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Part 10: This chapter contains a radical new theory of the mind, which is that the mind is a natural object, made of dark matter, having size, shape, internal structure and regular functions in such everyday events as perception and sleep.
Part 10: This chapter contains a radical new theory of the mind, which is that the mind is a natural object, made of dark matter, having size, shape, internal structure and regular functions in such everyday events as perception and sleep.

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Published by: Christopher C. Humphrey, Ph. D. on Nov 29, 2006
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Journey 10 - MIND AS A DARK MATTER OBJECTThis chapter contains a radical new theory of the mind, which is that the mind is a natural object,made of dark matter, having size, shape, internal structure and regular functions in such everydayevents as perception and sleep. It has mass, conservation of energy and powers. It weighs about 21grams.I define "the mind" as "the non-physical part of a person seen by someone with really good HSP."The mind is a structure of chakras, nadi and auras, more or less as taught for thousands of years byYogis. We could also reasonably define "the mind" as that which reincarnates in Dr. Stevenson'sstudies. Only further research can tell us if these two definitions refer to the same thing. It is possible that only part of the "energy body" seen by HSP reincarnates. It is also possible that thespirit that reincarnates is not visible by HSP at all. My first hypothesis about the mind is that it is made of dark matter and that is why it is invisibleand intangible. We know that astronomical dark matter has mass; therefore, it is reasonable tosuppose that the dark matter of the mind also has mass. Duncan MacDougall, M.D. of Haverhill,Mass., made the only test of this idea, published in the April 1907 issue of American Medicine.This was a small study, of 6 subjects. The best for his purposes were dying of tuberculosis, sincethey did not struggle or move around on his delicate scales. He found a sudden mass change atdeath of about 21 grams, origin of the title of the 2003 movie "21 Grams." The MacDougallexperiment shows that this hypothesis is testable, but we cannot draw any conclusions from such alimited study. See the text of his article at http://www.wizardofeyez.com/soul.html. Whatever the non-physical part of a person is, whether we call it mind or energy body, it has size,shape, internal structure, conservation of energy, and mass. It has two ways of interacting withmatter, and one way of interacting with other minds. I call these powers, since all three can receiveor transmit, observe or create. To summarize:[1] Information interactions with matter take place via de Broglie waves. This is how the OBE person sees. The radiation they see consists in the de Broglie vibes constantly generated by bothordinary and dark matter. The aura around the hands and the aura that stretches out from the eyescan absorb or emit de Broglie waves, absorbing information or pushing the probabilities for one physical event over another. We acquire this psychic power by mere practice. [2] The mind can generate physical force by effortlessly twisting or bending the geodesics of space-time. The sleep-dynamo does this every night in sleep. Every dynamo or generator requires aresistant force to convert kinetic energy into another form such as nouonic energy. That force is arhythmic distortion of the space-time geodesics in sync with the slow labored breathing of sleep,where the diaphragm and abdomen are pushing against this resistant force. Thus, we all have PK, but only in an unconscious form. Twisting the higher dimensional geodesics of Hawking’s“Universe in a Nut Shell” accounts for teleportation.[3] Minds interact with one another primarily via the apparitional power. We see people as they seethemselves, since everyone constantly emits their self body-image. By changing ones body image,one can change the way one looks, even in the body. The apparitional power can create apparitionalreality of varying degrees. It can faithfully reproduce the physical senses of taste and smell, as well1
as touch and feel, sight and sound, but most apparitions studied by the various SPRs lack such a fulldegree of reality. The heavens and hells experienced in NDEs are apparitional realities. What oneexperiences upon death depends in part on expectation, and in part, on what friends and family whohave gone before have prepared. Where are heavens and hells located? Right here, but on different astral planes. There is not acontinuous astral dimension. Astral planes are more like discrete quantum states; each having awell developed astral past and future as well as a present, nicely decorated with apparitionalcreations in 3 spatial dimensions. This is not part of physics, not even the 21st Century variety.Two of the strangest phenomena in PR are precognition and teleportation. Precognition is learningabout something before it happens, and teleportation is the disappearance of an object at one place,and its instantaneous reappearance at another place, without traveling the intermediate space-time.Is there good evidence that precognition occurs? I don't know. This is another one I know from personal experience. I have only known a very few legitimate psychics, and none of them had anycontrol over their powers. One was a philosophy student of mine, an undergraduate at USC in the1960s. Precognitive flashes came to her spontaneously. Here is a typical one. It was the USChomecoming, in the Coliseum. The Queen and her court were sitting on the back of convertiblesthat drove along the runner's track that surrounded the football field. They came pretty fast aroundthe curve. Suddenly, my student stood up and began screaming. Thirty seconds later, the wholecrowd was standing up and screaming, because the Queen fell out of the car and hit her head on theconcrete ring which surrounds the track. She wasn't seriously hurt, fortunately, but one can imaginethat pandemonium reigned. For me personally, this is proof of precognition. It suggests that precognition does not usually reach very far into the future. In the apparition studies by the SPR,crisis apparitions often came before or after the event, by as much as 12 hours. The mind seems toexist in a four dimensional astral reality.One possible explanation of apports involves a fifth dimension. Imagining five dimensions is noteasy, so consider this analogy. Suppose we reduce the physical world to a sheet of paper, with widthrepresenting space, and length representing time. Physics gives us the laws of this sheet of paper,and everything known to physics is on that sheet of paper. Thus, to get from one point in space-timeto another, one must traverse all the points in between on the sheet of paper, and we cannot exceedthe Einsteinian speed limit that is the speed of light. Suppose we bend the sheet of paper in 3-dimensional space (which represents 5-dimensional space) so that two points separated on the sheetof paper come in contact in 3-dimensions. At that contact point, an object could levitate across, producing teleportation. This is the mode of interstellar travel in DUNE, by Frank Herbert.Unfortunately, this theory of apportation does not work. If there were only one humanoid in theuniverse doing apports at any given time, it might work. That is pretty much true in DUNE. In thereal world, there are dozens of species of humanoids visiting us from distant stars and they can allapport at once. In the Chinese studies, there are four girls doing apports at the same time, in thesame place. With all of them bending space-time at once, there is no telling where anything wouldgo. All we really know is that levitation and apports are associated. People who can do one canoften do the other. Uri Geller, for instance. Poltergeists produce both levitation and apports. 2
My theory of apports uses some ideas from String Theory. In his book The Universe in a Nutshell,Stephen Hawking draws a picture of the history of the universe as a somewhat lumpy and wrinklednutshell. As I understand it, imaginary time is on the vertical axis. The surface of the nutshellrepresents the 3 spatial dimensions, and they could be P-branes or M-branes. Such ideas are part of string theory and its successors that attribute 10 or 11 dimensions to space, all but 3 coiled up sothey are not even as big as a proton. In the latest theories, one or more of these extra dimensions isinfinite, and becomes our higher dimensionality of space. In Hawking's nutshell, the shell is a"brane" of space-time, while the interior of the nutshell represents a fifth spatial dimension. Apportscould take a shortcut through this fifth dimension. The mind can effortlessly distort the geodesics,and is aware of the higher dimensionality, invisible to the physical senses. One kind of distortioncauses levitation. A distortion in a higher dimensionality opens the portal to the otherwise hiddenfifth dimension. From the Chinese studies, we know that the unconscious mind knows how to do a controlled apportfrom here to there. In the remove-the-cigarettes performance, the Chinese girls were able to targetspecific items on the "here" side. In the flower-bud-into-teacups performance, the Chinese girlswere able to acquire the right objects, without knowing where they were consciously, and put themin the right place, on the "there" side. Time-Travel: This idea about apports and precognition suggests the possibility of time-travel. Whynot apport an object, even a person, to a different time as well as a different place? This leads to the paradoxes of an endless series of "Terminator" movies. I have never heard of a single instance of a physical object arriving from the future or the past. As Stephen Hawking says, if time-travel were possible, tourists from the future would be everywhere. Allowing time travel is a fatal flaw for anytheory, such as General Relativity which does have time travel solutions, as shown by Kurt Gödel.The rest of this chapter is devoted to the proposition that time is not a real dimension; though as animaginary dimension it is very useful in physics.Relativity is compatible with the concept of a universal, simultaneous "now." Relativistic effectsmay slow down or speed up clocks but people never vanish into the past or future as a result. Theyalways remain here in the “now.” Relativity only shows that we cannot always determine whattime it is from any one clock. What about those rare reports of people suddenly being in the past for a few moments? This is anapparitional experience. They have witnessed an apparition of the past, which might turn out to bethe real nature of the so-called Akashic Records. What about the future seen by Seers or Prophets?This too is an apparitional experience. Prophets are witnessing an apparitional reality. Theapparitional future is the probable future, the expected future, given what has already happened.The student driver's intent to drive fast around the curve had consequences. Thus, it already existedin the astral plane where a Seer could see it. It is the probable, not inevitable future, since thedriver could have realized he was going too fast and slowed down.Some of what a Seer sees may have a symbolic rather than a literal meaning, and the meaning may be personal rather than objective. Such visions may be warnings, or visions of possibilities, notinevitabilities. The future is never fixed, and is always subject to change, until it actually occurs in physical reality. 3

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