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(The Case of the Twelfth Year Students of SMA N 1 Slawi, Tegalin the Academic Year of 2006/2007)a Final ProjectSubmitted in partial fulfillment of the requirementsfor the Degree of 
Sarjana Pendidikan
in EnglishbyTONI HARYANTO2201402050
I am grateful to Allah the Almighty, the Most Merciful (the eternallybesought of all for blessing), who has led me to the completion of this finalproject entitled
Grammatical Error Analysis in Students’ Recount Texts(The Case of the Twelfth Year Students of SMA N 1 Slawi, Tegal in the AcademicYear of 2006/2007.
My first respect and thank go to Dra. Hj. Dwi Rukmini, M.Pd., my firstadvisor and Rudi Hartono, S.S., M.Pd., my second advisor for their invaluableassistance, guidance and valuable suggestions during the writing of this finalproject.My next deeply grateful go to my beloved parents, Sanyoto, A. Md, SriIndah, Beni and Adhi for their love and patience in waiting for my graduation.Great thanks also goes to Carol, my humble one, your understandings andsupports are essential. To my friends Adji, Heru and all of my friends in BeswanDjarum 05/06 who have given their wonderful supports. Ganesha Squad, thanksfor your laughs, you really give me a nice second home.
ABSTRACTHaryanto, Toni. 2007.
Grammatical Error Analysis in Students’ Recount Texts.The Case of the Twelfth Year Students of SMA N 1 Slawi in the Academic Year of 2006/2007. A Final Project.
Learning English becomes more and more important nowadays since weknow that English is one of the international languages which can be used tocommunicate around the world. In Indonesia, English is learnt as a foreignlanguage. Learning a different language is sometimes difficult since the targetlanguage has different elements compared to the native language. Thesedifferences sometimes cause students to make errors when using it.This final project primarily deals with grammatical error analysis. Itdescribes the grammatical errors on recount texts made by the twelfth yearstudents of SMA N 1 Slawi in the academic year of 2006/2007. I use thequalitative approach of which the data were obtained from the students’ recounttext writing. These writings were then analyzed. The grammatical errors wereclassified into seven groups. They were errors in producing verb group, errors insubject-verb agreement, errors in the use of articles, errors in the use of prepositions, errors in noun pluralization, errors in the use of pronouns, and errorsin the use of conjunctions.From the result in chapter IV I can conclude that the students made 235grammatical errors which were classified into 153 errors in producing verbalgroups, 3 errors in subject-verb agreement, 10 errors in the use of article30, errorsin the use of preposition, 12 errors in pluralization, 23 errors in the use of pronoun, 4 errors in the use of conjunction.From the result I can conclude that the possible causes of errors areovergeneralization, and interference.It is suggested that the students still need more practices dealing with verbforms since they were the basic knowledge needed for telling their pastexperiences.

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