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Monkey in the Water - Deep Water Survival and the Quest for Implosion in the Every Day

Monkey in the Water - Deep Water Survival and the Quest for Implosion in the Every Day

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Published by Susanne Williams
Syllabus, description and testimonials from Meditation Mastery and Esoteric Energy lWater seminar. A level 5 seminar in the expanded Lightning Path series designed by the late Glenn Morris, Jared Westcott and Susanne Williams
Syllabus, description and testimonials from Meditation Mastery and Esoteric Energy lWater seminar. A level 5 seminar in the expanded Lightning Path series designed by the late Glenn Morris, Jared Westcott and Susanne Williams

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Published by: Susanne Williams on Jul 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MMEE 5 - Water
"Monkey in the Water" - Deep water survival and the quest forImplosion in the everyday This is going to be something really QUITE spectacular.Format: An intimate exploration of Living Water in classroom, pooland kayaking on the river!Our bodies are over 70% water. Externalising the experience of ourinternal nature dramatically increases our understanding and ability to make the changes we know we must with the minimum of turbulenceand strain. We will spend much of these two days actually in and on the waterexperiencing:* Living Water and the Thirst - Water has memory and even water candie. Think about it.* Vortex Power - harnessing the spiral that propagates life* Playing or drowning - bio-mechanical foundations of deep relaxation* The essence of Boundary * Fluid dynamics and the Self - Turbulence, cavitation, and creativeinstability for body, emotions and mind* Dissolving and the Great Stillness - "Now isn't that better?"* The mammalian dive reflex - what is it good for?* Sonics & the power of vibration* Phase transitions in the everyday - how water breaks all the rules(and so can you!)* The Empty and the Full* Denizens of the Deep - Water wights in river, tap, lake and seaBut WHAT does it all MEAN? - Come and find out. You'll never be thesame again.Some clues:http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/d6/HD-Rayleigh-Taylor.gif <http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/d6/HD-Rayleigh-Taylor.gif >http://www.frank.germano.com/viktorschauberger_2.htm<http://www.frank.germano.com/viktorschauberger_2.htm>http://video.aol.com/video-detail/extraordinary-nature-of-water-<http://video.aol.com/video-detail/extraordinary-nature-of-water->schauberger-water-vortex-nature/2739317333Location: Villers-la-Ville Accommodation: Dormitory style (bring sleeping bag and prepare toshare - the room not the sleeping bag....). You could bring a tent if  you feel the need.Price: £325 Full price or£275 early bird (by 6th April) or Organisational discount (i.e.Hoshin or Bujinkan etc) -Euro 420 full or Euro 355 (Early Bird - Organisational discount)Format : Classroom, Forest, Indoor pool and RiverFood: Breakfast provided, most meals will probably be at restaurants(budget accordingly).Timings: 0900hrs Saturday 3rd May to 1600hrs Sunday 4th May, 2008. Arrivals welcome on the Friday pm. You do NOT need to know how to swim or kayak. PFDs provided for non-swimmers.Bring:* A swimsuit* A wetsuit if you have one* Booties or shoes you can wear in the water* Goggles* Swimming cap* 2 large towels* A thermos flask 
* Walking shoes* A warm sweater and hat* A waterproof jacket* A complete spare set of clothes - for the river* An inflatable travel pillow (U-shaped)(Prerequisite is MMEE 3-4 but TALK TO SUSANNE if you feel drawn butdidn't attend a 3&4.)Those who attended the earth session will tell you how the work atlevel 3-4 really helps you get the most out of the element series atlevel 5. BUT - don't be shy. If you want to come and are unsure, youare warmly encouraged to get in touch. Chances are that if you've been doing your Damo's cave regularly (50 hrs + ) you will have anamazing experience at level 5.If you're interested in coming along, and I've already got 8 peopleattending, then please drop me a line at dan.kahn@bi-aura.com.I'll  be handling the finances, arrangements and can give advice on travelif you need it.Payment can be done either via PayPal, Bank Transfer or cool cash(Sterling or Euros).I look forward to seeing you there. All the best,Dan
Water – Write up
 WATER: We spent a short first session looking at a video of ViktorSchauberger's work on living water and the power of implosion.Then did some practical work on drinking water. Glass shape, charging with energy, ozonation - double blind taste tests. Quite a buzz.Then off to the water park where in flumes, rapids, jacuzzis and wavepools went spent about 6 hours playing.End of day 1 we had worked through:Living WaterDrinking water variations9 Sip breath for expanding capacity (and other uses you will know Bill)Blue fear excreting breath Yin/Yang breathing with full and empty meditationsCraniosacral fluid vortexingToningBoundary/interface techniques Waterfall practice (later with specific harmonic toning)Mamalian dive reflex - what is it good forDrownproofingCore conservation techniquesSinking and floating with the full and empty Breathing through the fingers (how much LONGER you can stay underwater!)Breathing through crown of head (longer still)Mudras for the great dissolving and sinking to the still center(underwater)Empty lung meditation on the bottom of the pool and how it matters on which side of the interface you let go of the world of air Yin dropping techniques5 part alchemical breath transforming emotion to energy Foundations of in water shaktipat for private use only Rending the Veil in the waterFoundations of WatsuFoundations of in water medical qigong - qi emission & dredgingTHEN we went home - ate/slept and went on the river next day.Much of that must remain in the setting but I can say that we did:Eddyline spinal bubbling & dual helix implosion work Full classic Middle pillar - with full lotus root work Rending the Veil on the riverMany many observation and awareness exercisesMeeting the Wights of many typesRunning small rapids with eyes closed for full feeling of theSchauberger principlesFeeling the difference of the natural water compared with the water atthe park the day before.etc etcThat evening we had proper Belgian frites at a proper Belgian friterieand finally crashed out.Twas good.

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