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The Lonely Guys by Bonnie Williams

The Lonely Guys by Bonnie Williams

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Published by Corazon del Rosario

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Published by: Corazon del Rosario on Jul 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Copyright © 2004 By Bonnie Williams
 All rights reserved
Episode 1
 Blake and the Pregnant Paws
 "She's pregnant!"Blake Kinsey stared with nothing less then disbelief at the goddess at his front door.“My poor Pumpkin is expecting,” she said. In her arms she held a big orange tabby with coppercat's eyes as big as his grandma's copper frying pans, and a forlorn expression that only a catcould master."Well, don't look at me," he said.Blake let his eyes drift down and wanted to drool at the sight of her long, lean legs attached to ashapely body that made his hands ache to touch them, with hair so pale a blonde it made his eyeshurt. And those eyes—good lord a woman should not be allowed to have eyes that bright and
expressive. There was heat in those eyes when she squinted them directly and him and raised anelegant eyebrow when she caught him giving her the once-over. Busted."You do own a huge silvery-gray cat, right?"The goddess needed an attitude adjustment, but those eyes were a turn-on, for sure. Blake shiftedhis stance—his jeans were getting a little uncomfortable in the crouch area."Jerry! I think it's for you, pal," Blake shouted, turning to find the guilty cat bathing blissfully inthe sun on the window seat."What I want to know is what do you plan to do about it?""Well, uh, what exactly do you want me to do about it?""He's your cat, isn't he?""And what, exactly, should I do? Pay kitten support? I don't think Jerry's disability payments cansupport a whole litter.""Very funny, wise guy. I expect you to have him neutered, that's what."Blake placed both hands to a naked chest against his heart. "Lady, have a heart. The guy is blindalready and you want to take away his family jewels too? That's downright cruel." As angry asshe was, whoever she was, he wanted to kiss her. Spark in a woman's eyes nearly always did himin."Well, then," she said as she shifted poor Pumpkin under one arm and haughtily brushed agleaming strand of hair off her shoulder with the other. "Tell him to keep his family jewels on hisside of the fence.""Miss...I'm sorry, who are you?""I'm Emma Sherwood. I live down the block," she said, placing her adorable nose in the air."Ah, Miss Sherwood. You must have just moved here. I'd have remembered if a beautifulwoman lived in the neighborhood.""Two months ago." He thought he heard her mutter something about the male species, but hewasn't sure.He stepped out of the door—purposely crowding her personal space."I'm Blake Kinsey." Lord, she smelled nice too. All flowery and female.
"Look, Miss Sherwood, Jerry's been blind since birth. He couldn't possibly impregnatedPumpkin. He never leaves his own yard.""I saw him," she shifted poor Pumpkin under one arm to gesture with the other hand. "Youknow—""No. What?" He inched in a little closer and noticed her pupils turn dark."He was on top of her," she whispered while sneering at him."Oh, well, I guess the females just can't help themselves. Runs in the family, you know." Hewinked at her.She offered him a lady-like snort. Very cute."And females visit him—often. He really works the poor-me angle on 'em. Never fails.""I see. So, what do you do, Mr. Kinsey, besides walk around shirtless while your pets impregnatethe females? Are you an exotic dancer or something? You've certainly got the, um—""Yeah?" he asked, encouraged at the way her eyes stared at his chest and then lower beforesnapping her gaze back up to his eyes."—attitude for it." She wrinkled her cute nose as she said it. "Or maybe you're involved in someother tasteless form of employment where only a man who thinks he's God's gift to women iswilling to work." Her eyes went wide as she slapped her palm to her mouth as if she wasn'taccustomed to bantering with men.Blake rubbed absently at his chest. "Why?" he grinned. "Are you looking to hire one? A 'God'sgift to women' that is.""No! Oh, never mind. I should never have asked."Blake leaned his raised arm against one paint-chipped post on the edge of the patio and duckedhis head as if to kiss her. She backed up an inch. Oh, this was fun. "Well, how about dinnerinstead?"She glared at him. A sexy glare, but still a glare. He gave her a well-practiced Kinsey grin whenshe said, "No thanks. With my luck you'd stiff me with the bill.""Mornin', Blake! Package for ya." Fred, their mail carrier, yanked Blake from his lust-filledthoughts. "It's in your dad's name but I think you can sign for it.""Thanks, Fred.""Ya know, those Azaleas aren't lookin' very good these days, son."

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