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Love is the destination

Love is the destination

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Published by Alcides
A 20-something's cheesy scribbles on love
A 20-something's cheesy scribbles on love

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Published by: Alcides on Apr 19, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Love is the destination for many, and it is an admirable goal. Anyone can reach ithowever many do not. For some, it occupies their every living moment, and rightfully soI suppose. To attain and retain are the focus for most people, I’m glad I’ve found love. Ihope I won’t have much trouble with retention. Expression, however, is a higher level of love I hope to master, or at least grasp in a respectable manner. The best art is a productof love. It takes many forms, good and bad. This particular work would be one of the bad ones. I apologize for that. Maybe after a few thousand thoughtful scribbles on lovecommitted to paper I’ll have improved. Maybe. Most don’t get that far though. Thenumbers are probably comparable to being a sports star or famous actor. One bajillionthof the population. I can’t even write honestly. My writing is way too self-conscious to beclose to good. I’m so preoccupied with writing something that sounds good or consequential that my words collapse under the weight of their own self-importance.Even now, writing that reflection, I’m saturated in the vanity of self-deprecation. I don’tknow how to write for the sake of writing, and that’s one of the main hurdles that face mein truthful and worthwhile expression.Like an experiment in observation, the subject can’t be studied without invadingits space and affecting its behavior. Physicists call it the “Uncertainty Principle”. Thecloser something is studied on the subatomic level, the more it jiggles and wobbles andrefuses to stay in its natural state. Actually, there is no way of knowing what exactly itsnatural state is, because observation is not possible. It could be that the particles arealways in a state of constant motion, what physicists call the “quantum foam”. Maybeemotional expression, truth, is like quantum foam. The more you try and analyze anddictate love’s characteristics, the more its slips from your fingers and you find yourself 

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