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Green Ronin Dragon Age Focus Oppositions

Green Ronin Dragon Age Focus Oppositions

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Published by siroh amano
Preliminary cheat sheet cross-referencing active ability focuses with the focuses that oppose them.
Preliminary cheat sheet cross-referencing active ability focuses with the focuses that oppose them.

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Published by: siroh amano on Jul 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Adventure Game Engine
Focus Opposition ChartFocus Opposition Notes
Animal HandlingNAParticularly stubborn animals can make an opposed Willpower (Courage)check to resist training or herding.BargainingCommunication (Bargaining)Where this intersects with negotiating for abstracts such as peaceagreements, land rights, border placement etc. Communication (Persuasion)is viable as well on either end of the opposed check.DeceptionCommunication (Deception),Perception (Empathy)Both the able lier and the consummate judge of character can see throughdeceptions.DisguisePerception (Empathy,Searching, Seeing)Tells in attitude, body language and speech are just as prone to foiling adisguise as failure in costuming.EtiquetteNAIf being tested by others as to your knowledge, use opposed Cunning(Cultural Lore) rolls.GamblingPerception (Seeing)InvestigationNACommunication (Deception) can play a role in sowing false information.PerformanceNACunning (Cultural Lore, Musical Lore) or Communication (Performance) canplay a role in skilled observers being pleased with the results of aCommunication (Performance) check.PersuasionCommunication (Deception,Persuasion)SeductionCommunication (Seduction) orWillpower (Self-Discipline)One can resist temptation or out-tempt the one desiring control.
DrinkingConstitution (Drinking)RowingConstitution (Rowing)RunningConstitution (Running)SwimmingConstitution (Swimming)
Arcane LoreNACunning (Arcane Lore) to test an opponent.CartographyNACunning (Cartography) and Cunning (Navigation) can evaluate the worth oa map.Cultural LoreNACunning (Cultural Lore) to test an opponent.EngineeringNACunning (Engineering) and Cunning (Evaluation) can determine the beautyof any constructed vehicle, building or edifice.EvaluationNAAttempted fabrication requires Dexterity or other crafting efforts.HeraldryNACunning (Heraldry) to test an opponent.

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