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Sheng Chi Kung Fu Student Handbook

Sheng Chi Kung Fu Student Handbook

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Published by Phil Weaver
Explanation of Shou' Shu', it's history, and it's protocols.
Explanation of Shou' Shu', it's history, and it's protocols.

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Published by: Phil Weaver on Jul 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What is Shou' Shu?
Shou' Shu, meaning “fighting way of the beasts”, was brought to us by Da' Shifu Al Moore Sr. It is anancient form of Kung Fu whose motions are basedupon the fighting ways of seven different animals.These are the bear, siberian tiger, mongoose, whitecrane, praying mantis, cobra, and the imperialdragon. Each of these animals represents a distinctfighting system in itself and when they are combinedit is called Shou’ Shu'.In the world of martial arts there are very few truefighting arts left. Fighting arts are defined as arts that,at their core, still retain the pure intent of self  protection. While it may not be obvious to thelayman, most so called martial arts are not trulymartial at their core. They are certainly founded uponmartial principle but have deviated for some other  purpose.These purposes can be but are not limited to:
Government control
Conversion to a sport
CommercialismThese three influences have changed the martial arts world to something completelydifferent than what it was. Because of this change the publics perception of what martialarts are and how their training methods operate has also been greatly altered.Shou' Shu' is one of the rare fighting arts that has been preserved. It has not deviated fromit's original intent. Some things may change as modern influences change. But as long asthe intent and the principle remains true, then the art is considered to be pure. There arestill a few schools and individuals teaching the art in this pure form.One of my favorite quotes from Da' Shifu Al Moore Sr. was"There is no your way. There is no my way. There is only the Shou' Shu' way"What this meant was that to be true it had to follow principle. Personal opinion cannot beinvolved. There are three tests which can be applied. If all three are true it is Shou' Shu'.If not, it is not. these are:1) Constant flowing focused chi2) Immediate control of opponents centerline3) Block possibilities rather than weapons
The development of Shou' Shu' can be accredited to the Mandarins. This is why we stillcall it Chinese martial arts even though it is no longer practiced in China. As with mostmartial arts it originally came from ancient Egypt. It was brought to India and eventually passed on to the Chinese. In China it was developed to an extremely high level of sophistication by the Mandarin warlords. The art was kept within the royal families byonly teaching it to the eldest son of a Mandarin warlord. In this way the secrets of the artwere protected.As you study Shou’ Shu' you will slowly begin to understand its complexities andunderlying principles. These principles are what is important. Shou' Shu' is taughtthrough techniques but it is not a technique art. Techniques are merely the tools by whichShou’ Shu' is taught. Shou’ Shu' is a unique way of moving which is very natural to the body. While it is true that a level of proficiency with which a person can defendthemselves can be attained within six months time, one has not even scratched the surfaceat even several years of study. If a person has an open mind and is willing to learn, thereis much to be attained through the study of Shou’ Shu'. A study which can keep the mindactive and the body supple for a lifetime.Shou' Shu' is very different from any other martial arts. If you have studied elsewherethis will be evident immediately. If not it wouldn’t take much looking to find out that thisis true. While the reasons for this are purely conjecture one obvious reason is how it has been passed down. It has historically been passed down through generations that werevery concerned with keeping it true to its martial origins. For several generations beforeus it was kept underground. This was necessary to its survival. It was practiced by thosethat needed it for survival and because of this it was maintained as a highly effective art.It was never adulterated by mixing in other arts or by taking it into the world of sportwhere so many martial arts have lost their martial aspects. Today's practitioners of Shou'Shu' train hard to continue to maintain its integrity.It would seem logical that only a few hundred years ago that allmartial arts had to have been highly effective. It is pretty simple torecognize that those that practiced martial arts that were not effective,and took their knowledge to the battlefield, did not return to pass ontheir arts. For this reason all surviving martial arts had to have somedegree of effectiveness. But in today's world this, of course, does nothappen. Teachers are free to pass on arts regardless of their effectiveness. If they can convince their students that acquiring suchand such belt will render them invincible on the street, then that art will spread and thatteachers pockets will be filled.Only through integrity and perseverance can high quality martial arts be passed down.There is no magic pill that can make a martial artist. There is no amount of hype that canmake a person better at defending themselves. Only perseverance under qualityinstruction can do this. It seems like a lot of work to acquire martial skills. One mightwonder if the payoff is high enough. The answer is a resounding ABSOLUTELY! The benefits are far more than you can imagine. Far greater than what we can go into here.We'll suffice it to say that Shou' Shu' can be a vehicle for great personal change. Yes weare all about self defense, but personal development is a byproduct and its benefits are

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