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IT 6515 Unit Plan - Dyer

IT 6515 Unit Plan - Dyer

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Published by Dylan Dyer
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Published by: Dylan Dyer on Jul 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Unit Plan Template for IT 6515 Leadership for Tech Integration
Please print to turn in or share with the instructors email under share tab at top right.
Unit Author 
Dylan Dyer
 dylanjacobdyer@gmail.comUnit Overview Unit Title:Family Introduction Unit "All About Me" - Colorado's Finest Alternative High School Unit Summary:The purpose of this unit is to give my "family" students time to become familiar with themselves, their classmintroducing basic technology skills.Students will first create a Weebly Site using their school Gmail accounts. After they have created this site, tBelow is a list of learning activities that my students will complete for this specific unit plan:
Create a Wordle using 20 descriptive words to describe your self 
Select 5 images that represent who you are using
Take the Myers-Briggs Personality Test and explain your personality type using a mind map
Chose 5 songs that represent you and create a playlist using
All About Me questions answered in a Google Doc
Modified picture of yourself using Photo Booth and
Create a timeline of your own life using
 Activities to do at a later date utilizing "All About Me" Google Site project:
Goal setting
Strengths and weaknesses
Family - Geneology - Mapping Family Tree
Studying other cultures/people/traditions/foods - Using similarity and differences charts
Independent Social Studies research project using Glogster EduSubject Area: Elective/Social Studies Elective/Health ElectiveGrade Level: 9-12Approx. time needed: 2 weeksUnit Foundation Pre AssessmentIn order to start this unit, I must know my student's prior knowledge with technology and other Web 2.0 toolFramework Model:I have chosen to focus on Marzano's instructional framework and Bloom's Taxonomy because this is the langu
on non-linguistic representations. I believe that this is important because I am asking my students to be verI want my students to represent their ideas in a creative way and I believe using non linguistic strategies areI believe that the tools I have chosen to integrate also reinforce the Marzano strategies that I have chosen toMarzano's Instructional Strategies
Non linguistic representation
Students will be creating a variety of mental images to represent their ideas, beliefs and percep
These non linguistic representations will be used to illustrate and explain student's personalities
Summarizing and Note-Taking
Students will be synthesizing information from personality tests and organizing it into a summa
For all activities, students must synthesize there beliefs and feelings after completing an activit
Providing Recognition and Feedback
By providing students the opportunity to create their own website, this provides instant recogniBloom's Digital Taxonomy
The creation of a website includes many, if not all of Bloom's Taxonomy. I believe that by going throu
 Targeted Content Standards/Benchmarks:1.Gather and organize data using a variety of different methods including timelines2.Identify, analyze and explain characteristics of student's own culture and cultural identity3.Examine contemporary methods to understand human behavior/personality4.Reading/writing skillsObjectives:1.Through the use of multimedia and Web 2.0 tools, students will identify, define, explain, and reflect on2.Demonstrate the use of basic computer and technology skills3.Gather and organize information using timelines4.Establish positive relationships with school environment, peers and staff Curriculum Framing QuestionsEssential Question1.Who am I?Unit Question1.What are characteristics of my personality?2.Who is my family?3.Who are the people around me?4.Where do I live?5.What are my thoughts, dreams, feelings?Content Questions1.Who represents your family?2.What are 20 words to describe yourself?3.What five images describe you?4.What 5 songs describe you?5.What characteristics/traits make up your personality?
6.What major events represent your life?Design Story:I believe that this unit will be very interesting to see student's reactions and perceptions. For any type of unistudents to think about these ideas and I need to be sensitive about that. On the other hand, I think some stStudent Assessment Plan Assessment Summary:I am planning on assessing student work with a completion rubric. Since the nature of this unit is to be self-rI believe that a student-friendly yes/no rubric will meet the assessment needs for this particular unit.Assessment Time-lineBefore project work begins:
Prior knowledge survey/assessment on basic technology concepts etc.Student work on projects and completed tasks:
Checklists, teacher monitoring, informal discussions with individual students, progress monitoringAfter project work is completed:
Completion rubric of required contentPeer Feedback:
I will allow students to share their sites with the rest of the students and encourage positive and insighUnit Details Prerequisite Skills:
Basic computer skills
Read/writeInstructional Procedures:Day One:1.Overall explanation of unit including unit objectives/goals and demonstration of exemplar work.2.Tutorial/demo over Weebly Sites and how to use the tool.
Students will be given time to create and personalize their Google SiteDay Two and Three:1.All About Me questions
Students think about their own personality and what makes them unique and special by answer
Answer questions in Google Doc2.Wordle Activity:
Students brainstorm a list of 20 words the best describes them. Use Google Doc to record list o
Brief Wordle.net tutorial

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