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Published by phred.serenissima
A short flash fiction fragment based in Heidelberg.
A short flash fiction fragment based in Heidelberg.

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Published by: phred.serenissima on Jul 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Sit down, Frank. SIT DOWN.”Frank sat.“Frank, what are you doing? Are you trying to get your ass sent back to Merka? What’sthe damn problem, you don’t like it here in Heidelberg? Are you bored? Is the work notchallenging enough for you. Or were you just born an antisocial asshole.”“Probably the last one. I’d have to check my birth chit to be sure..”“This is not a joking matter, Frank. They’ve got you dead to rights, here. It’s the littlestuff, but it’s built up….the not recylcling, the not paying the License for your…what’shere, one, two…three Mediacenters. Frank, who the hell needs three Mediacenters.You’re single, damn it.”“I like to watch Media on the toilet. So what.”“I don’t care where you watch Media. I’m sure the Authority doesn’t give a damn, butyou got to pay the License fee.”“I don’t even speak Nekarian Teustche, mostly I downstream from the company sat. Whythe hell should I pay the Authority for something I don’t use, don’t want, didn’t ask for?Huh, why?”“And look, this last one, what did you say to the girl, “Socialism is the Opiate of theMasses?’ Jesus, Frank, didn’t you go through Intro to Union. Didn’t you learn, don’t talk about Football, don’t talk about the past and for god’s sake don’t bring up Religion.Someone try’s to convert you to the Union of Man, what do you do, you nod, say yah andorder another damn Heffe. That what you do. We’re here to make cold hard cash, not un- pen the herd. This is a problem. I’ve got Grievance Council attorneys on the phone,camping out in the foyer, looking for an Apology. And I’m getting big broad hints fromsome friends in the Landers that this could hold up Contracts. This stinks Frank. And it’sgot to go away. You’ve got to go away.”“You firing me?”“Hell no, Frank. You’ve got fifty pounds of the best brains I’ve got around here. Andwith the Uni merging the BioSci and Astrointerpration Departments, the chance I’mgoing to get local talent to replace is running a close second right between slim and none.Frank, you’re the best damn Bio guy we got, and you know it.. Hell, the boys down in Nano tell me if you didn’t catch that flaw in the Toledo Run, those buggers would have been self replicating within twelve generations. You know systems, and we need that, if we’re going to keep producing high quality, biosafe Venters. No, first, you’re going toApologize. I got Legal drafting up some language, and they’ll sit down with theGrievance Council and negotiate something. And you will sign it.”

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