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10 Unexpected Uses of Papaya Leaves

10 Unexpected Uses of Papaya Leaves

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Published by Francisca_nida

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Published by: Francisca_nida on Jul 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Papaya for Cure
Posted byadm i n on Apr 14, 2008

Papaw or papaya is one of the most common plants grown in
tropical countries. It is an upright usually branchless, fast-growing tree. The trunk is soft,
grayish, marked with fallen leaf scars. The leaves are deeply lobed, with long stalks,
borne on the top of the tree. The male flowers are in long-stalked clusters, but the female
flowers are stalkless or sessile. The fruit is obovoid, yellow-orange when ripe, fleshy,
juicy, and often contains numerous black seeds although seedless varieties are also
available today. It is a common fruit which is found in the market during the fruiting

Herbal use
1. The root of the papaya is used as a tonic and as a medicine for excessive bleeding

of the kidneys.
2. The latex is used for corns and warts.
3. The leaves help in digestion.
4. Flowers are the remedy for hoarseness, cough, bronchitis, inflamed trachea and

5. The seeds are said to be an antidote for cancer.
6. The seeds are used to kill or expel worms from the body.
7. Fruit Helps in digestion.
8. It promotes flow of urine.

1. The decoction of the root is used as a tonic and as a medicine for unchecked
bleeding of the kidneys.
2. It also kills and expels worms from the body. A handful or foot boiled in 2 cups of
water is taken during the day.
3. The latex obtained from the fruit is also used to kill and expel worms from the
body and used also for throat infections. It is also used for warts and corns.
4. An infusion of the flowers and honey is good for influenza and cough. Use
teaspoonful every hour.
5. Ten of fifteen seeds chewed and swallowed is good for bile excretion and for
cleaning the stomach. The dry powder is good to remove worms from the body.

6. The ripe fruit helps in digestion, promotes flow of urine and softens inflamed
parts. It is recommended for all sick people. The ripe fruit, eaten with the seeds is
good for all stomach and bowel diseases and also diabetes, asthma, jaundice,
cough, chest problems, and duodenal ulcers.

Major parts used
The whole plant.
At that moment I thought to myself ...
"If I Don't Do Something Drastic, My Blood Pressure Is
Going To Kill Me!"
And then the solution came to me!
It was actually my interest in horses that lead me to this simple yet powerful
method, to naturally normalize even the most drastic cases of hypertension...
... in less than a week!
The day this happened, I was on a two weeks vacation in Hawaii.
It was a normal relaxed day. Eating, shopping and enjoying life. No hurry in
In one of the stores we went to, we tested our blood pressure. My wife went
first and was fine, then it was my turn.
Guess what!

In this most relaxing place in the world, on a vacation, eating as
healthy as anybody could ... my blood pressure was sky
high. 185 over 129

What a shock.
It had been high before but never explosive like that!
Like that wasn't enough ...
The day after I learned about my serious hypertension, I had a small diving

accident, causing several veins in my eyes to break.
Both whites literally turned red.
You can imagine how horrifying I was. My wife didn't like my new look one

This Wouldn't Have Happened
If My Blood Pressure Had Been Normal
I was scared ...

I knew that if I didn't do something drastic, I would either get a heart attack, a stroke , a kidney failure or even become blind. Many men also suffer erectile dysfunction as a direct effect of high blood pressure.

My life was in serious danger.
I even wondered if I should start taking medications - and those of you who
know me, know how much I HATE medications.

Reliable studies have also proven that although medications can sometimes lower blood pressure, they actually do not reduce the risk of hypertension related diseases - such as stroke and heart attacks - at all.

... So Medication
Wasn't A Feasible Option
I had tried several herbal solutions before and my diet was very healthy but
that obviously wasn't enough.
I was also an expert in several relaxation techniques but even that didn't help
my blood pressure in the way I would have liked it to.
I was desperate ...

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