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Engleza Mental Control

Engleza Mental Control

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Published by daniel rechita
to real power
to real power

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Published by: daniel rechita on Jul 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Self Section: Control_Mental first law of Kybalion says: 'The universe is Mental, All is Spirit' is akind of 'berry-my mouth' but to detail, here we know that we are but we know planul_fizicplanul_fizic part of the universe result : planul_fizic is the mental ...Everything is Spirit refers to the fact that everything is one energy source that is shared and tellsthe spirit and everything else, even represented matters is energy, spirit of condensation, loss of vibration and with a degree of complexity depending on the material.So .... to quote the Bible: 'In the beginning was the word and the word was with God,' I guessnow you can keep it descriptive .... but here and descriptarea: The word 'beginning' refers to theinitiation of a script file (for a 'cuvat' is represented by a picture) and not on time is absolutelyirrelevant for ..., for God.Time refers to the human ability to demonstrate a scenario does not work with us so that at leastthe people spiritually and Divinity are not limited to something ... it depends on how and how wellcoordinated it for energy even instantly materialize ... the chosen scenario.'Word was with God' refers to the fact that the word image is plan_mental ... and for reachinghere in plan_fizic i need a drop of vibration ... so the Biblical statement: 'Everything was water'refers to the fact that this 'water' was mental, and astral, then Etheria .... and hence the atomhiodrogen ... water is known to one step .... But why crdeti as related to 'water' Etheria? Cause of the ether can do anything ... so is an algorithm of vibration decrease ... in terms of technology it'sok ... but from the point of view of man can control everything are some steps to go ... Actuallyintodeuna at any level ... we gonna be something to go .... ... For the next level .... for that there isa limit because: everything moves, the universe, God evolves ...ok.What is known about the man?Now of course we all expect everything to be formalized known jump ... but for investment mustbe formalized, and sponsors ... so who would take the mind of the materialistic deastea ...meaning of why I think that having money can make any ......?Reality we know too well how hard it is ..., as 'going out', or how we can make life morecomfortable?'Exit' of something is about to be in order with the universe ... So from physical and metaphysicallaws that support and planul_fizic.Things are not at all complicated but where there is no education to be self-education .... for thisis that for education, We have a private path in life so we are each so original that education isthe 'General' date can not be used in private than in the individualization of her ... and it is throughself-education and because of this: good advice can not be.We each have certain advantages and disadvantages that have some capacity for more or lessdeveloped and used ...Now I have explained how it works corpul_fizic, soul, corpul_astral, corpul_mental.All those bodies for a double power planuriele even objects, we can call corpul_lui_Dumnezeu.So you could say that that body has corp_energetic better as it's healthy, that has a better connection with God.Corpul_mental body is closest to God, hence the metaphor: 'Our Father in heaven', seems a sortof novelty for not know much about God ... but I will explain and that ... of know how.This body we can use for creating an image, so for creating ... any at any level ...We can move with the body in planul_mental the meaning, direction and screenplay and what is'space' planului_mental ... This time when we have no mental barrier when we truly free simpti,these barriers we can not put anyone and are the concepts used ... majority of them are absurd,that can not be manifested; corpul_mental deals with the execution of a script and if it is absurd toblock .... limitandune freedom and ability to be able to do something for that scenario includingthat absurd concept.Any word is a concept so because of that everything can be redesigned for how wecommunicate in any way ... everything around us and make us a better life ...But the words are good and which are absurd?It is easy to verify that this spunanduva must see that word seems logical and has a natural
effect ... in creation.For example the concept of 'time' we can relate to certain cycles and rhythms that energy (thesoul, the spirit), we can send to show script in progress, so we got rid of the concept of 'time' for not reporting it at all, to ourselves ...For example the concepts of 'big bed' we can relate to a specific point and angle of view of theuniverse knowing that 'great' is a bit of inflated and deflated vice versa ... designed for 'bloated'we can refer to a universe-wide amplification of an image ...For example designed by 'space' we raportm to our environment based on environmentalawareness particularly in relation to all levels: physical, astral, mental, causal, spiritual ...The concept of 'end' must be excluded for that nothing is over, everything goes on ... so we canuse for example: 'this is good ... on, I did, was done ... This' concept of 'luck' should be deleted asthere is a law for the necessity that 'Our Father in heaven' knows what we need and why ...etc. ...The concept of 'lie' is irevelant, at least in mind as we have not ...., or atoms in the cells, their light ... how to 'stop'?Mental images to run ... So the movie takes place before you do anything but if we agree we canstop, rewind and then introducing new scenes, and leaving your senses 'at peace', is correctlysaid 'at peace' for these scenarios runs plan_mental and a decrease in vibration own algorithm(for that is several billion hertz) for reaching the left plan_fizic need 'to sit', fancy that if thescenario did not materialize and we do not think it was anything but scenriul reprinted it so it willstart again for the decrease vibration can reach planul_fizic. Thus, you like 'forgetting' is part of the technique to materialize ... but how 'time'.We said panul_fizic is just an image, it became physical when we want to achieve ... , That is for us a better confidence in ourselves> technique is to use development capcitatiilinia_credintei ... who is unconscious, consciousness is only introduced to when I re_cunoscutwhat we do or work ... etc.. For example, a line of faith is that no check on who they are ...someone call our name, it was once ..., or house we live ... we get the door does not 'we' thinkabout us if our house is ... already think so.In a 'pyramid' is introduced to the faith and the top.Corpul_astral is the body that we use when we go to 'dream', which was planul_astral.For leave to have come out of corpu_fizic planul_astral, so in our representative planul_fiziccorpul_astral and corpul_mental communication.Between corpul_astral corpul_fizic and there is a link that keeps us linked to two types bodies, sowe lost the return of 'dream'.But if corpul_fizic corp_energetic not have a good break this bond for the connection is complexand relates to the complexity of organic matter ... (That the internal organs and tissues) and theysay that person died ...; about 'dead' I said well section and something in our control_eroticcontrol_alimentar.Corpul_fizic is a faithful copy corpului_astral and not vice versa ...That's why the Bible says: 'Man is made in the image and likeness of God', is said like for likeplanul_astral is spiritualized, that there can be any flash ...Corpului_fizic evolution was reported in synchronization with the vibration of the energy centerscorpul_astral you can say is spiritualized corpul_fizic ..., that can not be destroyed ... so do notmiss him.Also among corpul_mental corpul_astral and there are other links that makes non-destructive,and so for the other bodies ...Plan_mental scenarios made with them we find in transit corpul_mental planul_astral where wecan more easily edit ...Planul_astral entrance can be realized (or during a scenario of stellar) and then we know that weare planul_astral ... you see how much lucidity and ability you will immediately reveal ... can domuch more better.Plnul_astral is a plan_fizic but as I said already spiritualized; planul_fizic course, to bespiritualized but they can do that for us, who we came here we first need to spiritualizecorpul_fizic.This education is for us to know how to manage it for autoeducam spiritualization.
The soul is a kind of mental representation and energy level are reported to double the energy of corpului_fizic.Is closely connected with corpul_vital, vitality, health corpului_fizic.So ... disease first appears on corpul_energetic and then if not corrected further manifestedcorpul_fizic any scenario.Love and love and a soul simptim relates to a lifting of vibration transmission across a Energeiawith such love and connection in the world of creative ability, God.Life is based legea_iubirii.Love is not ours, is like a wave or a ray that crosses our soul to the universe and the universegives us creative ability.Are not limited in love so that we can love love one stone as the Scum or the most beautiful thingman, half of which live as transparent as we love will return a better capacity to love. We exerciseall around us to love unconditionally and give us unconditional love in all its infinite.If the ability to love everything we could turn means that we have a strong soul and corpul_fizicno longer how to lose weight, tired, inbatraneasca ...Can also block the ability to experience love easily through a feeling of fear, we see that energystops stomach or love is no longer manifested, we can get out of love all trying to experiment andsee how easy return to normal life in seconds ...When we restore corpul_energetic which normally is 10 cm above corpul_fizic-electric blue color (visible from the stellar ...) then we can control it, how we want to redirect the energy flow incorpul_fiizic, to achieve things beyond corpului_fizic ( Max. 10 m), let's not bother the bigdifferences temperatures ... it was only tired I never made any effort, etc ...Corpul_fizic is corpul_fizic, the body which we think we know ... but also 'time' is somethingknown, recognized, we use planul_fizic ... and has seven main energy centers, Red ~ ~organele_genitale heat, temperature corpului_fizic, 'fructul_oprit', ~ 2 cm below the navel orange,vitality corpului_fizic, Yellow ~ stomach, love, pancreas, breast ~ Green, love, thymus, Blue ~neck, Intuition, Indigo ~ forehead control_mental, pineal gland, Violet ~ crown, about God,pituitary, Breath is energy in food organele_genitale causal and condenses, gradually raising thevibration corpului_fizic.Aimentatia solid is a filter to raise the vibration of bottom-up and enables us to give us better inplanul_fizic.Not be forced to solid food, can corpul_fizic tired, and so its absence forced up too muchvibration that puts us in difficulty to achieve tangentarea planului_fizic.Lifting corpului_fizic vibration allows us to use more optimal nitrogen atmosphere, with theopportunity to accelerate the clearance vibration, nicotine is an alkaloid which is based onnitrogen and amplify any response from the physical body so we should not be used if wellsimptim or are 'cool' (or problems with lungs) to remediarea problems.Caffeine is an alkaloid and so help rgenerarea cells.Potatoes used naturally, grated or squeezed contains many enzymes and gives the ability torapid cell growth.Chestnut 'inedible' contains alkaloizi be used very little), help the liver (do not force ~ is very toxicif you overload the liver) mushrooms 'inedible' have a high content of alkaloizi and are moredangerous than chestnuts, used very little and so on rare.Breathing and feeding is based corpuli_fizic some tricks to give us a dynamic body better.Energy centers: ~ fuctioneaza together according to the center have helped them acquire other functional centers fuctiile ...~ Turn to planul_fizic planul_astral enegia of such corpul_fizic and breathe through thesecenters, breathing is the better vibration is more in line with how or how corpul_fizic is better anchored in planul_fizic.~ So that each center has several levels of activation, cation levels is an exponential power fromaccess to power and energy.

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