.)Ah
. . .
they have to be planets. I was including aspects to theascendant, moon’s nodes, etc.I only use them when they are in conjunction or stellia with Planets or Lights involved in this configuration.Other astrologers might not be so timid
and timidity it is. I just flat don’t know to what extent significant points
significant in something like that. You’re probably right, but I’ll go ahead and stick to Planetsand Planets-plus-points for now, ‘cause I have this great big streak of purest jello serene right up the middleof my professional back. <g>>>>Unfortunately, there are no programs for astrology that do FixedStars, I have to look those up in the lists of my texts on the subject <sigh> . . .There is one that will do some of the fixed stars, but itmight be kind of expensive. There is a low-end sharewareversion of it on AOL (that does NOT do fixed stars).Somehow, interpretive astrological software, or software that depends upon somebody else’s archivesrather than algorithms that can automatically reproduce things from basic principles, always leaves morethan a little to be desired. Fixed-Star astrology depends upon who thought which Star meant what, if anything, so this is a matter of depending upon somebody else’s archives. Which somebody, is thequestion? Which Stars are important, which aren’t? What do the important ones signify? How aboutthings we’ve only discovered via high-power telescopes and non-visible light telescopes, etc. since the startof the 20th century, that could not have been seen by earlier astrologers? Etc. At some point, there has to be a judgment call even on what Fixed Stars and other extra-Solar objects and phenomena to use for chartinterpretation, and a computer can only do that if it’s in a book somewhere. In some cases,
 I’m the first oneto write the book on it 
. So software for this that didn’t draw on my own work would be highly inadequate,to say the least. For another astrologer, that might not be so. And I do know from experience that peopletend strongly to be drawn to just the astrologer who can get the best handle on them, astrologicallyspeaking. Maybe it’s a genetic (commensal viral? <g>) thing
dif’rent strokes for dif’rent genotypes, i.e.,there are different astrological schools that
, though they contradict one another, because each works best for a given set of genotypes or species, and the latter vary widely. We ultimately tend to find theastrologer who does best by us because somehow we sense our “own,” that is, somebody with the rightgenetic (viral? <g>) makeup, and thus someone who has been drawn to the “right” school of astrology for our needs.>>>[The concept of “karma”] finally was appropriated by the ruling classes to be used as part of a religious“stick & carrot” set-up to keep the masses properly cowed and controllable. Also, it gets used to explain
, and something that explains
. “Karma is something that New Agers believe in . . . until they get mugged.” :)To me, Karma is an invention which attempts to refute theexistence of disorder in the world. Sometimes “bad” thingsjust happen to “nice” people. No reason for it
. . .
they justhappen. But people need to feel this sort of sense of justicein the world, so they come up with the theory that the “nice”person must have done something “bad” in the past to deservesuch a “bad” thing happening to them. It’s difficult for manypeople to accept that sometimes, life just ain’t fair. Shithappens, y’know? A scary thought. People find it quite

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