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Published by tcadmin

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Published by: tcadmin on Jul 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter One
Andy s’ eyes slowly opened to reveal an image of the room slowly blurring into focus.
He was in a dark room, with a small sliver of light from gas lights from the ceiling, defining book cases

lining the edges of the room.
Hello?” he called out, the reverb of his voice eaten by the bookcases “Hello?” He called again. And just
as he was about to call out a third time, he heard the frantic beat of footsteps coming towards him.

A girl with unruly blonde hair and eyes that oozed insanity came storming through the main door first,
her coat trailing behind her like a cape. A boy around Andy s’ age followed. He wasn’t the greatest
athlete Andy had ever seen, being as skinny as he was and having long hair that kept getting in his eyes,
he looked like that sort who would spent most of his free time on the computer than playing sports.

Finally a slightly smaller boy charged in. He looked fairly similar to a squirrel. It was clear to Andy that this was all of them, seeing as they forced the doors they had just come through shut and locked them. Once they were sure the door was locked, the girl took a minute to look around the room they had just entered.

She looked around every nook and cranny, with such caution it made Andy nervous, until she came
across him.
Hello?” She asked, walking in closer, between the two bookcases that were concealing him. “What’s
your name?”
I’m Andy” He said, walking out of his shadow “What was that?”
That?” the taller boy asked, hitting the door with his fist, taunting whatever was behind it “That’ll be
gone soon, especially now we can’t see it”

How do you mean?” Andy asked.
Just stop thinking about it, and it’ll go away” the girl said, maternally.
So who are you?” He asked.
I’m Elsa” said the girl “And that’s Jared” she said, referring to the taller boy.
And I’m Lloyd” said the squirrel.
Where am I? How did I get here?”
You’re in the Library” Jared replied, as Elsa made her way to the door on the opposite side of the room,

taking a lock picking kit out of her pocket.
Is that it? The Library?” Andy asked, in disbelief.
Well, we don’t really know. The only people we’ve come across in here are each other, so we don’t really
know if it has another name” Lloyd said, walking towards the door Elsa was trying to open and pulling a
device out of his pocket.
So how did you get here?” Jared asked Andy, as they heard a clunking of tumblers coming from the

What? You’re asking me?” Andy exclaimed.
Well you could have told me you’d fixed that!” Elsa cried from the other side of the room.
I was going to tell you but between the fighting and the running I didn’t have much time” Lloyd replied,

heading back to Andy and Jared.
Well none of us can remember what we were doing before we got here, or where we lived or anything”
Jared replied.

Hey, I can remember something s” Lloyd said as he approached.
Well yeah, but they weren’t as precise as we’d wanted” Elsa said from the other side of the room.
Elsa needs you to check the door” Lloyd said to Jared.
What can you remember?” Andy asked.
I can remember living in London” Lloyd said, his eyes fogging up.

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