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If Every Word I Said Could Make You Laugh 25 - End

If Every Word I Said Could Make You Laugh 25 - End



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Published by Tamara
the continuation of if every wordi said could make you laugh and no i did noth write this
the continuation of if every wordi said could make you laugh and no i did noth write this

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Tamara on Jul 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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If every Word I Said Could Make You Laugh(CH. 25- end)
 A)I don’t own any of the characters in the story and I donot own any rights what so ever to THE TWILIGHTSAGA in any way shape or form.B)I did not write this story and I am not claiming to have written it. I just really loved this story and I felt that itdeserves to be read (I know that sounds pretty cheesy  but what every)P.S This is a human fanfic for twilight just letting youknow.
 And The Story Continues
Chapter 25 - It Won't Be LongWe high fived our success as I climbed into the big red jeep and wavedone last goodbye to my mother. I wasn't sure who she was more upsetto see go, me or them.I perched next to Edward in the middle seat of the giant vehicle and hewas glowing with satisfaction. I'm not sure why, it hadn't taken much.We literally just asked and everyone if we could mix up the cararrangement, and they agreed.Now Alice and I were in the jeep with Jasper and Edward, leaving Roseand Emmett in charge of my car. Rose drove it all the time around LAand Emmett was skilled at driving the monster truck, so I hadabsolutely no worries about them getting my car home safely.The eight hours with Edward passed so much more quickly than it didwhen I had been without him.
We started out blasting music and the 4 of us sang at the top of ourlungs. We craked up after one rest stop when Alice actually took atturn drivng the monster vehicle and Jasper put on Edwin Starr's song"War" and tied a bandana around his head as he belted out in a verydeep, husky voice:
" War, huh, yeah!What is it good for?  Absolutely nothing!Uh-huhWar, huh, yeah!What is it good for?  Absolutely nothing!Say it again, y'all" 
He was climbing on the seats and making us laugh and sing with himas he went into musical Rambo mode. It helped pass a few minutesrather quickly.After a while, when Jasper's theatrics ended, Edward and I shared hisiPod earbuds as he played me songs he had written and recorded. Ismiled at him the whole time the music played in my one ear.Eventually we started entertaining ourselves by bringing my iPod outand one of us taking one ear bud from each set so we could hearmusic from both iPods at the same time.We would pick a song and see how synched we could get when wecounted to 3 and both pressed play. It was hilarious for some reason.Even we didn't understand why, but we laughed just enjoying eachother's company.Since we had gotten the least amount of sleep all weekend we wereboth pretty tired by the last hour of the long drive. I was starting tofeel my eyelids droop, each blink was harder and harder to get out of.I was wearing the maroon zip up which Edward had given me earlier,and it gave me such a comfy, comforting feeling I couldn't help butsink into it more."Tired Bella?" He asked very softly leaning into me."Mmm-hmm." I didn't even have energy enough to form real soundsapparently.
"Me too. Do you want a blanket?""Mmm-hmm."He chuckled at my repeated response that was getting more and morecovered by sleep then reached into the backseat and pulled out a verysoft black blanket. It smelt of him and the sweetness overtook mysenses, calming me even more into my happy subconscious.I felt him lean into me and place my head in the crook of his neck andshoulder."You're smiling." He seemed curious."Mmm-hmm." I just agreed but honestly I hadn't realized I was. It wasprobably the reaction to his scent from the blanket. Or just him.He was silent for a moment then he leaned down even further butdidn't disrupt my position."Bella," he whispered."Hmm?""Can I hold your hand?" He was honestly asking.I was tired, sure, but not tired enough to ignore that this was strange.We have held hands before and he never asked. He definitely neverneeded to, but it was odd."Mmm-hmm." I think it sounded like the other answers I had given butin my mind it was deeper and more profound.It wasn't until he found my hand under the blanket and grasped it thatI understood why he asked. It was different than all the other times.He found my hand and touched his palm to mine gently and then slidhis fingers up my own and interlocked them together, slowly.It was an amazing sensation. So loving, so comforting, so right. Ismiled again, wider, and fought the sleep with everything I had so Icould relish the sensation for as long as possible.I woke up to Alice's small hand shaking me and the darkness of theparking garage around me. We were home.

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Janelle Patterson added this note
If all of you cannot see, in the description it says : "I Did Not Write This" obviously you should know it is not a good thing to continue a story if it isn't yours. It makes the storyline change tremendously when the actual author of the story does not write a sequel or continuation.

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