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piece of THEIR action

piece of THEIR action

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Published by Jman4679
See "Shore Heave"
See "Shore Heave"

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Published by: Jman4679 on Jul 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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[Voyager Bridge]PARIS: Captain, there¶s a wormhole that leads to federation space ahead.JANEWAY: How do you know?PARIS: I contacted Astrometrics.JANEWAY: And last time we didn¶t have that. By all means, Mr. Paris, go.PARIS: Aye, aye, captain.CHAKOTAY: Uh, captain? Last time, we received a crewman from 20 years past.JANEWAY: Mr. Tuvok, what are the odds of finding two wormholes that both go to the past?TUVOK: 3456.7 thousand to 1JANEWAY: You see?PARIS: We¶re through!JANEWAY: On screen.(U.S.S. Enterprise is on screen.)CHAKOTAY: Guess we¶re an improbable case.[Opening credits]KIM: Captain! Kazon ship bearing 142 mark 3!JANEWAY: Hail it.KIM: It won¶t respond.JANEWAY: Keep trying. Mr. Tuvok.TUVOK: Yes?JANEWAY: Work with B¶elanna on finding a way to cloak.B¶ELANNA: Captain, if I may, I¶d like to put into action an old Maquis trick.JANEWAY: Do it before we disrupt the temporal plane.B¶ELANNA: I need Seven and the doctor.KIM: They¶re responding!SESKA: You.CHAKOTAY: Live and in person.SESKA: I¶m trying to disrupt the past! Go away or I¶ll fire on you.JANEWAY: We will. Mr. Paris, prepare for warp.PARIS: But captain!JANEWAY: Now , Mr. Paris.(hail ends)JANEWAY: Harry, B¶Ellanna, get Seven and the Doctor and board the Flyer.KIM and B¶ELLANNA: Yes, captain.JANEWAY: Don¶t let Seska do what she¶s planning. And use your trick![Flyer bridge]KIM: Beam me into a turbolift.B¶ ELANNA: What?!?! We can¶t disrupt the temporal plane!KIM: It¶s the only way to scan correctly.SEVEN: His plan is sufficient.KIM: Energize.[Turbolift]KIM: Bridge.
 (KIM enters and sits down at the navigation console)
CHEKOV: Approaching Sigma Iotia Two, Captain.KIRK: Standard orbit.KIM: Aye, aye, sir.UHURA: Captain, I have received vocal contact from an official station. They relayed us to a man namedOxmyx. His title is Boss.KIRK: Boss? All right, Lieutenant, put him on. Oxmyx. This is Captain James T. Kirk of the starshipEnterprise, representing the Federation of Planets.OXMYX [OC]: Hello, Captain. You're from the same outfit as the Horizon?KIRK: Yes. Unfortunately, the Horizon was lost with all hands shortly after leaving your planet. We onlyreceived her radio report last month.OXMYX [OC]: Last month? What are you talking about? The Horizon left here a hundred years ago.KIRK: Difficult to explain. We received a report a hundred years late because it was sent by conventionalradio. Your system is on the outer reaches of the galaxy. They didn't have subspace communication inthose days.OXMYX [OC]: Toward the edge of what?KIRK: I'll explain it in more detail when I see him. The ship won't land, but we'll transport several peopledown. Well, that's a little difficult for you to understand, too. I'll explain it in more detail when I see you.Where will be convenient?OXMYX [OC]: Well, there's an intersection just at the end of the block, near a yellow fire plug. Think youcan find it?(Kirk goes over to the engineering station.)KIRK: Scotty, do you have the co-ordinates?SCOTT: Located, sir.KIRK; Good. Mister Oxmyx, we have your intersection located. Will five minutes be all right?OXMYX [OC]: Fine. Fine. I'll have a reception committee there to meet you.KIRK: Good. I'll be looking forward to it. Kirk out. Scotty, you have the conn.(McCoy and Spock enter from the turbolift.)KIRK: Spock, McCoy, we're beaming down. Standard equipment.SCOTT: Lieutenant?KIM: Sir?SCOTT: It¶s time to change shifts.KIM: Oh. Right.[Turbolift]KIM: Kim to Flyer.B¶ELLANNA: B¶ Ellanna here.KIM: Beam me back. We need a team on Iotia.
 (There's a yellow fire hydrant, litter, a girl in a 1930's dress, motor cars, shops, and men standing aroundcarrying machine guns. Welcome to Chicago.)SPOCK: Fascinating.MCCOY: This is like coming home.KIRK: Home was never like this. I've seen pictures of the old days that look like this.
SPOCK: Interesting, Captain. Passers-by are carrying, I believe, firearms.(They are approached by a man with a disguised EMH in neat suits with machine guns.)KALO: (in a brown suit) Okay, you three, let's see you petrify.SPOCK: Sir, would you mind explaining that statement, please?KALO: I want to see you turn to stone. Put your hands over your head, or you ain't going to have no headto put your hands over.(They are deprived of their phasers and communicators.)KALO: What's this?KIRK: That's a weapon. Be careful with that.KALO: A heater, huh? Hey, the boss will love that. (puts it in his pocket)KIRK: Look, we were asked to come down here by Mister Oxmyx. He saidKALO: I know what he said, bud. He said some of the boys would meet you. Okay, we're meeting you.MCCOY: Well, those firearms are not necessary.KALO: You trying to make trouble?MCCOY: Who, me?KALO: Don't give me those baby blue eyes.MCCOY: What?KALO: I don't go for that innocent routine.SPOCK: Sir, does everyone here carry firearms?KALO: I never heard such stupid questions in my life.EMH: Come on, let¶s go.KALO: All right. Get moving. Down the street.(Just then a car comes hurtling around the corner. Everyone dives for cover, and gunfire rings out. TheEMH gets shot. Kalo returns fire as the car speeds away.)KALO: Krako's getting more gall all the time .KIRK: Is this how you greet all your guests?KALO: It happens, pal.MCCOY: That man's dead back there.KALO: Yeah? We ain't playing for peanuts. What's the matter, you guys never saw a hit before?SPOCK: Sir, there are several questions I would like to ask.KALO: Ask the boss. I don't know nothing. Get moving.(They leave the crowd to deal with the deceased.)MCCOY: This is the contamination you're looking for, Jim.KIRK: Yes, but the Horizon crew wasn't composed of cold-blooded killers. They didn't report this culture inthis state, either. What happened?WOMAN: Hey, Kalo. Hey, when's the boss going to do something about the crummy street lights aroundhere, eh? A girl ain't safe.WOMAN 2: And how about the laundry pickup? We ain't had a truck by in three weeks.KALO: Write him a letter.WOMAN 2: I did. He sent it back with postage due.WOMAN: Listen, we pay our percentages. We're entitled to a little service for our money.KALO: Get lost, will ya? Some people got nothing to do but complain.KIRK: Is this the way your citizens do business, their right of petition?KALO: They pay their percentages and the boss takes care of them.(KALO leads KIRK, SPOCK, and MCOY away. The EMH fizzles in.)EMH: Doctor to the Flyer. One to beam up.
 (The guards, one Kazon, are sitting at a makeshift table playing cards whilst the landing party sit onvarious barrels and crates. The camera zooms in on the guard while this conversation continues.)MCCOY: One book on the gangs of Chicago did all this. It's amazing.

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