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ETC Source 4 14 degree Datasheet

ETC Source 4 14 degree Datasheet

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Published by Adrian Gardner
ETC Source 4 14 degree Datasheet
ETC Source 4 14 degree Datasheet

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Published by: Adrian Gardner on Jul 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Source Four
Ellipsoidal Series
230/240V 115/120V277V 100V
GENERAL INFORMATIONEllipsoidal Lighting FixturePhysical
• Die cast aluminum constructionRotating shutter assembly ±25°20 gauge stainless steel shutters in a tri-plane assemblyInterchangeable lens tubes with smooth–running Teflon
 guides provide nine user-fit field angle optionsThermally insulated rear handleHigh impact, thermally insulated knobs andshutter handlesTwo accessory slots, and a top mounted, gelframe retainerSteel yoke with two mounting positionsSlot for glass or stainless-steel patternsSlot with sliding cover for motorized pattern devices oroptional irisUses 7.5" color frameUL and cUL listed
• 5-240V, 50/60HzHigh temperature 3–conductor 36" leads in a glass fiberouter sleeveSupports ETC Dimmer Doubling™ technology
• HPL - compact tungsten filament contained in akryptonfilled quartz envelope (see table for suitable lamptypes)750W MaximumPatented filament geometry makes for extremelyefficient light collection and transmissionIntegral die-cast aluminum heat sink lamp base
• Projector-quality, high contrast dual aspheric lensesSuperior quality optical glass with advanced AR coatingsProvides crisp edge definition and high gobo contrastFaceted borosilicate reflector with multi-layer dichroiccoating95% of visible light reflected through the optical train90% of infrared radiation (heat) passes through thereflectorReflector secured with anti-vibration shock mountsLenses secured with anti-vibration shock mountsTool free lamp centering (X/Y) and peak/flat (Z)adjustment knobsPositive locking X, Y and Z adjustments, unaffected byrelampingBeam edge continually adjustable hard–to–softInterchangeable lens barrels permit selection of 5°, 0°,4°, 9°, 26°, 36°, 50°, 70°, and 90° field angles as wellas 9°, 26°, 36°, and 50° EDLT lenses
ORDERING INFORMATIONSource FourModel#Description
444° Source Four (black)44-4° Source Four (white)ETC Source Four is supplied with C-clamp, color frame and 96cm (3')leads as standard.
Connector Designation
Use suffixes below to specify factory–fitted connector type
AParallel-blade U-ground connectorBTwo-pin and ground, 20 amp connectorCGrounded, 20 amp, twistlock connectorMDimmer Doubling Connector (NEMA L55P)
Source Four AccessoriesModel#Description
44LT4° lens tube assembly (black)44LT-lens tube assembly (white)400SCSafety cable400CCCclamp (included)400PH-APattern holder (A size)400PH-BPattern holder (B size)400PH-GGlass pattern holder400RSDropin iris407CFColor frame (7.5”) (included)400PTH6Top hat (7.5")400FBSource Four Fixture Body, Single-Clutch
For colors other than black or white, please call ETC.
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      T      E      C
Throw Distance (d)
Field Diameter
Illuminance (fc)
For Field diameter at any distance, multiply distance by .26For Beam diameter at any distance, multiply distance by .21To determine illuminance in footcandles (fc) or lux at any throw distance,divide Candela by distance squared.
Source Four 14° (cosine)DegreeCandelaFieldLumensBeamLumensEfficiency Efficacy
Metric Conversions:
For Meters multiply feet by .3048For Lux multiply footcandles by 0.76
To determine Candela (Cd) or Lumens (Lm) for any other HPL lamp, multiply the Candela or Lumen value by the multiplying factor (MF) shown for that lamp in thetable below.
ETC Part #Lamp CodeWattsVoltsInitialLumensColorTemp.AverageRatedLife14° CdMF14° LmMF
RT6HPL 750/575052,9003,250˚300.00.00RT96HPL 750/20X750206,4003,065˚,5000.640.74RT3HPL 575/557556,5203,250˚3000.870.80RT4HPL 575/5X57552,3603,050˚2,0000.560.56RT5HPL 575/20575206,5203,250˚3000.870.80RT7HPL 575/20X575202,3603,050˚2,0000.560.56RT42HPL 375/537550,5403,200˚3000.730.5RT43HPL 375/5X37558,0003,000˚,0000.500.39RT2HPL 550/77550776,703,250˚3000.890.78RT7HPL 550/77X550772,603,050˚2,0000.590.56RT60HPL 750/2307502309,7503,200˚3000.720.75N/AHPL 750/2407502409,7503,200˚3000.720.75RT29HPL 575/2305752304,9003,200˚4000.620.58RT30HPL 575/2405752404,9003,200˚4000.590.58RT38HPL 575/230X575230,7803,050˚,5000.430.45RT39HPL 575/240X575240,7803,050˚,5000.400.45RT54HPL 375/230X3752307,8003,050˚,0000.340.30RT55HPL 375/240X3752407,8003,050˚,0000.340.30
Source Four is rated for 750W maximum. For links to photometry file downloads (IES LM-63-02 format) go to www.etcconnect.com.All photometric data was prepared using a production fixture and the Prometric CCD measurement system. Fixture adjusted for cosine distribution and tested withcalibrated lamp at rated voltage. All data normalized to nominal lamp lumens in accordance with IES LM-73-04. Testing performed at ETC West, Hollywood, CA.
   B  e  a  m    A  n  g   l  e   F   i  e   l   d   A  n  g   l  e
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Source Four
Ellipsoidal Series
050000100000150000200000250000300000350000400000450000-8 -6 -4 -2 0 2 4 6 8YX
       C     a     n       d     e       l     a
Throw Distance Multiplier
14°**Throw Distance Multiplier (TDM)
To determine the distance from the center of the beam (Origin) to a certain illuminance level at a particular distance, multiply the desired throwdistance by the TDM desired on the Iso-Illuminance digram.Throw Distance (TD) x Throw Distance Multiplier (TDM) = Distance from the Origin (DfO) (distance from the center of the beam)Example: 25 feet (TD) x 0.5 (TDM) = 3.75 feet from center of beam (DfO).
Iso-Illuminance DiagramCosine Candela Plot
PHYSICALSource Four 14° WeightsModelFixture Weight*Shipping Weight
*Includes 2.3 lbs for C-clamp
4.9"/ 378 mm max.8"/ 300 mm min0.0"/ 254 mm max6.9"/ 75 mm min8.7"22 mm23.6"599 mm26.2"665 mm8.3"/ 465 mm6.8"73 mm7.7"96 mm

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