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Conversion de Escalas...HT 1

Conversion de Escalas...HT 1



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Published by armstrongsoporte

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Published by: armstrongsoporte on Jul 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fc~ {`~zp`~uc~ e` pl oleoroepa c plc z{p`kcz~onadïu{onc e`u`{dolcl ~p ncfoboncnoþl k{puc& ucdkoïlffcdcec a{oholcf a eo{`nuc, @~uc ncfoboncnoþl nc{`n` e`~ohloboncea ~o la `~ nadzc{cec c plc la{dc& `~ua `~ fc`i`npnoþl z{ad`eoa e` pl h{pza e` oleoroepa~, @~ucnadzc{cnoþl z`{dou` nalan`{ fc za~onoþl `wcnuc e`foleoroepa nal {`~z`nua c `~u` h{pza 'Na~uc L`orc& 3??2/Zc{c ff`rc{ c ncka `~uc nadzc{cnoþl fc~ncfoboncnoal`~ k{puc~ ~al u{cl~ba{dcec~& d`eoclu`z{an`eodo`lua~ `~uceä~uona~ `l ncfoboncnoal`~ e`{orcec~ 'au{cl~ba{dcec~ zale`{cec~/, Fc~ ncfoboncnoal`~ e`{orcec~z`{dou`l nadzc{c{ fc~ ncfoboncnoal`~& `wz{`~ãleafc~ `l pldo~da uoza e` ploece 'Na~uc L`orc& 3??2/,Fa~ ecua~ la{dcuora~ a e`{orcea~ la ~afa {`z{`~`lucl`f zpluci` a z{ad`eoa& ceonoalcfd`lu` {`z{`~`lucl `fzpluci` {`cf aku`loea d`eoclu` plc dp`~u{c {`z{`~`lucuorc e` h{cl ucdcóa sp` z`{dou` `lnalu{c{ fc za~onoþl z{`no~c
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5e` plc zplupcnoþl k{puc `l `f h{pza la{dcuora 'H`a{h`&;::;/,
@~uc zplupcnoþl `~ plc e` fc~ dã~ puofoycec~ za{ ~pbcnofoece e` olu`{z{`ucnoþl, [`z{`~`luc `f za{n`luci` e`z`{~alc~ `l pl h{pza la{dcuora sp` akuo`l`l zplupcnoal`~dã~ kcic~, C~ä& ~o `f `rcfpcea akuo`l` pl z`{n`luof e` 50oleonc sp` 50% e` fa~ ~pi`ua~ e`f h{pza la{dcuoraakupro`{al ncfoboncnoal`~ dã~ kcic~ sp` eonga `rcfpcea'Na~uc L`orc& 3??2/,^ol `dkc{ha& fa~ z`{n`luof`~ uo`l`l plc ~`{ocfodoucnoþl& ~` pkoncl `l plc `~ncfc e` d`eoec a{eolcf  la`l plc `~ncfc e` olu`{rcfa, @l nc~a e` sp` `l fc dp`~u{cla `~upro`{cl {`z{`~`lucea~ uaea~ fa~ za~okf`~z`{n`luof`~& rc{oa~ zplua~ e` ncfoboncnoþl zae{äcl sp`ec{olnfpoea~ `l `f do~da z`{n`luof, Fc~ zplupcnoal`~`~uclec{oycec~ z`{dou`l u{cl~ba{dc{ npcfspo`{ zpluci`k{pua aku`loea `l pl zpluci` e`{orcea nadzc{ckf` {`~z`nuac fc dp`~u{c,
Zpluci`~ `~uclec{oycea~ 
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C{d~u{alh Olu`ff`nupcf Nczoucf ^afpuoal~ ^C e` NR
0rc{oc{ dpnga a zana& `~uc bp`lu` e` rc{ocnoþl `~uã{`z{`~`lucec za{ fc e`~rocnoþl `~uãlec{, ^o ohpcfcda~ fce`~rocnoþl `~uãlec{ c pla& zae`da~ {`z{`~`luc{ npcfspo`{zpluci` nada no`{ua lùd`{a e` e`~rocnoal`~ `~uãlec{ za{ckcia a za{ c{{okc e`f z{ad`eoa e`f h{pza la{dcuora'H`a{h`& ;::;/,Zc{c fah{c{ `~ua& ncdkocda~ fa~ zpluci`~ k{pua~ czpluci`~ `~uclec{oycea~ '
/ sp` {`z{`~`lucl plc `~ncfc e`d`eoec nal d`eoc ohpcf c n`{a  e`~rocnoþl `~uãlec{ e` 3,Fc bohp{c 3 dp`~u{c fc~ `sporcf`lnoc~ `lu{`za{n`luci`~& z`{n`luof`~  zplupcnoal`~ `~uclec{oycec~ `lplc dp`~u{c nal eo~u{okpnoþl la{dcf,Bohp{c 3, Zplupcnoal`~ e`{orcec~ `l eo~u{okpnoþl la{dcf
Za{n`luci` e`Za{n`luci` e`Za{n`luci` e`Za{n`luci` e`nc~a~ `l fc~nc~a~ `l fc~nc~a~ `l fc~nc~a~ `l fc~za{noal`~ e` fcza{noal`~ e` fcza{noal`~ e` fcza{noal`~ e` fcnpnpnpnp{rc la{dcf{rc la{dcf{rc la{dcf{rc la{dcfE`~rocnoal`~E`~rocnoal`~E`~rocnoal`~E`~rocnoal`~`~uãlec{`~uãlec{`~uãlec{`~uãlec{Z`{n`luof`~Z`{n`luof`~Z`{n`luof`~Z`{n`luof`~Zplupcnoal`~Zplupcnoal`~Zplupcnoal`~Zplupcnoal`~
C{d~u{alh Olu`ff`nupcf Nczoucf ^afpuoal~ ^C e` NR

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