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Working Mothers

Working Mothers

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Published by premy65

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: premy65 on Jul 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Working Mother B: Most of us have heard the old saying:
"God couldn't be everywhere so he gave us mothers".
A mother is considered as
God's appointed companion in life's journey
. Motherhood is viewed as the personification
of purity and virtue, portraying the profound principles of acourageous and sacrificial love and presented as a model of loyalty anddedication
“Mothers are angels", "mothers are heroes", and of course "mothers are selfless".
Well-intentioned phrases, I do not doubt, but they are all difficult titles to live up to.P1: I have heard a lot of people stereotype working mothers as being cold and not caringfor their children. I have heard many people say that all that these mothers do is toss their  babies in daycare because they are selfish and want more material things.Well.....I have seen a lot of woman out on the workforce today. The majority of thewomen I have seen that put their children in daycare are worn out! They miss therechildren. If they seem grumpy...well some of them are. They are trying to play the role of a mother and a provider and can't always be in two places at one time.Popular culture perpetuates a traditional motherhood ideology: Mothers areat-home, consumed by domestic tasks and removed from involvement in publicissues, which sends the message that full-time at-home mothers are aloneworthy of being called selfless. But my question is who creates such standards?Personally, I care less for the "selfless" rhetoric that we hear too often. But when it comesdown to it, is a working mother less selfless than a mother at home? Can a woman becalled selfish for choosing to work over staying home raising the child?
Employed mothers
are perceived as
less focused on parental authority and discipline
more on development of self-esteem, individualism, and social responsibility
.While At-home mothers are most frequently presented
as providers, protectors andplaymates
. This reinforces a cultural message that mothers' independent roles are a threatto good mothering. You see, it is dangerous to put such a label on the parenting choices:
Selfless and Selfish
.However, there are some people, who are against it. Moreover, they think that theworking mothers’
enjoyment is selfish. “If women choose to work for reasons otherthan survival, her decision is both selfish and immoral”.
 Once I and my friend had a discussion about “ Should mothers work or not?”. My friendsaid that if mother works for her own satisfaction or enjoyment, she is selfish. If she lovesher family, she should not only think about herself. Which means that she should takecare of her family at home. Our opinions are divided at this point. I disagreed with this.
Mothers also have human rights; therefore they ought to have their “enjoyment” and“satisfaction” as normal people. I don’t believe that if they work for their own life, whichmeans they don’t love their family.P2: Most working mothers experience the tensions of balancing work and family.There are several different reasons that mothers have to work. Some of them have towork 
to pay for living expenses
. Some of them want to
work for their own life as th
favorite thing to do
. It means that they are
not only mothers and wives but alsohuman
. Some of them may have responsibility to continue working at their companies“The number of women who
work because of their living problems is very high.
Some are in charge of the families; some are wives of men who are
unemployed or ill
incapacitated; some have to support their parents or other family members”
So we can tell that most of reasons for those mothers to work are for supporting their families, which means that
they must work for surviving, and they don't have anyother choices.
P3: How Will Working Influence Their Family?Some people believe that
working mothers influence their families because
they don’thave
much time to take care of their children
and they don’t have much time for their housework as wives. It may be true; hence, working mothers are better at using their timethan non-working mother uses.
Because the more they don’t have time, thus theyknow how to use time to take care of children and do housework better.
“Working mothers are
less likely to carry basic housework responsibility thems
elves;other members of 
the family-husband and children-take over or at least participate
toa greater extent than in nonworking-mother families. This indirectly makes the other members of the family more responsible.Working mothers have
a greater voice in the family’s economic affairs
. They are more
material-minded and ambitious than nonworking mothers
; they are
more organizedor more likely to plan; they are more likely to belong to organizations or clubs andmore likely to express independent or nonconvenitional views on family life orwomen’s roles”
 According to this, it doesn’t make any sense that children whose mothers have a job become bad.
It may happen to non-working mothers’ children more often, hencethere is no proof for it. On the other hands,
working mothers are good at organizingand planning because they know the time for their family is important.
So they knowbetter how to spend their time to be with their family.

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