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Guía Yerba Mate (Simple Past,Regular and Irregular verbs )

Guía Yerba Mate (Simple Past,Regular and Irregular verbs )

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Published by Fernanda Muñoz

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Fernanda Muñoz on Jul 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Read the texts and translate it.
The Guaraní were the aborigines that lived in the Paraguayan forest before the Spanish people arrived. They were nomads and theymoved around the territory looking for newlands to farm. One day,when a tribe was about to move to a new location, one of the oldestmen decided to stay because he felt tired and weak for the journey.His daughter Yari stayed with him because she didn’t want to leavehim alone. Soon they had very little to eat. At that moment, the spiritTupá descended to earth. Dressed like a nomadic hunter, Tupá askedYari for food and shelter for the night. Extremely generous, Yarioffered him hospitality and the last of her food. Her charity surprisedthe spirit and he gave her a reward. Yari asked for something to makeher father stronger and healthier.Tupá used his magic powers to growa green plant with white flowers. He taught Yari and her father to prepare tea using the plant’s leaves. When Yari’s father drank the teahe felt much better. Tupá told them to share the plant with the rest of the tribe. Now,this beverage brings comfort, health and endurance toGuaraní people.
II Underline 20 past verbs that appear in this text.III Read the information then complete the sentence.
 The Past Simple tenseTupa
down to earth. / Tupa
his magic.They
around the territory. / Tupa
Yari a reward.
What is the difference between used, moved, and came, gave?
Remember what you studied in 7th grade and complete this generalrule.
We use the Past Simple tense to narrate events that happened in the ____.
GlossaryWere: eran.Lived: Vivian.Arrived: llegaranMoved: movían.Lands: tierrasWas: estaba.Oldest: más viejo (persona).Decided: decidió.Felt: sintióTirad: cansado.weak: débil.Journey: viaje.Stayed: se quedo.Did´nt want: no quería.Leave: dejarlo.Had: teniaTo eat: comer.Descended: descendió.Dresde: vestido.Hunter: cazador.Asked: pregunto.Shelter: techo.Offered: ofreció.Charity: caridadSorprised: sorprendió.Gave: dio.To make: hacer.Used: uso.To grow: crecer.Tought: enseño.Prepare: preparo.Drank: bebio.Told: dijo.To share: compartir.Brins:trae. Nosotros usamos el pasadosimple para narrar eventos queocurrieron en el pasado.Para formar oraciones converbos regulares, nosotrosagregamos
quecorresponde a la base paraformar estos verbos. No hayreglas para formar los verbosreulares.
To form the _______ of regular verbs, we add ____ / ___ to the base form of the verb. There is no rule to form the ________ of ________ verbs Ex: regular verb - irregular verbs
 Present-past Present-past 
Walk-walked to be was/wereTalk-talked feel - felt Stop-stoped teach - tought 
IV Complete this diagram with the different elements of this text.V Find the partner for each tile to form complete sentences. Thenwritethe sentences in your notebook in the correct order of events.
a) Tupa ceme to earth ___ 1and offered Yari a reward b) Yari stayed with her father ___ 2 that gave her father comfort andhealthc)Tupá gave Yari ___ 3 because he was weak a green plant.d) Tupá was surprised ___ 4 to share the plant with the tribee) Tupá told Yari ___ 5 and asked Yari for foodf) Yari was a girl ___ 6 that lived in Paraguay

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