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Blog Articles

Blog Articles

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Published by eirchars

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Published by: eirchars on Jul 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2 Reasons Why I Love My Room
I am such a simple person that all I want to do is rest. Well, I am very busywith my school work with all the assignments I need to do. My psychologyclasses are the top of my priority. I really need to do my final paper or else Iwon’t be graduating on time. Definitely, I do not want to disappoint myparents. They are rooting for me and making them happy gives me a realboost.Staying in my bedroom revives my sagging energy after doing all of myhomework. Here are the two reasons why I would rather spend all my day inmy room than going out for parties with friends:SanctuaryA place where I can rest is what my bedroom is to me. Although my roomhas its own clutter, I can definitely relax inside without any interruption.Especially when I need to just think about a situation, the answers just flowto my mind effortlessly. I am always on my creative elements whenever mymind gets a restful sleep. At times, I only need to be in my personal enclaveto think things over. Dilemmas that are previously hard to decipher becomeeasier to solve. So that makes my room even special.CoolOf course, my room gets the best air conditioners. I have two
units installed so that when I go to sleep I have the most efficientventilation working for me. I have to thank my Uncle Fred for taking of all myHVAC needs. Since I am his favorite niece, Uncle Fred can’t say no to mewhenever I need some things to be fixed.Giving myself a rest is important that’s why I always retreat to my roomwhenever I feel I need to recharge my energy. I hope that other students likeme can learn how to cut themselves some slack, especially when their bodyneeds some sleep.
What Drives People
I am a busy executive whose time is very valuable. I also have a family andmy wife expects me to be at home whenever I can. It is the thought of mybeautiful wife and six-month-old son that really gives me so much inspirationto succeed on whatever I do.
I am definitely aware of the intense competition out there. But I make surethat I always play by the rules. After all, everything is just work. There ismore to life than work itself. I am just a lucky guy who has a great familythat really drives me to work my best every day.Working in an HVAC company can really be challenging. Most of the time Ihave to think on how to boost sales performance at the same time makesure that we remain competitive in various markets. As a sales manager, Idefinitely have so many things to do, but I am not complaining. I am verygrateful that I have a job and that my company values me too. The truth is I am having so much fun creating new strategies for ourproducts, which include
units, ductless air conditioners,mini split air conditioners, furnace and
systems. Whenever I gohome, I am always satisfied of what I have done for the day. I am veryblessed to have a good career and the best family in the world. I could notask for more.
Children Are My Favorites
I am past 30 now. I just celebrated my birthday with family and friends.Actually, they threw a surprise party for me. Oh boy, it was really a bigsurprise.All my nieces and nephews were there. Let’s start with the little girls –Samantha, the vivacious one; Krissy, yes Krissy – the naughtiest; and theangelic and reserved Lilian, the youngest among them. The little gentlemenwere also dressed up. I could not help but laughed when I saw Andrei withhis big yellow tie. Conrad was already having a tantrum. He was repeatedlyasking me when I should be blowing the cake candles. And lastly little Nick,who looked so preppy and geeky in his cardigan and eyeglasses.
My birthday was held on my eldest sister’s courtyard. Mom and dadcame prepared with their respective speeches. I almost cried with whatthey said, luckily, I regained my composure. My sister Elaine explainedto me that the surprise party should have been held indoors – on herthree-storey house which was just two blocks away from where I lived.Elaine said Steve, her husband, had scheduled a contractor to changethe house’s
units as well as the
system that’swhy the party was moved to Emma’s courtyard.At any rate, the party went well. The well-wishers too came in droves. Evenmy friends back in gradeschool were there. The highlight of the celebrationwas the musical presentation of my nephews and nieces. They sang a
medley, punctuated with an Auld Lang Syne at the end. That song was myfavorite ever since I was just two years old. So when I heard them sang, Ivividly recalled my past birthdays, all joyous occasions that were always agathering of people who are close to my heart.
When Angry: Count to 10
Discussion is always present in any workplace. That’s what I have learnedyesterday. Two weeks ago, I was hired as the company’s design artist. After the initialintroductions to the department I belong to, I had to buckle down to work.Everything was going smoothly until I received a scathing email yesterday’smorning. The point of the email was the other department’s objections to mydesign proposals.I know that disagreements are but normal in any work. What I really foundoffensive was the phrase “you should not have been hired” statement of theproduction department. I had worked on many companies before, some of them as a freelancer. But it was really my first time that someone who wasnot my immediate superior had the nerve to say that I was not deserving of my job. I raised the matter immediately to Fred, my supervisor. He advisedme not to mind the other department’s opinion and promised me that hewould talk to the department to clear our respective tasks on an ongoingproject.So I went home a bit disappointed. It was a good thing my home providedme comfort all the time. I cleared my thoughts and counted to 10 just like Iused to do when I was just a kid when I was really upset. The tricked workedsomehow.Right now, I am feeling great and am very excited to do some shopping forsome
units and
systems I need to install at home. I onlyneed to be objective about things and let my emotions cool down.I promise that I would be attentive to criticisms of others and not to takethings personally. After all, I am just there to work and it is not a requirementthat all of us become friends. As long as we accomplish our tasks andcommitted to the company’s goals, I am alright with everything, includingcriticisms from my colleagues.

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