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Citizens Vow To Fight Against Unconstitutional Laws For Tallahassee "Special" Police

Citizens Vow To Fight Against Unconstitutional Laws For Tallahassee "Special" Police

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Published by AmericanFreedom

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: AmericanFreedom on Jul 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The opinions in this article are based upon Rob Brayshaw and his supporter’s without 
 footnotes to this situation as they have all displayed or given as their own opinions
CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH TRUMPSGOVERNMENT OBSESSION WITH SECRECYFederal Judge upholds Citizen’s Constitutional Right to postpublic information pertaining to Florida Police on the Web
Tallahassee, June. 2010
A website posting onRatemycop.com contained vast quantities of “allegedly” personal publicinformation regarding police officer Annette Pickett Garrett in Florida State. This posting can remain on the Internet after Federal Judge Richard Smoak upheld thelegality of the posting on the Ratemycop.com website under the 1st Amendment.For the
Third Time in Court Rulings, Rob Brayshaw, a Tallahassee Citizen, hasemerged victorious from a groundless though very well-funded attack mounted bythe City of Tallahassee and State Of Florida against him. In fact, this Run-AwayTallahassee Government Wasted Over $100,000.00 in the Tax Payers Money for two false criminal charges and defense of their use of an Unconstitutional 1972Statute of 843.17. It was Unconstitutional, Outdated and A Relic!Two False Criminal Charges of “publishing an address” were dismissed in a oneyear period during May 2008-April 2009 among three judges, three prosecutorsand four public defenders funded by the tax payers that pay these public servantsto work for us. This was in the Leon County Kangaroo Court that obviouslylacked knowledge of the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights. These PoliceOfficers, Prosecutors and Judges along with their Lap-dogs in Legislature arealways hugging, kissing and holding hands while jumping off a cliff together likelemons’ with government obsession of secrecy pertaining to public information.May we remind you that
Infuriated by their inability to defeat Rob Brayshaw in court on false criminalcharges, the cops and their cohorts in Tallahassee’s political establishmentactually had the nerve to refile the false charges again after dismissal. Theyoriginally turned to the legislature for revenge against the public in 1972 with thewriting of the Unconstitutional Law 843.17 even at that time. This was before theInternet, Florida Sunshine Laws, and Jury Member Lists of Names and Addresses.Many Supreme Court Cases have obviously existed in 40 years for Free Speechand Free Press Cases that would make the law completely relic and obsolete evenwhen it had unconstitutional First Amendment Flaws as written now in theInternet Era of 2010 since 1972.Joined by police unions from all across Florida State, the police have mounted amassive lobbying campaign to help ram through a future ugly piece of custom-tailored special-interest legislation during the next Legislation in Session inTallahassee.
In response to Brayshaw’s High courtroom victory,(and the lobbying of the cops), Florida State issponsoring future legislation which would subvertthe Constitution, set aside the decision of the court,and establish Secret Police in Florida State.
 The Tallahassee Police again want to sponsor 
which would effectivelytransform Florida’s law enforcement officers into shadowy Secret Police.
The future bill
provision for a new Florida Statute of 843.17 would grant thepolice unconstitutional benefits and special privileges; confer wholesaleimmunity upon them; create exceptionally broad and should have beenpreviously non-existent as rights exclusively for their benefit; and furtherexpand their elite status relative to the common citizenry. None of thesenewly-proposed rights would be afforded to any other citizens. To thecontrary-- each of these so-called rights would decimate vital, historically-consecrated, Constitutionally-protected rights of common citizens.
 Passage of this unconstitutional bill of Florida Statute 843.17 again would make acomplete mockery of the oath taken by Florida Police and Florida StateLegislators to uphold and defend the US Constitution. Already, a grass-rootsmovement has sprung up by Brayshaw and his sponsors to ensure the defeat of this future plan in the making for the next elections in the Florida Legislation todefeat their plans. The Florida Police Benevolent Association stated that theywould try and craft another law for their members since the ruling will stand.Unsuccessfully attempting to defend her assault on the Constitution, AnnetteGarrett along with the Tallahassee Police and State Attorney’s Office of Willie
Meggs offered this wholly irrelevant and baseless statement,
"You don't have a First Amendment right to harass and intimidate." 
Don’t you work for citizens
?What these individuals pretend not to realize is that Mr. Brayshaw has revealed NO demonstrable intent to harass or intimidate, notwithstanding the subjectiveimpression of the cops. Furthermore, (and this is the crux of the matter),
it isindefensible and unconstitutional to create any criminal or civil offense type of law which is grounded solely on the unpredictable, irrational, emotional responseof vindictive officers to the completely benign and perfectly legal act of posting
on the Internet publicly-available information regarding government employees
.Constitutionally prohibited from legally defining Brayshaw’s activity as acriminal offense, they are still attempting an end-run around the 1st Amendment by inventing a brand-new criminal offense with some other law on the future books. The unconstitutional bill would always allow any hypersensitive cop whoclaimed to “feel intimidated”
 by the innocuous content of Brayshaw’s posting or any other citizen. They would file unconstitutional criminal charges againstBrayshaw or any other Floridian in complete violation of any Citizen’s FreeSpeech and Free Press by Trampling The First Amendment Of 
Our Constitution
.Tallahassee Police along with the State Attorney’s Office maneuver not onlydefeats the express intent of the 1st Amendment, it neatly strips the suspect of crucial Constitutional protections while at the same time permitting a convictionto take place upon a much lower standard of proof. Even any Malicious Intent isnot based upon any “True Threat” based upon Constitutional preponderance not protected by the First Amendment as already ruled in a Federal Court of Law.For example, the 5th Amendment is applicable only to criminal, not civildefendants. Compounding this disadvantage, the defendant in a civil trial is heldliable if it merely seems more likely than not that the alleged offense wascommitted. On the other hand, guilt on the part of a criminal defendant must beestablished beyond a reasonable doubt (a very difficult standard to meet). Rather than the 98-100% certainty of guilt required for a criminal conviction, a civil judgment only requires 51% certainty. For the False Charges of Rob Brayshaw,there was
not even a 50% Probable Cause with the False Arrest Warrantwritten by Michael Edward Dilmore
. Anyone could have made the postingfrom a wireless internet service at a home that was protected by the FirstAmendment and “did not constitutionally allow” any investigation by corrupt anddirty cops involved in the investigation which was baseless, weak and deminimus.Annette Garrett and Mike Dilmore (Along with all Tallahassee Officals Involved)despicable subversion of the Constitution left any potential defendants in anextremely weak position-- easy prey for the omnipotent State’s designated pinch-hitters which was based on corruption of the actual facts and unconstitutional.

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