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The Weekly Dues: July 2 Edition

The Weekly Dues: July 2 Edition

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Published by D Publications
The Return of the Weekly Dues features Friday's Briefing Room, the Undecided 2010 Report Card, a feature on Bill Clinton and Sarah Palin and a new section called Quotables & Tweetables.
The Return of the Weekly Dues features Friday's Briefing Room, the Undecided 2010 Report Card, a feature on Bill Clinton and Sarah Palin and a new section called Quotables & Tweetables.

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Published by: D Publications on Jul 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2 July 
Why the two topCalifornia Republicanscan’t get along in theirbid to win the highestoffices in the state.
Court of Appeals sideswith Arnold’s minimumwage order, JoBroscancel Fresno Concertand Ghana loses toUruguay. PLUS a storyfrom
Looking at all of theraces in the far-awayNovember 2 GeneralElection. From Governorto US Senate to localCongressional races.
    T    H    E    W    E    E    K    L    Y    D    U    E    S
The Meg-Carly Complex
For the first time since the EqualRights Amendment era (theERA era), the Republican Party is filled with women. No, these women aren’t Phyllis Schlafly; inCalifornia, their Meg Whitmanand Carly Fiorina theRepublican nominees for thetwo highest statewide offices.Since June 8 when the twodominated over theirRepublican counterparts, they have continued to avoid eachother and have already had onemedia gaffe related to their not-so-team like campaign styles.But the real issue regarding thetwo women is: why didCalifornians think that they  would campaign together? Thegeneral consensus is that they  were both women, a first for theCalifornia Republican Party (CRP). Yet, we didn’t see ArnoldSchwarzenegger and Senatenominee Bill Jones campaignmuch together in 2004.So, why is it so intriguing thatthe two have avoided this strata?Because it’s being shoved downtheir throats. Let’s start off withthe first problem: Palin. The riseof Sarah Palin’s popularity among Republican voters hasincreased her “anointed”candidates probability of beingnominated (not elected). Withthat, many of her anointments(not appointments) have been women, and now the League of  Women voters is filled withmembers of the right wing(more so than before).The second problem: the RNC.Just yesterday, the Chairman of the RNC Michael Steele wasfeatured in a blog post atFlashReport, in which he wentto great lengths to discuss how Meg and Carly are the twoRepublicans cut out for gettingthe job done and alleviatingCalifornia’s woes. While thatmay be true, it’s not helping thetwo who can’t get along.The final problem: themselves.Two rich, former tech CEOs whohaven’t had enough with power.Naturally, when it comes to theoffice of Governor and Senator,the second most common fieldthat officeholders previously occupied were in business(second to law). Governor alsohas the ranks of two actors as well, but that’s just sidebar. Thisproblem is that they honestly can’t get around the fact that while they are competing indifferent corporations jurisdictions, they cannot getover the fact that they are nearly the same type of person: aformer CEO of a multi-milliondollar corporation who formerly advised John McCain on thecampaign trail. While these three problemsplague the two Republicanheavyweights, the Meg-Carly Complex needs to be solved because, like it or not, it’s apossible winning strategy. If they can deflect claims of buyingout the election by Jerry Brownand Barbara Boxer, they should be able to take some votes away from Democrats who haven’tseen benefits. For both, they have years of tape and dirty history to uncover.
Will they ever get along?
They’ve gone through quite a fewad buys and tit for tat on Liberal-ness. In the end, the two dominantRepublicans might have to bow tomedia pressure and work togetherin order to thwart a classicDemocratic opposition.
The Briefing Room: July 2
 Appeals court sides withSchwarzenegger onminimum wage for state workers
The Third Distrct Court of  Appeals found that Governor Arnold Schwarzenneger’sattempts to pay state workersminimum wage during a“budget drought” was perfectly suitable. State Controller JohnChiang has challenged the courtas to whether or not theimplication of minimum wage was feasible considering thestates current budget woes.Story at the Pasadena Star-News.
Jonas Brothers cancelFresno concert; Valley teengirls weep in sorrow 
 Well, the JoBros are not comingto Fresno. Following a pressrelease from the Jonas Brothers,they will not be coming toFresno on September 21 as they added international concerts totheir tour. Refunds are availablefor ticket purchasers. From therelease, “Dueto recent changesin theJonas Brothers scheduleand the addition of severalinternational tour markets ontheir upcoming Live In Concert world tour, the show in Fresnohas been removed from thecurrent routing. However, theJonas Brothers remaincommitted to their fans and willlook to return to Fresno as soonas possible.”Story at the FresnoBee
 World Cup: Ghana falls toUruguay in PKs
 Africa was one penalty kick away from a World Cup semifinalshowdown with theNetherlands. Following a redcard for a handball by Uruguay Luis Suarez, captain AsamoahGyun was awarded a penalty kick that would’ve won the gamefor Ghana. If he had only avoided hitting the crossbarduring extra time. Ghana andUruguay entered the penalty kick stage of overtime and lost4-2.Story at ESPN.
The Onion:
US Pets’healthcare better thanRwandan humans
 A University of Pennsylvaniastudy released Monday foundthat U.S. pets enjoy superiorhealthcare to that of Rwandanhumans. The five-year study, which compared the medicalcare of 2,500 U.S. dogs, cats,hamsters and parakeets to thatof 2,500 humans in theRwandan capital of Kigali,foundthat the Rwandans were edgedout in every category.“America’s pet lovers can rejoiceknowing that their precious,furry companions are well takencare of,” study co-chair Dr. NateGotcher said.
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The Briefing Room is a dailyroundup of the day’s topstories compiled and postedon the Daily Dues. From techto politics to entertainmentto celebrity sleaze, we’ve gotyou covered. Full storiesavailable only at the DailyDues.

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Greetings, typically, once overwhelmed by disinterest or their own inevitable idiocy, the SarahPalins drop community and business and legal and patriotism issues from their important stuff radar and move on to things they understand: like fried chicken, white paint and Dancing With the Stars.

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