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New Magicks for a New Age, Volume 4, Book 5

New Magicks for a New Age, Volume 4, Book 5

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Published by Polaris93
New Magicks for a New Age. Volume 4: Notebooks of a Magickian. Book 6. Orphan ideas, phrases, images, etc. Keywords: Magick, alchemy, Qaballah, astrology, divination, science, history
New Magicks for a New Age. Volume 4: Notebooks of a Magickian. Book 6. Orphan ideas, phrases, images, etc. Keywords: Magick, alchemy, Qaballah, astrology, divination, science, history

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Published by: Polaris93 on Jul 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Yael R. DragwylaFirst North American rightsEmail: Polaris93@aol.com 24,100 wordshttp://polaris93.livejournal.com/
ew Magicks for a New Age
Volume 4: The Notebooks of a Magickian
Book Six: 9/4/95
Would it be possible to take an individual eukaryotic organism, e.g., a human being or dog or tree, andturn it into a virus? That is, could its genotype be encoded in DNA or even RNA together with other appropriate genetic material so that the result would be able to survive as a virus? If so, you could then firethe thing off into interstellar space in some sort of encystment medium, e.g., a very large chunk of rock or as part of a comet, and it might very well make the long, terrible journey to the world of another Star thatway, in a sort of fossilized version of suspended animation. Upon impact on a new world, assuming therewas any carbon-based life there at all and therefore a biosphere friendly to such life, it might very well beable to find itself a niche and survive, even thrive, in a viral way of life. Shades of H. P. Lovecraft andAleister Crowley! In such form, the Old Ones could have crossed the Abysses of Space and Time manytimes, discovering our world on one or more of these passages, landing here to take up life among us asslaver viruses, domesticating Earthly life for their own purposes. And in this way beings we would perceive as “demons” could have come here and taken up a way of life known only too well viadocumented reports of possession and exorcism from numerous cultures.Further, such “demons” could grant the favor of a kind of immortality to their human pets or partners, permeating their bodies and, in the process, retro-retro-copying the latter’s human genetic information intosome of their own genetic particles, which would live on after that individual human being died. Thosehuman/virus hybrid particles, replicating many times and infecting people over a large territory, might then
come to infect a newly-conceived human embryo right at the beginning, and be “incarnated” again as a sortof genetic hitch-hiker in that child. Is this the origin of some of the extra personalities in certain cases of multiple personality syndrome – as expressions of human/virus hybrid genes that were
part of theoriginal intranuclear complement of genes bequeathed to that child by its parents, but rather came on boardin the form of viral invaders close to the moment of conception?* * *“. . . [I]t occurred to [Teppic] that there was one thing left to do which he had not done. He’d never known how to before, but now he could see that it was just numbers, arranged in a special way. Everythingthat was magical was just a way of describing the world in words it couldn’t ignore.” – Terry Pratchett,
(New York: ROC Books, 1989), p. 221* * *
The “Tunnels of Set” are Qlipphotic reflections of the Paths of the Qaballah. They are associated with
(Trump XXI,
The Universe/World 
), the Path connecting
, because this Path is in turn associated with the sub-Lunar realm, the Lower Astral, encompassing a region between the Sphere of Luna and the Sphere of Earth into which ultimately, inevitably fall all the Qlippothicspill-over of Creation and Life. This realm comes under the dominion of Luna, and is therefore associatedwith everything else ruled by Her. Luna rules mirrors and, in general, all reflecting surfaces, i.e., allsurfaces not only opaque to certain electromagnetic wavelengths but which cast those wavelengths awayagain, after the fashion of mirrors. This includes all those materials which reflect electromagnetic wavesnot in the visible spectrum, and either absorb or actually transmit visible light, e.g., lasing or masing gaseswhich are transparent to visible light but which reflect infra-red, etc.In the ancient Greek religious story of Perseus, it is told how Perseus killed Medusa by use of mirrors.He dared not look directly at her, because if he did, he’d be turned to stone, like all her victims. So,looking at her reflection in a mirror and setting his aim by that reflection, he shot arrows back over hisshoulder, killing her instantly. Could various aspects of or dwellers in the Tunnels of Set be used asMagickal Mirrors in this way, providing reflections of what the Operator dare not or cannot look at directly,so that he or she can use that reflection as a source of sighting data by which to deal with the otherwisedeadly unknowable as Perseus used a mirror to kill Medusa?* * *
From email correspondence with a friend during July 1995 e.v.
He wrote:>>>Dear Yael:>How do you find
 People of the Lie
? Lovely portrait of certain>Billaraceous types we know, isn’t it?! :(>>>How did I find it? I just moved my mashed potatoes, and there it was!
>>>(Sorry. . .always wanted to do that. <G>)>>>Honestly? I thought it was rather tepid, but I admit my expectations were high. “I didn’t sleep withthis woman, so she was evil.” Pshah. I also believe his anthropomorphisms concerning God (sex:male)and the devil (sex:neutral) are exactly backwards. I feel this reflects the pratfalls of his Christian thinking,which was sprinkled a little bit too thick in this soup.I already answered the above – forgot to respond to the following question:>>>And was I reading an earlier edition? Mine had nothing about the Indiana girls case, and I thought itwould. In fact, as a first draft, I felt the work had merit. It’s a wonderful start. But it needs development,and better examples.The book about the killing of the young woman was
Cruel Sacrifice
, by Aphrodite Jones. It came out in1994. As for examples – well, I suppose that the reason that Peck’s work struck such chords in me was thatthe destructive, devouring parents and the soul-destroying spouse all were so typical of all the people I keptgetting beat up by and beat up by and beat up by from birth on (right down to the present, of which I’vealready written to you . . . .My reply:Dear – I was a little surprised that you didn’t even seem to notice what Peck had to say about the two sets of  parents that seemed hell-bent on destroying their own children for no particularly good reason, or My Lai,which
people have agreed was an apotheosis of perfect, senseless, absolute evil. The part about thewoman who came to him for psychoanalysis really didn’t have much to do with sex – it had to do withissues of power and the way in which people try to connive, manipulate, and bully others into doing whatthey want, often rather senselessly and stupidly and without apparent good reason. It certainly isn’t onlyChristians who are concerned about such things as wanton child-abuse, soul-murder, mind-rape, andsimilar things, I assure you – for one thing, Peck does talk at some length about the horrors that occurredunder Nazism, and those affected Jews, Gypsies, Christians, theosophists, and many others! What I find sostriking about his book is that it deals with the Lie, Evil’s great weapon, and the way in which peoplemanage to poison themselves and everything and everyone around them by falling into its subtle, seductivesnares. It’s so easy to lie – it gets easier over time – but in the end, it proves to be utterly destructive.Rather like addiction to crack or something. I had no trouble setting aside issues peculiar to Christianityand concentrating on those Peck raised which are crucial to all of life, regardless of our beliefs. Evil
 just something Christians dreamed up to scare themselves senseless with – do you think the Clintons are just a mass hallucination impressed on others by telepathic Christians? And if so, if there is no evil, whyobject? Who cares? We
have a concept of what evil is and why it is an abomination: the thing thatattacks the very heart of life, all life, regardless of denomination or even species. Peck makes that clear.He’s honest enough to warn you that he is in fact a Christian, so you aren’t getting sold a bill of goods – it’seasy enough to separate the Christianity from the meat of the book, once you’re aware of it. And there’s plenty of meat left afterwards. At any rate, I think the Clintons and whoever or whatever they front for are perfect illustrations of People of the Lie, don’t you? Peck describes such
well, and gives a good set of reasons for why those who still have hearts and souls fear and detest the Lie that make sense to
,regardless of their particular religion. And
why I liked that book.* * *

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