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Occasional Prayer

Occasional Prayer

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Published by Joe Bonomo
Fourth Genre (V12 N1 2010).
Fourth Genre (V12 N1 2010).

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Published by: Joe Bonomo on Jul 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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essay / memoir
Occasial Pay
joe bonomo
You pray in your distress and in your need; would that you might also pray inthe fullness of your joy and in your days of abundance.
Kalil Gia
 asks  qi. I   ca   llway, alaci a cp  McDald’s c w y ls. O lil ial. W’ll plac cps i i cadad ay ad, di  fis il  s, ac say a qi pay,  say,  s ad s’. Mi will  a siplqs. A sa, ally. (
 Please watch over us and see that we arrive safely from our destination to our destination; please watch over all drivers and pedestrians and see that each and every one arrive safely from their destinationto their destination.
) I y s clal Calicis, is will  llwd y a ld Ld’s Pay. I’ll la  cca wil I pay, lwi psky aaia vics. Ay always aks a lil l, azi a passifilds. H Jwis ais a l ad  ivlvd. Cplx, ayway.(“I d. I av  ppl  say i ?” s’ll s la.) B lI’ yi y c, idly iki a I’ll cck Wikipdia w w  ack  ad ad p  s C Bi Lawsis. Ral? Ua My? I’ipai  dik.T i ad sl-cdss a qickly wv isl i payi wI was y is a ac  y spiial li a I’v  wdd a,ssi a i s a si, ss a la dsadi   wiss  a li livd i cscis sl. W I ll away  
This work originally appeared in Fourth Genre 12:1, Spring 2010, published by Michigan State University Press.
fourth genre
Cc i y la s, I ll as a clicé. Bdd a a aly a wi ypsl-cscisss, I’d  vly awa wil a ass a Sai Adw  Apsl, ippd i  classic adlsc a y ds ad axiis:
 Am I getting it?
Wa “i” was I did’ kw—ly a  s ws  s a I iaid d wad  wil I sld  cs  payl lik a acial qival  a cck-is.W I was   lv yas ld, I was cvicd a y aily wasyi  kill . Eac i I’d la v  a sik dw  all  d I sad wi y y , li as I sdy , kwi  cai— caiy i  splas  cld a iy cs—a y ld s, civi wi y pas, ad pisd Cs wi v idd i  as. I’d li i d la, x  y  y , ad sa a  dak cili i slw, cawli dad a I’d wii is i  aizi wii i da. My silis’ ackal, wild-yd acs vd v  i  dak; I’d a cspiaial i i allway, qi sili. Evally, y as lssd  icld pisdakass, lcs, dis, sacks, all a  sld
cuisine terreur.
 A cpl  yas la, I was lckd i cs-ii ls i svad, cvicd a y ids ad  ad wad   disappa. Iy iaiai, I was plad y ys w yappd a ac  i a ilaa, ad y ils wi lssi ass w lkd i . I’d wad    sid  Sai Adws ad sad ly adpaically y a pl ad is flppi fla. I cssd is all  y  a l i w s d  si ysically i  sw, FaéOaic sap i dw y ac. Ms la, s slappd .I’s sa   laisip I av wi y  a I dsd dspai id  s:  s was i i a sl-sssds;
Get out of yourself already!
I ad a sall is  li a  xday,  I d’ ik a ay icd. Wii a cpl  wks, dpssi lid. I was scial aai.I v cssd  y aily y iaial as a y w yi disps  —isad, I payd. Sai i dakss, I claspd y ads add plas   cili. By i, waki iswly   cipis lackids ad  a  a Rid-O s sid y widw,  a was,   y wld was v  aai, lavi a ai ik sai. O cs, s  is paaia lid  d, placd y a cic
This work originally appeared in Fourth Genre 12:1, Spring 2010, published by Michigan State University Press.
 Joe Bonomo
pa csy  py,  I’  s s a I’ll v dsad. My sps  a daal dad was  ac  wds a i swal  av  lsy d ad y w aacd dad.I d  payi vly w I was i cll. I’d  y ilidJa  s a i scl; w  ad wkd a Baski Ris,i a kid  ac-scad k aliy,  wiss ically way,as ad i ccla ald ad daiqii ic. Lki ack a laisip avli pailly v  x sval yas, I wd wy Idid’ d i s. Ms   ysia was  a-apppia ldaapaicla  lial-as as cvicd a y ad discvd  iy  i-s cls sppi, ad w sp s   p lai disac ad  ail  laa  asla  xqisi xpic Bi I Lv! Eca. (I lad  wd
 y , w wld  i d  a wil passi y —cld p  acai a  p, civ i ad—as s calclad xavaa pills.) Nw: I s a i-ya-ld kid i v is ad, flii wi ilsi is Raic Li class, cpai is ilid’s  ad is  is,li  a icky ad a sc sil  a w il. Ja ad I ca ivlvd  s, ad I ad  i a a (  py  ca) ak p wi  ad   dk wi w ils, s i i as adl was, i  ld, sicky as al R 1 i Cll Pak. Ev i Isilly dpld  asi cics   ils I sa x  (I was  iic ayi  Ti Sp Cic), I ld  li  a cc wi  ad i Calvi Kli --ack cl-lck lss ad  dwi acid-wasd, casally  Gss as. A cll, I vd away  sas Oi  i ada scl.I was d  Ja ad  al ids ad a y si-ddicad ca as a dik ad sial waiz, kwi a vls i  avs swd y pacli il, kiss-s lips, ad a w,i-yd il’s a ad pais d y d, Ja’s a was a la ads, i illy aiv ad kid, a a ally, ally did’ dsvis. I sayd wi  ad caid isid  y cs a vs cill alasd  yas. I ad das wi I pladd  ss wi sadws acs  c p     ad v is plpy ass  vs, wic I visalizd as a kid  cacs lp. I was claly dpssd, 
This work originally appeared in Fourth Genre 12:1, Spring 2010, published by Michigan State University Press.

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