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Project Report on Implementation of Firewall on Linux Platform

Project Report on Implementation of Firewall on Linux Platform

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Published by fajer007
Project Report on Implementation of Firewall on Linux Platform
Project Report on Implementation of Firewall on Linux Platform

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Published by: fajer007 on Jul 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Project Report on Implementation of Firewall on Linux Platform
Project Report on Implementation of Firewall on Linux Platform
Extension of LAN to Internet
Before Networks were introduced, two or more computers couldcommunicate only through the manual exchange of data usingmagnetic tapes, disks or card readers. Each computer had alimited degree of productivity as it had to be equipped with itsown set of resources. Resource sharing was not possible. Thisgave rise to Local Area Networks.A Local Area Network is a group of computers either connectedto each other or to a central computer, all of which are in closeproximity to each other. LAN provided the advantages of Resource sharing, Reliability and powerful communicationmedium. Sharing of both hardware and software resources wasmade possible in a network.As business organizations ventured into new horizons there was aneed for people to communicate over larger distances. This wasnot feasible with LAN's as it simply connected computers withinroom, building or campus. Hence LAN extended itself to WAN.WAN is a group of computers connected to each other or to acentral computer,all of which are not in close proximity to eachother. WAN is a network of computers connected across variouscities. Soon even this was found to be a shortcoming. Finally WANextended itself into Internet! ,which is simply a network of networks.
Security in LAN
Security policy implemented in LAN was relatively simple.All thatwas required was to station a guard at the door to the computerroom who made sure that there was no tampering of magnetictapes, disks or card readers by an unauthorised person. Thispolicy could not be extended to the internet, As it was notpossible to monitor the millions of data exchange that took placeacross the various networks in the internet. Furthermore it wasbeyond scope to insert physical security checkpoints across theinternet. 
Internet and its Growth
 The internet in its broadest possible terms is the network of millions of computers, all of which link together through commonstandards and protocols. The internet includes a large number of LAN's, WAN's and routers. The united states government's
Project Report on Implementation of Firewall on Linux Platform
ARPANet(Advanced Research Project Agency ) is the internet'spredecessor.In a LAN , each user connected to the LAN has a desktop orlaptop computer. Each user's computer has a network card that isconnected to one or more network servers by means of wires andelectronic equipment. In addition there are WAN's which connecta large number of LAN's together.In addition to this the internetalso links millions of individual users who access the internetthrough dial-up accounts with the scores of different Internetservice providers.Internet is a PACKET SWITCHED NETWORK, that is packetswitching is the means of communication across the internet. TCP/IP(transport control protocol / internet protocol) is theprotocol that is used for transmissions across the internet. It cansuccessfully switch packets from computer systems on anynetwork to another network, regardless of incidental networkpecularities, operating system differences and other packetdifferences.It remains the backbone of the internet. In the past ten years , the internet's growth has exploded.In 1985the internet included only 1961 host computers . The growth of internet has been phenomenal and by 1999 there has beennearly 300,000 computers.The internet has continued to grow atexponential rates.More important than the increase in the number of hostsconnected to the internet is the increase in the number of internet users. The internet has essentially doubled in size. Todaythe number of internet users increases at a rate of nearly200,000 new logins each month.
Security in Internet
November 2
, 1988 is the most infamous date in the internethistory. It also recalls one of the Internet's finest hours. It was onthis day Network worm hit the internet. It was the first significantvirus ever to hit the internet.The virus was called Morris Wormand nearly affected 4000 to 6000 machines. Fortunately itrepresented only 5% of the total internet site.Prior to this Internet was considered safe. Computers had caughtviruses before but they were due to infected diskettes and allthat was required was to reformat the hard drive. The Morrisworm however was the first networking worm that brought down

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