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Bhagwat Geeta

Bhagwat Geeta



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Published by Sorabh
The teaching Lord Krishna gave to Arjuna during the war
The teaching Lord Krishna gave to Arjuna during the war

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Published by: Sorabh on Jun 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ö XI hn=u  m=t=e n=m=/ ö v=s=u  de  v=s=u  t=] dev=] k]:s=c==[=U  rm=d*n=m=< +  de  v=k:0p=rm==n=nd] k&  :{[=] v=nde j=g=d<  g=u  om=< ++  aq= XIm=d< B=g=v=1It== 
 aq= p=>q=m==eCQy==y=/
 aj=*u   un=iv={==dy==eg=/
Q=&  t=r={!M Wv==c= Q=m=* Z=e  F=e ku  :oZ=e  F=e s=m=v=e  t== y=u  y=u  ts=v=/ +  m==m=k:=/ p==[#v==xc=E  v= ik:m=< aku  :v=*t= s=]  j=y= ++â++
dh&tar|^!ra uv|cadharmak^etre kuruk^etre samavet| yuyutsava+m|mak|+ p|[#av|% cai’va kim akurvataSa=jaya
ra said: O Sa
 jaya, assembled in the holy fieldof Kuruk 
etra and eager to fight, what did my people andthe P
avas do? (1.01)
 s=]  j=y= Wv==c=  ¡{!<v== t=u p==[#v==n=Ik:] vy=U  $] du  y==e  *Q=n=s=< t=d= +  a=c==y=*m=< Wp=s=]  g=my= r=j== v=c=n=m=< ab=>v=It=< ++ä++
sa=jaya uv|cad&^!v| tu p|[#av|n$ka= vy~#ha= duryodhanastad||c|ryam upasa=gamya r|j| vacanam abrav$t 
 jaya said: Seeing the battle formation of theP
ava’s army, King Duryodhana approached his guru,Dro
a, and spoke these words: (1.02)
 p=xy=E  t==] p==[#u  p=u  F==[==m=< a=c==y=* m=ht=I] c=m=Um=< +  vy=U  $=] 7uu  p=dp=u  F=e[= t=v= ix={y=e[= Q=Im=t== ++à++
 pa%yait|= p|[#uputr|[|m |c|rya mahat$=cam~mvy~#h|= drupada putre[a tava %i^ye[a dh$mat|
O master, behold this mighty army of the sons of P
u,arranged in battle formation by your talented disciple, theson of Drupada. (1.03)
 aF= x=Ur= m=he  {v==s== B=Im==j=*u  n=s=m== y=u  iQ= +  y=u  y=u Q==n==e iv=r=!xc= 7u  p=dxc= m=h=rq=/ ++å++
atra %~r| mahe^v|s| bh$m|rjunasam| yudhiyuyudh|no vir|!a%ca drupada%ca mah|ratha+
Q=&  {!ke  :t=u  x=< c=e  ik:t==n=/ k:=ix=r=j=xc= v=Iy=*  v==n=< +  p=u  oòj=t=< ku  :ûnt=B==e  j=xc= x=E  by=xc= n=rp=u  V<  g=v=/ ++ç++
dh&^!aketu% cekit|na+ k|%ir|ja%ca v$ryav|n purujit kuntibhoja%ca %aibya%ca narapu]gava+
 y=u Q==m=ny=u  xc= iv=k>  :=nt= WT=m==E  j==xc= v=Iy=*  v==n=< +  s==EB=7=e 7=Ep=de  y==xc= s=v=* Av= m=h=rq==/ ++ê++
yudh|manyu%ca vikr|nta uttamauj|%ca v$ryav|nsaubhadro draupadey|%ca sarva evamah|rath|+
There are many heroes and mighty archers equal toBh
ma and Arjuna in war such as Yuyudh
na, Vir
a,and the great warrior Drupada; Dh
aketu, Cekit
na,and the heroic King of K
shi; Purujit, Kuntibhoja, and thegreat man
aibya; the valiant Yudh
manyu, theformidable Uttamauja, the son of Subhadr
, and the sonsof Draupad
, all of them are great warriors. (1.04-06)
 asm==k:} t=u iv=ix={!= y=e t==n=< in=b==eQ= i8j==eT=m= + n==y=k:= m=m= s=Eny=sy= s=]  N=q=*  ] t==n=< b=>  v=Iim= t=e ++ë++
asm|ka= tu vi%i^!| ye t|n nibodha dvijottaman|yak| mama sainyasya sa=j@|rtha= t|n brav$mi te
Also know, O best among the twice born, thedistinguished ones on our side. I shall name thecommanders of my army for your information: (1.07)
B=v==n=< B=I{m=xc= k:[=*xc= k&  :p=xc= s=im=it=]  j=y=/ + axv=tq==m== iv=k:[=*xc= s==Em=diT=s=< t=q=Ev= c= ++è++
 bhav|n bh$^ma%ca kar[a%ca k&pa%casamiti=jaya+a%vatth|m| vikar[a%ca saumadattis tathaiva ca
  any=e c= b=hv=/ x=U  r= m=dq=e  * ty=kt=j=Iiv=t==/ + n==n==x=sF=p=>hr[==/ s=v=e  * y=u3iv=x==rd=/ ++ï++
anye ca bahava+ %~r| madarthe tyakta j$vit|+n|n| %astra prahara[|+ sarve yuddha vi%|rad|+
Yourself, Bh
ma, Kar
a, the victorious, K
, Vikar
a, son of Somadatta, and many otherheroes who have risked their lives for me. They arearmed with various weapons, and all are skilled inwarfare. (1.08-09)
 ap=y==*  pt=] t=d< asm==k:} b=D=] B=I{m==òB=riZ=t=m=< +  p=y==*  pt=] ûtv=dm=< At=e{==] b=D=] B=Im==òB=ròZ=t=m=< ++âî++
apary|pta= tad asm|ka= bala= bh$^m|bhirak^itam pary|pta= tvidam ete^|= bala= bh$m|bhirak^itam
  ay=n=e{=u c= s=v=e  *{=u y=q==B==g=m=< av=ûsq=t==/ + B=I{m=m=< Av==iB=rZ=nt=u B=v=nt=/ s=v=* Av= ih ++ââ++
ayane^u ca sarve^u yath| bh|gam avasthit|+ bh$^mam ev|’bhirak^antu bhavanta+ sarva evahi
Our army, commanded by Bh
ma, is invincible; whiletheir army, protected by Bh
ma, is easy to conquer.
The Bhagavad-G$t|
2Therefore, all of you, occupying your respective positionson all fronts, protect only our commander Bh
ma. (1.10-11)
 t=sy= s=]  j=n=y=n=< h{=*  ] ku  :ov=&3/ ip=t==m=h/ +  is=]  hn==d] iv=n=6=e  cc=E/ x=V<K=] dQm==E p=>  t==p=v==n=< ++âä++
tasya sa=janayan har^a= kuruv&ddha+ pit|maha+si=ha n|da= vinadyo ccai+ %a]kha= dadhmau  prat|pav|n
The mighty Bh
ma, the eldest man of the Kuru dynasty,roared as a lion and blew his conch loudly, bringing joy toDuryodhana. (1.12)
 t=t=/ x=V<  K==xc= B=e  y=*  xc= p=[=v==n=k:g==em=uK==/ +  s=hs=Ev==By=hny=nt= s= x=bds=< t=u  m=uD==e CB=v=t=< ++âà++
tata+ %a]kh|% ca bherya% ca pa[av|nakagomukh|+sahasai’v|’bhyahanyanta sa %abdastumulo’bhavat 
After that, conches, kettledrums, cymbals, drums, andtrumpets were sounded together. The commotion wastremendous. (1.13)
 t=t=/ xv=et=E  r< hy=Er< y=ukt=e m=hit= sy=ndn=e òsq=t==E +  m==Q=v=/ p==[#v=xc=Ev= idvy==E x=V<  K==E p=>dQm=t=u / ++âå++
tata+ %vetair hayair yukte mahati syandanesthitau m|dhava+ p|[#va% cai’va divyau %a]khau  pradadhmatu+
Then Lord K
a and Arjuna, seated in a grand chariotyoked with white horses, blew their celestial conches.(1.14)
 p==Jc=j=ny=] Å{=Ike  :x==e dev=dT=] Q=n=]  j=y=/ +  p==E[#M  ] dQm==E m=h=x=V<  K]= B=Im=k:m==* v=&  k:=edr/ ++âç++
 p|@cajanya= h&^$ke%o devadatta=dhana=jaya+ pau[#ra= dadhmau mah| %a]kha= bh$makarm| v&kodara+
a blew His conch, P
cajanya; Arjuna blew hisconch, Devadatta; and Bh
ma, the doer of formidabledeeds, blew his big conch, Pau
ra. (1.15)
 an=nt=iv=j=y=] r=j== ku  :nt=Ip=uF==e y=uiQ=ò{@r/ + n=ku:D=/ s=hdev=xc= s=u  G==e{=m=i[=p=u  {p=k:=E ++âê++
anantavijaya= r|j| kunt$ putro yudhi^!hira+nakula+ sahadeva% ca sugho^a ma[ipu^pakau 
 k:=xy=xc= p=rm=e  {v==s=/ ix=K=[#I c= m=h=rq=/ +Q=&  {!6u  mn==e iv=r=!xc= s==ty=ik:xc==p=r=òj=t=/ ++âë++
k|%ya% ca parame^v|sa+ %ikha[#$ ca mah|ratha+dh&^!adyumno vir|!a% ca s|tyaki% c|’par|jita+
  7up=d=e 7=Ep=de  y==xc= s=v=*  x=/ p=&  iq=v=Ip=t=e +  s==E B=7xc= m=h=b==hu / x=V<K==n=< dQm=u/ p=& q=k:< p=& q=k:< ++âè++
drupado draupadey|% ca sarva%a+ p&thiv$ patesaubhadra% ca mah|b|hu+ %a]kh|n dadhmu+ p&thak p&thak 
O Lord of the Earth; King Yudhi
hira, the son of Kunti,blew his conch named Anantavijaya; while Nakula andSahadeva blew Sugho
a and Ma
paka conches,respectively. The King of K
, the mighty archer;
, the great warrior; Dh
adyumna, Vir
a, theinvincible S
tyaki, King Drupada, the sons of Draupad
,and the mighty son of Subhadr
, blew their respectiveconches. (1.16-18)
 s= G==e  {==e Q==t=*r={!M  =[==] Ådy==in= vy=d=ry=t=< +  n=B=xc= p=&  iq=v=I] c=E  v= t=um=uD==e vy=n=u  n==dy=n=< ++âï++
sa gho^o dh|rtar|^!r|[|= h&day|ni vyad|rayat nabha% ca p&thiv$= caiva tumulo vyanun|dayan
The tumultuous uproar, resounding through earth and sky,tore the hearts of the Kauravas. (1.19)
 aq= vy=v=ûsq=t==n=< ¡{!<v== Q==t=*  r={!M=n=< k:ip=Qv=j=/ +  p=>v=&T=e x=sF=s=]  p==t=e Q=n=u  r< W6my= p==[#v=/ ++äî++
atha vyavasthit|n d&^!v| dh|rtar|^!r|nkapidhvaja+ prav&tte %astrasa=p|te dhanur udyamya p|[#ava+
 Å{=Ike  :x=] t=d= v==ky=m=< wdm=< a=h m=hIp=t=e + s=en=y==e  r< WB=y==e  r< m=Qy=e rq=] sq==p=y= m=eCcy=ut= ++äâ++
h&^$ke%a= tad| v|kyam idam |ha mah$patesenayor ubhayor madhye ratha= sth|payame’cyuta
 y==v=d< At==n=< in=rIZ=eCh] y==e  3u  k:=m==n=< av=òsq=t==n=< +  kE:r< m=y== s=h y==e3vy=m=< aòsm=n=< r[=s=m=u6m=e ++ää++
y|vad et|n nir$k^e’ha= yoddhu k|m|navasthit|nkair may| saha yoddhavyam asminra[asamudyame
Seeing the sons of Dh
ra standing and the warabout to begin with the hurling of weapons, Arjuna,whose banner bore the emblem of Lord Hanum
na, took up his bow and spoke these words to Lord K
a: O
International Gita Society
Lord, please stop my chariot between the two armiesuntil I behold those who stand here eager for the battleand with whom I must engage in this act of war. (1.20-22)
 y==e  tsy=m==n==n=< av=eZ=e Ch] y= At=eCF= s=m==g=t==/ +Q==t=*  r={!M  sy= du  b=u  *3e  r< y=u  3e ip=>y=ic=k:0{= v=/ ++äà++
yotsyam|n|n avek^e’ha= ya ete’tra sam|gat|+dh|rtar|^!rasya durbuddher yuddhe priyacik$r^ava+
I wish to see those who are willing to serve and appeasethe evil-minded son of Dh
ra by assembling here tofight the battle. (1.23)
 s=]  j=y= Wv==c=  Av=m=< Wkt==e Å{=Ike  :x==e g=u  #=ke  :x=e  n= B==rt= +  s=e  n=y==e  r< WB=y==e  r< m=Qy=e sq==p=iy=tv== rq==eT=m=m=< ++äå++
sa=jaya uv|caevam ukto h&^$ke%o gu#|ke%ena bh|ratasenayor ubhayor madhye sth|payitv|rathottamam
B=I{m=7=e[=p=>  m=u  K=t=/ s=v=*e  {==] c= m=hIòZ=t==m=< +  Wv==c= p==q=* p=xy=E  t==n=< s=m=v=et==n=< ku:On=< wit= ++äç++
 bh$^ma dro[a pramukhata+ sarve^|= camah$k^it|m uv|ca p|rtha pa%yai’et|n samavet|n kur~n iti
 jaya said: O King, Lord K
a, as requested byArjuna, placed the best of all the chariots in the midst of the two armies facing Bh
ma, Dro
a, and all otherKings, and said to Arjuna: Behold these assembledKurus! (1.24-25)
 t=F==p=xy=t=< òsq=t==n=< p==q=* / ip=t=·n=< aq= ip=t==m=h=n=<  a=c==y==*  n=< m==t=u  D==n=< B=>   >=t=·n=< p=uF==n=< p==EF==n=< s=K=I]  s=< t=q== ++äê++
tatr|’pa%yat sthit|n p|rtha+ pit*n atha pit|mah|n|c|ry|n m|tul|n bhr|t*n putr|n pautr|nsakh$=s tath|
There, Arjuna saw his uncles, grandfathers, teachers,maternal uncles, brothers, sons, grandsons, andcomrades. (1.26)
 xv=x=ur=n=< s=uÅdxc=E  v= s=en=y==e  r< WB=y==e  r< aip= +  t==n=< s=m=IZy= s= k:=E  nt=e  y=/ s=v==*n=< b=nQ=Un=< av=òsq=t==n=< ++äë++
%va%ur|n suh&da% cai’va senayor ubhayor apit|n sam$k^ya sa kaunteya+ sarv|n bandh~navasthit|n
 k&  :p=y== p=ry==iv={!=e iv={=Idnn=< wdm=< ab=>  v=It=< +  ¡{!<  v=e  m=] sv=j=n=] k&:{[= y=u  y=u  ts=u] s=m=u  p=òsq=t=m=< ++äè++
k&pay| paray|vi^!o vi^$dann idam abrav$t d&^!vema= svajana= k&^[a yuyutsu=samupasthitam
 s=Idònt= m=m= g==F==ò[= m=uK=] c= p=irx=u{y=it= + v=e  p=q=u  xc= x=rIre m=e r=em=h{=*  xc= j==y=t=e ++äï++
s$danti mama g|tr|[i mukha= ca pari%u^yativepathu% ca %ar$re me romahar^a% ca j|yate
Seeing fathers-in-law, companions, and all his kinsmenstanding in the ranks of the two armies, Arjuna wasovercome with great compassion and sorrowfully said: OK
a, seeing my kinsmen standing with a desire to fight,my limbs fail and my mouth becomes dry. My bodyquivers and my hairs stand on end. (1.27-29)
 g==[#Iv=] s=]   >  ]s=t=e hst==t=< tv=k<  : c=E  v= p=irdÄt=e +  n= c= x=kn==emy=< av=sq==t=u  ] B=>m=t=Iv= c= m=e m=n=/ ++àî++
g|[#$va= sra=sate hast|t tvak caiva paridahyatena ca %aknomy avasth|tu= bhramat$va ca memana+
 in=im=T==in= c= p=xy==im= iv=p=rIt==in= ke  :x=v= + n= c= Xee  y==e Cn=up=xy==im= htv== sv=j=n=m=< a=hv=e ++àâ++
nimitt|ni ca pa%y|mi vipar$t|ni ke%avana ca %reyo’nupa%y|mi hatv| svajanam |have
The bow slips from my hand, and my skin intenselyburns. My head turns, I am unable to stand steady, and OK
a, I see bad omens. I see no use of killing mykinsmen in battle. (1.30-31)
 n= k:=V<Z=e iv=j=y=] k&:{[= n= c= r=jy=] s=uK==in= c= +  òk:] n==e r=jy=e  n= g==e  iv=nd òk:] B==e  g=E  r< j=Iiv=t=e  n= v== ++àä++
na k|]k^e vijaya= k&^[a na ca r|jya= sukh|nicaki= no r|jyena govinda ki= bhogair j$vitena v|
  y=e  {==m=< aq=e* k:=V<  òZ=t=] n==e r=jy=] B==e  g==/ s=uK==in= c= +  t= wm=eCv=òsq=t== y=u  3e p=>=[==]s=< ty=ktv== Q=n==in= c= ++àà++
ye^|m arthe k|]k^ita= no r|jya= bhog|+sukh|ni cata ime’vasthit| yuddhe pr|[|=s tyaktv|dhan|ni ca
I desire neither victory nor pleasure nor kingdom, OK
a. What is the use of the kingdom or enjoyment oreven life, O K
a, because all those
for whom wedesire kingdom, enjoyments, and pleasures
arestanding here for the battle, giving up their lives andwealth? (1.32-33)
 a=c==y==*/ ip=t=r/ p=uF==s=< t=q=E  v= c= ip=t==m=h=/ + m==t=uD==/ xv=x=u  r=/ p==EF==/ xy==D==/ s=]  b=ònQ=n=s=< t=q== ++àå++
|c|ry|+ pitara+ putr|s tathaiva ca pit|mah|+

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