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La La La

La La La

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Published by tamih1893

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Published by: tamih1893 on Jul 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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It started with a gasp.It was barely audible but it was way past midnight andeverything was so quiet that a simple breath can beeasily heard if you pay enough attention. And Quinn waspaying too much attention.She had been tossing and turning in her sleeping bag onthe floor of Rachel’s bedroom for over an hour when sheheard the gasp. And for a moment there, she wasworried about the tiny brunette sleeping to her left. Shecould be having a nightmare and Quinn thought of waking her up until― “
,” Rachel whispered.Quinn could only shake her head and grin, despiteherself. Clearly, it wasn’t a nightmare.She turned away from Rachel and sighed and hoped tofinally get to sleep when she heard another murmur. “
”  “Yeah,” She replied softly as she turned to face Rachelagain. But the brunette was still fast asleep.The room was faintly illuminated by the streetlight rightoutside the house and Quinn could see Rachel’s eyes stillclosed, her eyebrows knitted together and lips parted.
Quinn wore the same expression on her face―excepther eyes were open.
Maybe it wasn’t Rachel 
, she thought idly.She sat up to look around.Kurt was on the edge of the bed and had his backturned away from the window, facing Mercedes whowas in the middle of Rachel’s bed. She couldn’t see Tinabut she assumed that Tina had been sleeping soundlyfor hours now, being the first who got drunk anddragged onto Rachel’s bed.Quinn looked over the foot of the bed and she could seeSantana and Brittany’s feet peeking out of the comforterand there wasn’t any movement there.
Thank God!
 Everyone was hammered, except Quinn. She knew herlimits when it came to alcohol, having been to too manyparties as a Head Cheerio with a reputation to protect,and rightly predicted that the others don’t, so she dranktoo little and watched the others closely throughout thenight. She doesn’t remember when she started caring alot for them. Maybe when Santana declared that Gleewas the best part of her day? Quinn silently admitted toherself that she felt the same way, even when otherparts of her were silently protesting at the same time.So when Rachel approached all the girls of the club,
including Kurt, two days ago with a very enthusiasticproposal complete with brochures for the first ever GleeClub girls' slumber party to strengthen the feeling of solidarity among the girls after a much deserved winover the boys in a very demanding battle of the sexesby way of singing mash-ups again, Quinn immediatelysaid yes. But only said it out loud after Santanagrudgingly said okay with Brittany’s head noddingvigorously in agreement, beaming; and Kurt andMercedes started planning said evening’s activities, notwanting to let Rachel have free reign over it, in spite of the fact that it would be at her house, with Tina quietlywatching over her two friends. Rachel then looked atQuinn and smiled her brightest smile.
 Quinn snapped out of her reverie to look at the sleepingbrunette again. They were both left with no choice butto sleep on the floor between the bed and the windowand were practically hidden from view.Rachel swallowed visibly, as if frightened by the scene inher dream. And Quinn, with her worry returning, leanedover Rachel, propping herself on her elbow, and gentlycaressed the brunette’s arm, whispering closely to herface. “Rachel?” The brunette held her breath and shuddered.

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