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25'000 lives

25'000 lives

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Published by GeeJay
One of the biggest industrial catastrophes which killed 25'000 instantly. A million and half permanently sick and their off-springs with birth defects. The criminals who caused the tragedy, escaped.
One of the biggest industrial catastrophes which killed 25'000 instantly. A million and half permanently sick and their off-springs with birth defects. The criminals who caused the tragedy, escaped.

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Published by: GeeJay on Jul 05, 2010
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By The Author ofThe Simple Divine Truth BooksFor Free Books Visit> thesimpledivinetruth.org <
aTSDT publication 
July 02, 2010
25’ 000 People dead,a million and half permanently sick
A horror that struck in Bhopal, ‘Madhya Pradesh-State’ of India due to thepoisonous Methyl-Isocyanate-gas leak in Union Carbide Pesticide Plantremains as a nightmare.The land remains poisoned and polluted even after,more than two and half decades. Neither Unioncarbide nor the Government of India bothered toclean it up. More than 40 metric tons of toxicchemical still remains to be disposed even after 25years.
Warren Anderson
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bhopal Union CarbideUnion Carbide Corporation is one of the largest chemical polymercompanies in the United States. Anderson was born in Brooklyn, NewYork, in 1921 to Swedish immigrant parents
On December 02 between midnight and 0330, 1984, large amounts of water entered tank 610, containing 42 tons of methyl Isocyanate (A saltor ester of isocyanic acid) Isocyanic acid = An acid known only in the formof its esters.Addition of water with Isocyanic acid resulted exothermic reactionincreasing the temperature inside the tank more than 200 °C (392 °F).Enormous pressure rise forced the emergency venting, releasing the toxicgases (
Hydrogen cyanide
) into the atmosphere flooding the city of Bhopal.How a large amount of water entered the tank is not yet found – rather itwas prohibited to investigate. Exothermic reaction = A chemical reactionaccompanied by the generation of enormous heat
The Union Carbide product was pesticide 'Sevin' is not polluting asDDT and was equally effective against numerous kinds of pests. Itwas in great demand in many Third World countries at that time,
Read: http://www.beyondpesticides.org/dailynewsblog/?p=2783Warren Anderson the top US official of the plant fled India after giving anaffidavit in the court; he will appear before the court of law anytime thecourt wants him which did not happen even after 26 years. He wasarrested and was on bail on the same day. Everything went on his favor.He joined the more than one million US criminals absconding in that
country. Even US can’t find him, who is hiding him in US and where? By2010 Anderson is ninety years old what kind of trial and punishment canyou give him?
Green Peace confirms, Anderson knew 1982 safety audit of the Bhopalplant, which identified 30 major hazards and were not fixed in Bhopal butwere fixed at the company's identical plant in the US.
In June 2010, seven ex-employees, including the former chairman of Union Carbide India, were convicted in Bhopal of causing death bynegligence and sentenced to two years imprisonment and a fine about$2,100; 100’000 Rupees; Euro 1’800 each, the maximum punishmentallowed by Indian law. An eighth former employee was also convicted buthad died before judgment was passed. Would this be the punishment, if such thing happened in US?For Details Referhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bhopal_disaster 

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