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Google 2.0 for Academics

Google 2.0 for Academics

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Published by Rossana I. Barrios

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Published by: Rossana I. Barrios on Jul 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Google 2.0 for Academics 2010
Dean Giustini
, M.Ed, MLS, UBC Reference Librarian
Google for Educators-- http://www.google.com/educators/index.html
Google Workshops For Educators

How doesG oogl e support academics? For one, it has created Google scholar -- the convenient, one-stop
search tool to locate academic and scholarly content,pate nts,m onogr aphs and conference proceedings.
According to its site, Google also supports academics in their efforts to teach students how to develop critical
searching and analytical skills. To expand the frontiers of knowledge, there is also Google University. There are
literallyhu nd red s of projects and tools to use to explore the world’s scholarly information and data. For more
information about information literacy in the age ofG oo gl e, ask your favourite academic librarian for help.

Some important tools, in alphabetical order:
Google Accounthttps://w w w .goo gl e .c om/ac c ounts/ Ne w Ac c ount
features- http://w w w .goo gl e .c om /he l p/f e atur e s .htm l
Google Alertshttp://w w w .goo gl e .c om/al e rts get email updates from Google
monitor news & follow celebrities, pop stars, athletes, events or issues
G oogle Base/ upload your own scholarly content
Google Blogger- http://www.blogger.com/home
Google Blog Search- http://blogsearch.google.com/
Google Book Search- http://books.google.com/ (personal library My library)
Google Chrome - browser built for speed, stability and security
GoogleD e sk top - search your computer for something
Google Docs (collaborative tools combined with social media i.e. Web 2.0)
Google Groups -http:// groups. goo gl e .c om/group/G oo gl e - Te ac he r- Ce nte r
Google Images- http://images.google.com/Image Swirl http://image-swirl.googlelabs.com/
G oogle Labs - what’s in development (in beta) at Google? http://labs.google.com/
Google News- http://news.google.com/& Google News Archives
Google Packhttp://p ac k .goo gl e .c om/i ntl /e n/pac k _ i nstall e r.html (no spam, spyware or other)
GoogleRe ade r (also iGoogle -http://w w w .goo gl e .c om/i g)
Google Researchhttp://re se arc h.go ogl e .c om/ research philosophyhere
Google Talk IM and call your friends through your computer
Google Web History
Google has special search features to help you and your students find what you need; some popular features:
Everyday search essentials
Reference tools
Selecting keywords
Find l ocal information
Planning a trip
Refine your search
Google guidehttp://w w w .go ogl e gui de .c om/Ch ea t sheethttp://w w w .goo gl e .c om/he l p/c he atshe e t.html
Dean Giustini, M.Ed, MLS, UBC Reference Librarian
Google 2.0 for Academics July 2010
Google Earth & Moon
Google Earth - embed video tours, look at the sky, play flight simulator. Students get a real kick out of
seeing familiar places from overheadhttp://e arth .go ogl e .c om/
L earn how to record your own tours in Google Earth 5.0!
Getting to know Google Earth
Google Earth Educationhttp://w w w .goo gl e .c om/e duc ators/p_ e arth.h tml
Google Moon- http://www.google.com/moon/& What am I looking at?
Can I see moon data using the Google Earth client?
How accurate are the se maps? Where does the data come from?
Google Mars
Learn about JMARS data distribution page or NASA Mars Mission
Use Google Sky -http://w w w .go ogl e .c om/sk y/
Google Maps & Ske
Google Maps in Education
Cool things: drilling through earthhttp://w w w .l i ve physi c s.c om/ptool s/di g- hole - through- e arth.php
3-D Warehouse for Google Maps
Education and Sketchup -http://sk e tc hupdate .bl ogspot .c om/se arc h/l abe l /E duc ati on
Google 2009 Design A Bridge Competition for Students
Cathedrals and Churches of the World
http://www.google.com/talk/labsedition/ showcase of ideas, send comments to Google
Google Calendar- Organize your schedule and share events with friends
Avoid catching a cold
Calculate distance between two airports
Calculate cab fare in New York City
Check time in a world location
Check the weather
Convert world currencies
Find a ski resort anywhere in the world
Find closest Starbucks
Find a world webcam
Find Canadian Libraries
Find a world port
Fly a plane
Map 7 Wonders of the World
Measure your run or commute
Make a Google mashup
Plan a London tube journey
Track a flight on Google Maps
Simulate a flood to show damage effects
Search Google Maps in full screen
See where UFOs have landed
Dean Giustini, M.Ed, MLS, UBC Reference Librarian
Google 2.0 for Academics July 2010

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