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Main Problems in Cambodian Education System

Main Problems in Cambodian Education System

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Cambodia is a developing country. Even human resources need more improvement. What are the problems? What can be done? Check it out.
Cambodia is a developing country. Even human resources need more improvement. What are the problems? What can be done? Check it out.

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Published by: KIEN FORCEFIDELE on Jul 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cambodian Students Association in Japan
Essay Competition 2010
Topic 2:
What Are the Main Problems in Cambodian Education System? Whatshould we do to solve those problems?
School: Russei Keo High School
Age: 17
Tel: 097 97 06 11 9
735, National Road 5, Mittapheap Village, RusseiKeo, Phnom Penh
When we talk about the development of a country, we are also talking abouthuman resources, and what brings human resources to its fullest potential isinevitably education. Therefore, Education System is considered to be the vesselof human resources, and in turn the prosperity of a country.However, during the Pol Pot regime from 1975 to 1979 Cambodian educationsystem was largely destroyed. Schools were abandoned, and teachers andscholars were killed mercilessly. Education could only be found hidden secretlythroughout the pagodas with no official form. After waking up from thistragedy, Cambodia still has major problems tampering the education system,including corruption, poverty and mismanagement. Corruption happensfrequently and uncontrollably in every school either in urban or rural areas, andthe unsolved shortage of schools, school materials and proficient teacherscontributes even more to the declining education system in Cambodia, making itfall even further from international education systems.In order to get our education system back on track, certain problems need to besolved such as tackling the corruption problem and renovating the managementin education system so as to meet the international standard. And mostimportantly, we need to bring all those plans into practice. This is not easy, andit will take time. However, if the government and citizens are together as one, itwill not only boost the improvement of education system but also thedevelopment of Cambodia as a whole.
Cambodian Education System
In nowadays’ civilized society, human resources are inevitably needed for the development of a country. What’s
more, these human resources are not justany human resources. They must be well trained both mentally and skillfully.The process that is used to harness these people, making them the next goldengenerations, is called
Education System
.However, the education system varies from one country to another, andthe difference is even wider between developed countries and the developingones. Developed countries have advanced and worldwide acknowledgededucation systems which produce human resources to the highest possible level,whereas developing countries are still struggling to create proper educationsystems for their generations who are going to be next leaders of the countries.Cambodia, a developing country and one of the poorest, notably has lots of issues
with its education system. What are those major problems? What’s more,
are there any possible methods to tackle those problems?
& Financial Problems
 As a country still recovering from continuous wars that destroyed almosteverything, there is still a long way before it can become a fully developedcountry. Consequently, many issues are expected, and the most important of allis corruption. This is not just a small problem that happens only in some minorparts of the government or at a few places; the corruption in Cambodia ishappening everywhere, from the top elites to the small kids who have justenrolled for a few years in primary school. In fact, corruption occurs sofrequently that it almost becomes a culture trend for Khmer people, imprinting adeep impression in their brains and to the later generations as well. Apart frombeing a country full of corruption, Cambodia is also a very poor country.According to the statistic, 80% of the population live on less than US$2 a day,and a
average salary is only US$30 per month, and not all of Cambodian teachers live on their own; most of them have families to support,kids to feed, and the monthly bills of electricity and water to pay, and with theinflation happening frequently in the country, being a teacher is not adequate.Therefore, most of them have to find jobs elsewhere such as making their ownbusinesses, opening extra-time classes and so on. While extra-time classes areonly promising for science and Khmer literature teachers, teachers who teachsocial subjects are not very likely to have a chance. Consequently, in class, theyhave to directly violate the rule and sell papers, either lesson papers or testpapers, to their students. In fact, they can disobey the law openly and easily thatthe law seems to be only for show
; in other words, it’s called,
‘Enacted lawwithout implementation’ 
. They say education is free for everyone, but is it true?

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A very good paper from someone who is very young.
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Good morning ! thanks , this is good information for my assignment and other student .
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Good for Cambodian people.
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thankyou, this was a big help for my assignment

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