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The Final Solution Frenzy

The Final Solution Frenzy

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Published by Aamir Shehzad

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Published by: Aamir Shehzad on Jul 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Had Van Gogh been given a canvas the It sounds strange that a country camps run by the American contractors issize of the Eurasian landmass in 1890, he supposedly fighting a global war against located in either Ghowr or Uruzgan would probably have painted what the terrorism would train its own terrorists. province of Afghanistan.United States in painting now: Nevertheless, the crux of investigativeSpectacular psychosis smothering journalism is that every lead, no matter What is important from the point of view  withered sanity, towering talent defeated how ludicrous, should be followed to its of our reports is not the exact location of  by raging madness, sky-high ambition logical end if it promises some relevance.these camps but the fact that they do existsmashed by rock-hard realities, a at all. We will return to the subject of troubled genius in self-immolation.In one of our earlier reports (Mumbai these camps in our succeeding reports inMystery: American Designs on Pakistan this series. What we are witnessing today, and what and India), we uncovered that themay unfold in the coming months, is Von Americans had tunneled into some
Chicken lunch before hawk chase
Gogh’s ‘At Eternity’s Gate’ on cosmic Jihadi outfits in Pakistan. The links to allscale. ——- Welcome to the ‘Final four parts of our Mumbai report are given It was early October 2009. We wereSolution,Made in USA.at the end of this narrative.sitting in a killi a small clan-village inthe Pakistani province of Balochistan,In this series of investigative reports we In the Mumbai report we mentioned that not far from the border with Afghanistan.shall sum up the results of thousands of as far as we had been able to determine, We shall not disclose our exact locationkilometers of arduous and risky travel by the earliest deal between the Americans but it was somewhere between the townsour team in search of clues scattered in and the Jihadis took place in Quetta in of Dalbandin and Nushki in Chagaithe harsh terrain of the Pakistani August 2007.district of the Balochistan province oprovince of Balochistan and the Pakistan.adjoining, equally unforgiving, With the help of our experts in Moscow,landscape of Afghanistan and Iran.we predicted in our Mumbai report that The chicken, cooked hastily, was tasty  bombings and acts of terrorism were without being tender. The flatbread wasOur startling findings are explained and likely to increase in Pakistan in the improbably large, perfectly round andaugmented by experts and sources in coming months. Our Mumbai report was evenly baked.Moscow, Washington, Kabul and New published in December 2008 and sinceDelhi.then Pakistan has hardly seen a day of The lunch over, we started planning onrespite.the travel route for the next few days.This series starts with what is happening Most of the legwork by our field contactsin Pakistan and will expand gradually to There is no joy in being right in this case; had been completed already. We werecover the Greater Central Asia and its we are not gloating. All we are trying to about to start verifying some of the leadsimmediate neighbourhood.register is that most of the substance of that looked significant.our previous reports has withstood the We will tell a dreadful story, segment by test of time.The first, and the closest point, was wheresegment, part by part.we expected to see some young men who We also told in our Mumbai report that were not Muslims. We started off afterThis is the first part of our ‘Final Solution’ Michael Vickers, the assistant secretary downing a pot of excessively sweetenedFrenzy series and in this report we shall of defence for Special Operations/Low-black tea.describe what we found in Afghanistan Intensity Conflict and Interdependentand Pakistan. In the subsequent report Capabilities (ASD/SOLIC&IC) was the They are not Muslims we shall connect these findings with author of the chaos that were going to beexplanations and interpretations of systematically unleashed in Pakistan. It We drove for about an hour and reached aexperts.is necessary to remind that Vickers was place almost at the border odirectly running the Jihadi war against Afghanistan. It was pre-evening (Asr) As with our previous reports, this series Soviet Union for about six years and he prayer time when we reached a small, would be abrupt and incomplete. It is not has personal contacts with almost all the nondescript teahouse.possible to come up with an alpha-to-players in the current mix.omega story, complete in all respects, “When I point at someone with my eyes,merely through investigative reporting. We underlined in our Mumbai report just watch but not overtly and not Without generous leaks from well placed that Vickers would mainly use United immediately. And, don’t talk when yousources a story of this kind must remain States Special Operations Command look,” said our local contact in a low unfinished.(USSOCOM) for beating Pakistan to voice.near-pulp. Here, again, we were right onSo, let’s start cutting through the web of the mark, as we shall show in our We sat down on the palm-frond mat ondeceit, ambition, cruelty, backstabbing subsequent reports in this series.the dirt floor. After a while, he lookedand violence.meaningfully to his right and quicklBased on the findings in our previous averted his eyes. In a few seconds we gave
Training camps in Afghanistan
reports, we started examining the a brief, furtive look and saw two beardedpossibility of existence of American young men, somewhere in their lateThere were persistent reports that the terrorist training camps in Afghanistan.teens, dressed in slightly dirty baggy  Americans, through their contractors, trousers and long shirt, no different from were operating at least two training Interviews with some knowledgeable everyone around, walking toward a low camps, churning out an assortment of persons in Afghanistan and Pakistan mound to attend to the call of nature.terrorists.suggest that at least one of the training They emerged shortly from behind their
The Final Solution FrenzyPart One: From Afghanistan with Love
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mound that served as open air toilet and but always in walking distance from the Then he pointed the weapon at Osman went straight to the prayer mat.Pakistan border.and pulled the trigger again. Osman was wearing a loose and baggy shirt and theSome ten minutes later, our local partner The villagers on the Pakistani side of the bullet passed through his shirt sleeve,made a similar gesture toward another border also confirmed that illegal border grazing his upper arm slightly. He also young man, with a mere hint of a beard on crossing was a universally common fell down, pretending that he had alsoan otherwise smooth face, who was also phenomenon on the entire border line in been hit. walking to the toilet-mound. He also Chagai district.returned after unburdening his urinary The two Afghans took the car, sped bladder and walked directly to the prayer Next, we drove to see the man who had toward the border, and into Afghanistan.mat. We had seen enough; there was no pointin sitting there any more and attractingunnecessary attention.“This kind of people started appearingmore than a year ago,” said our local man.“After attending to the call of nature, they don’t even wash their hands. They don’tperform necessary ablutions (Wudoo) before going from toilet to prayer mat,”he said after we had started driving to thenext point in our journey.“They are not Muslims,” he said. Yes, we could see that they were notMuslims. After attending the call of nature, it is mandatory for all Muslims toperform ritual ablutions before they canstand for prayers. The only exception is when water is not available, which was been left for dead.Osman says that when the car snatchersclearly not the case.disappeared, he carried his friend on his
Murder after prayers
shoulder for about a couple of kilometers
Taliban’ in American Helicopters
 before he found someone willing to giveIn a killi about thirty kilometers from the him a lift to the hospital. His friend After having seen the young men who Afghan border we met Osman (not his survived but remained bedridden for wanted to look like practicing Muslims real name). He is in his early forties and more than six months. without bothering to go through the told a tale that is not uncommon in thoseobligatory ablutions for prayers, our next areas.Less than a week later the car was foundstop was to meet someone who could tell connected to an act of terrorism inus about ‘Taliban’ being transported in He said that two persons, who said that Quetta. American helicopters.they were Afghan traders, hired his carfor a day trip along the border. Since it
Unregistered automobiles
 We drove on a dirt trail for about thirty was the area where anything can happenminutes and reached another point, still at any time, Osman took a friend along There were reports that more than half of not far from the Afghan border. One of for company.the automobiles and motorbikes in aour local contacts in Afghanistan had wide swath of Balochistan, fromconfirmed earlier that he had spoken to The ‘Afghan traders’ said that they had to Dalbandin to Taftan in the north, andsome people who had seen the so-called meet some people near the border and from Pasni to Gwadar in the south, wereTaliban being carried in American the trip would be over in less than half a running without any number plates.helicopters. He was waiting for us at a day. At a deserted place near the Afghanmakeshift gasoline station. Border border the clients said that since it was This was the easiest thing to verify. All wecrossing is no big deal in those parts.prayer time, they should stop the car and had to do was to drive around the areapray.and look at every vehicle to see whether itOur man told that he had spoken to had a registration plate or not. Yes, moreseveral people who had seen bearded Osman and his friend also joined the than half of vehicles of all description did young men disembarking from American prayer, led by one of the Afghans. Soon not have any registration number at all.helicopters near the border of after completing the prayer, while rising Afghanistan with Pakistan. Based on the from his prayer position, the prayer It was difficult to understand the reasonaccounts narrated by our contact person, leader took out a pistol from his side for this mass anomaly. An unregistered we understood that batches of four to ten pocket and shot straight at Osman’s vehicle is an ideal getaway transport forpersons were dropped twice or thrice a friend. He was hit in the shoulder and fell terrorists, criminals and everyone elsemonth, every time at a different location back like a log.interested in breaking the law.
The Final Solution FrenzyPart One: From Afghanistan with Love
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